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  1. Of course, learning and benefiting from the forum is a very beautiful thing, and you also have to have English language skills in order for everyone to benefit from your participation and information as the language is very important in order for it to be the correct practical benefit.
  2. For that we have to provide the best of our posts and information in order for everyone to benefit from these posts. We must start and learn the right way and share with friends the ideas and information that help us get the best results.
  3. @Sal088 You have to abide by the laws and continue in the forum and you will get paid for these posts. For that, we have to focus on creating the best of our posts in order to benefit everyone and benefit everyone from those posts.
  4. Of course, I am the same. My account has been removed from the platform, but I am continuing with the posts and the creation of topics. I am here in order to learn and offer useful and benefit from these posts. You must always communicate with the administration for that.
  5. @Cryptotalk01 Thank you. Of course, we must cooperate with each other and promote the forum as much as possible in order to obtain many members and the forum always offers us the best. For that we have to learn and abide by the laws and conditions of the forum
  6. @tienda The method of payment for publications is through classification and useful publications, where the payment system is after seven days of useful posts where the publications are reviewed and paid for that. Presenting the useful makes the person always present his best posts.
  7. The publications, my friend, are removed from the topics that are not useful. For this reason, we must always provide the useful in order for everyone to benefit from the experiences and information that helps us learn and gain what we want from the information.
  8. Of course, following the rules and conditions in the forum makes you always a useful member and everyone benefits from these publications. For that, we have to learn and always present our best posts.
  9. Encryption is a wonderful world as encryption is everywhere and anyone can benefit from the world of coding.
  10. @Abuabdullahi My friend, the wonderful posts, everyone responds to them. For that, we must abide by the laws and rules of the forum and publish what is useful for the benefit of everyone from these publications. I wish you success.
  11. @John hopkin Thank you, my friend. Skills come through posts and reading useful topics that help you learn faster in order to achieve your dreams and goals.
  12. @Raven There will be some problems. The problem will be solved soon. You have to wait for that and continue in the forum and provide what is useful in order for everyone to benefit from these posts.
  13. My friend, I am content with this wonderful forum as it provides a lot of information and posts about cryptocurrencies and I benefit from them very much and this is what always helps me to provide the best information for benefit
  14. My friend, it will be because these currencies have taken a large place in the world and affected those social networking sites as these currencies have become the currency of the world and everyone benefits from these currencies for that we in the forum have to learn and present our best in order to achieve the goals
  15. @MalikAdnan Thank you, my friend, for this wonderful participation. Of course, the forum is full of information about the world of coding from the beginning so that you are a professional, not only knowledge, but give you money through your cooperation and participation in the forum and this is very special in the forum and the forum is one of the best forums in the world
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