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  1. I hope your site doesn't have verification for the members to complete KYC because many people who involve in crypto doesn't want to do that. You can verify their email and don't use KYC, telephone numbers, so you can expect to see many new people visit on your site. Besides that, I hope that you have good customer service that can handle every people's problem so they can solve the problem in a short time. Don't forget to add faucet on the site because some people love to get free things from the site.
  2. I think it is safe to store crypto on yobit because I don't have any problem to store my coin on yobit. I do that because I see that in yobit, many coins can increase anytime, so I don't want to miss that time to sell my coin. Although I don't have much coin in yobit, I have some of the coins from the top 20 coin list and some of the not popular coins. But I don't know which coin that can increase, and I still hold it until now. I am sure that all of the coins in the exchanges, not only in yobit but in other exchanges, will increase someday.
  3. Right now, I don't want to create my own project with cryptocurrency because I don't have much knowledge about doing a project. Besides that, I need to gather my friend, who will have the same interest as me to create that project together. But if I can get more than 3 friends or more and we have the same vision to create one project, maybe I will try to create a new project that will be different than the existing project. There are many sectors that we can do a project to help the distribution or the financial to be better than before, but we need to observe or describe what we need to do.
  4. The bearish moment still is with us, and the bear still around the market. There is no sign to see the bull market will comes, but I am sure that the bull market will comes at the right time. But although we still see the bear market, many altcoins are trying to increase the price, and we can decide to make a profit from that altcoin. Bitcoin itself is still running from the high price to low price and back to the high price again so we can also make a profit from bitcoin. We can hope that the bear market will comes to the next year.
  5. If we talk about the bounty this year, it is very difficult to earn money from the bounty. Many bounty campaigns don't pay their participants. Many of them are delay the project without paying the participants too. But if we talked about one or two years ago, then yes, a bounty campaign is a big source of income for many people, and we can say that they can make a lot of money from one bounty campaign. After they finish to promote the campaign, they will get the rewards, and they can sell the reward at a good price.
  6. All of the things that the OP mention is the way to multiply your bitcoin. But you need to be careful, don't use all of your bitcoin for that purpose except to hold bitcoin. Lending will be the good way to increase your bitcoin amount so you can get the interest. If you can do that and repeat the process, I am sure that you will see that your bitcoin amount will increase in the future, and that means you only need to wait for the bitcoin price to grow too so you can sell it at the highest price.
  7. If the government shuts off the internet, then people can be angry, and they will demonstrate to their government. Nowadays, the internet becomes a vital thing that almost every people who lived in all countries need the internet. They cannot live without the internet because the internet is the way for them to know and learn about many things, including to learn about bitcoin. So if that happens, then that will attract people to make a demonstration, and that can trigger to chaos situation.
  8. That is 10 years from now, and I don't think that I am still alive or not. But if all countries can approve crypto and they agree to use crypto as a new type of payment, then I don't think that we need to wait for 10 years to see crypto can be a new solution for people to make a transaction. But I don't think that crypto can replace cash, but I think crypto can work together with cash, so if there is a problem in the transaction, crypto will help the transaction and can give a solution to the government.
  9. I don't think so. The whales like this coin, and if you can check on the big exchanges, you will find that in the order buy and sell, many bitcoin amounts want to buy this coin. It's only a matter of time before the dogecoin price can increase, and once the price increase, it will jump to the highest price. If you can check the dogecoin history, this coin is at a low price, and there is no exact time for this coin to increase. The pump will come to this coin, and you should be ready, so you don't miss the coming.
  10. For people who involve in crypto from a few years ago, they will agree that bitcoin is our future. But for people who joined bitcoin this year, it is hard for them to believe that will happen in the future because now, they are seeing bitcoin price is at the bear market, and some of them are desperate to wait for the price to increase higher. They need to learn more and read more about bitcoin so they can believe that bitcoin is our future, and they don't have to worry if the price does not increase and jump to the higher rate.
  11. Now, we only need to wait for the bitcoin price. If the price can increase tomorrow, then we will see the price start to rise higher, but if it's not, then we need to see another adjust for the price. All of us hope that in the next week, the situation will be change better so we can sell some bitcoin to make a profit while we can wait for another downtrend. But for sure, there still be a good time to buy more bitcoin right now before everything changes. Don't forget that we still need to be careful and don't go all in.
  12. But the problem is right now, we only a few stores online and a local store which can accept bitcoin or other coins as the payment and that can not help the adoption process. Besides that, many governments still not approving cryptocurrency, so that makes people are afraid or worry when they want to use crypto to buy something. Maybe in the future, we can see this is happening to many countries or even in all countries. We need to wait for a while until there is a statement from all countries about approving cryptocurrency as a new option to pay.
  13. As a stable coin, USDT will be stable than Ripple. Ripple will be a good way to make a profit than the tether because the movement of Ripple will be big than USDT. So if you want to choose the coin to save your fiat, then I suggest you choose USDT. But if you want to try to make a profit, then Ripple is your choice. But I don't think the ripple movement can go up and down many times because ripple price will depend on bitcoin price. So you need to think twice if you want to make a profit from ripple.
  14. I don't think that bounty can give you big money as before because today, the ICO or IEO is not promising, and many projects become a scam. But I don't know if there is a project which can give you a big reward and their token has a good price at the market because usually, after the token get list at the exchanges, the price will drop too deep. Many people who contribute to that project will also want to make a profit, so they dump the token until the lowest price, and that will make many of them cannot make a profit as the other people.
  15. aqua

    Panic!! how real is it?

    Sometimes we can feel panic if something is run out from our expectations, and that can make us cannot think clearly about what we need to do. But as we get the experience to prevent the panic, we can hope that we can reduce the panic level so we can stay calm and think for the next step that we need to do. If we can manage our feeling and emotion, then we will see that we will get lost in anything, and we cannot think about how we can recover that loss. We need to take a breath and calm first, so we can let our mind to think about what is necessary that we can do.
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