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  1. I don't have any idea about that, but we have so many altcoins which we can use to withdraw so we can pay a small fee of withdrawal. So far, I always use tron, xrp, or another cheap coin fee, so I don't have to pay a high fee for the withdrawal itself. That is what we need to do to get a low fee. Maybe that fee will be used to send the transaction to the network so the transaction can get a confirmation in less than 30 minutes because I read about if we use a high fee, the transaction will get confirmed in a short time.
  2. I think the mod will add more to the reaction and will add another feature to this forum. Maybe 10 is enough for now, but it will be increased in the future. I am sure that they already think about that, and I think that will be on their list to work soon. Meanwhile, we can use all of the reactions that we have to be distributed to other people post, which we think is good, and it needs to give the reaction. But let's wait for the next announcement from them, and I think they are busy right now with another thing.
  3. Like other people, I don't want to use my phone to mining any coins because I know the consequences, and I don't want to see my phone will be damage or error after I used for mining the coin. It is better to use other hardware which will have a chance to give a bigger reward than to use a mobile phone. I think it still not profitable if you are mining the coin using the mobile phone because the hash rate that you will get from the mobile phone will not be too big, and you cannot get bigger rewards.
  4. You don't have to hold if you want. If you have skills, you can buy and sell your coin to make a profit, but you need to know that the coin moves will not increase high in a short time unless there is a pump that comes in a second. When you buy and sell the coin, you will have a chance to make a profit, and you don't have to wait for a long time for that profit because you can make it right now. But still, to make scalping trade, you need to have skills to analyze the coin movements so you can buy and sell at the right time.
  5. aqua

    Shit- abondoned coins

    Yes, you are right. We need to stay away from those coins and only focus on the coin, which already has a better position. We can choose the other coins at the market, trade it, or hold it for a while until the coin price can increase higher. But there is no guarantee to know when the coin price will increase, and only with patience, we can wait for that time. We can buy and sell that coin without waiting for the bull run to come, but the problem is we need to scan one by one of the coins to find the right coin to trade.
  6. My earning is not too big, but it's enough for in monthly, and I still trying to earn more money by doing many things. It's not just related to the crypto market, but I did the other works that out of crypto because that can give me another source of income. In these hard situations, we need to find other works or jobs that can give us a chance to make money. I am sure that we can make that money, as long as we can find the right jobs that will suit us, and with some good effort, we will make money from those jobs.
  7. I guess it is not difficult to participate in IEO because I am sure that the project lists their project on the exchanges, and you only need to buy the token, hold it until its release. I never buy or participate in IEO because I don't know which project that can give me a profit in the future. Besides that, right now, it's too difficult to choose the right project that can achieve success, so I better to stick with the existing coin at the exchanges because I think that the project is already started and the project has the history before. With history, I can analyze if the project will get another success in the future or not. But I still select the coin in a good position at the market.
  8. That is good for you, so you don't have to feel bored while you stay at your home. We can do anything we want at our home while we can use our time to learn more about cryptocurrency so we can improve our skills to make money. When we can learn something new, that means we have a chance to get something too, and hopefully, that will be useful for us in the future. At this moment, it is better we take care of our health and stay clean from anything because the virus can attack every people who cannot take care of their health.
  9. It is normal to see the exchanges close or shut down. That is because they don't get the profit while they are running the exchanges. Maybe it is because they don't have enough traders who will trade in their exchanges, so that means they cannot pay for everything, including to pay the staff who maintain the exchange. I think we will see many more of the exchanges that will close in the future because the traders will only trade on the big exchanges, and they don't want to risk their money in the small exchanges without they know if the exchanges can be bigger in the long term or not.
  10. The margin trading will be more complicated that the trading that we know because the order will close by itself if we don't watch the market moves, and we can lose all of the money. But we can use stop loss to prevent the loss, but still, we need to focus on watching the price moves so we can act if necessary. We need to use the money we can afford, so if we lose, we do not regret that money, although if we lose, we can feel pain. Be careful if you want to start margin trading and make sure you already learn more about margin trading, so you know when to close the trade at the right time.
  11. Hm bitcoin is still trying to increase slowly, but it seems the price is hard to break another higher price, and I think the price be stable at the $6,700 for a while. But bitcoin will have a chance to get down and make another correction again this week, but we don't need to panic, and we can waiting for that time so we can buy more bitcoin at a low price. And now, while we are still waiting for what will happen with bitcoin later, we can still watch the price up to and down. The price is moving fast on the market. I don't know how long this will happen like that, but as soon as there is a demand from other traders, that can make the price to start to increase again.
  12. I think we should let them be like what they want because we cannot do anything against them. Besides that, we don't have the power against them as they will use their resources to ban or prohibit people from using cryptocurrency. While they still not accepting crypto, we need to use this time to make more and more crypto, especially to make more and more bitcoin because once bitcoin increase is so high, we will have much money which we can use to buy anything we want. Let them make war with the cryptocurrency, but I don't think that they can beat people's power.
  13. We will see cryptocurrency will be adopted by many people from many countries. Cryptocurrency has a chance to be adopted in all countries because cryptocurrency offers freedom for people to manage their own money in the crypto investment. Or people can use cryptocurrency as a way to make money, but they must have skills to make money from crypto, and I think right now, many people already make that money, and many of them used crypto as their main source of income. If you can do that, I am sure that you will be able to make money from crypto, too, like them, but you need to know that you need to be patient, and everything needs time to become a reality.
  14. When we keep the trade is we can still analyze the market, and we can get the right price to buy and sell. But if somehow, we cannot get that time, that means we need to leave the market for a while until we can get another right time to enter the market. It is not easy to get that time, but we can find that time by analyzing the trend and where the price moves because I am sure that we will get another information or clue to enter the market. If we can get that, we can place the order to buy or sell so we can buy or sell at the right time.
  15. Give the dogecoin time, and you will see that dogecoin can get a pump so high. Dogecoin still waits for the right time to get that pump, and we don't know when the pump will come and help the price to increase higher. One thing that we can do right now is preparing for that time by buying many dogecoins with our money, and if you believe that dogecoin can increase higher, you will buy dogecoin from now on while the price is at the lowest price. If the dogecoin price starts to increase, I am afraid you will miss the right time to buy with the lowest price, and you could only watch the price start to increase so higher.
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