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  1. I like the third world country but their dealing with cryptocurrencies is not encouraging. We need more from them. Especially in Nigeria.
  2. This sounds seem fake and you just want to post. If you have that amount you will not be on this forum. But as to the question, the best is to hold the coins. And trade with less than 10%.
  3. The best project to find is to make search about the project. IEO are better. I can not invest in ICO too. As it is said that over 80% are scam.
  4. One of the strongest blockchain is bitcoin blockchain. I do not think it has been hacked before. So transactions are fast and safe.
  5. I do not thing so but know it will last for centuries. But our children generations will able to answer such question in the future.
  6. People are suffering in the world and they turned hackers and scammers. Some just like to do the business. But most are because of circumstances.
  7. For where. There are more than 5000 digital currencies. Most the are dead coins as I have ones said before.
  8. Buying bitcoin now is not bad because the price of bitcoin will still increase and could double this year. But, I will advise pro to buy altcoins like dash and bitcointalk cash.
  9. You need to think about excuses that are safe and secure like yobit. There trading fee is very low and now I prefer using it to trade.
  10. KYC is the coinage for know your customer. It is useful against money and cryptocurrencies laundering.
  11. If someone listen his bitcoin wallet the person need to retire it back by using seed phrase.
  12. I will just trade with this kind of money. Nothing more than to trade with it because the amount is small to hold.
  13. No to gambling. I have lost so much money and coin to 1xbit and bet365. I prefer to trade and only trade and hodl.
  14. Let us be careful of bitcointalk lending sites. This is highly and very risky as it is not regulated lime banks.
  15. As have once said that making is not profitable like before, gambling is highly risky and is a game of chance not like trading. Trading is the best and not a trade of chance but of analyzes.
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