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  1. This year, bitcoin supply that will be cut is very less. So, I do not think this will have more than 30% effect on crypto prices. But I think things unforseen like people buying crypto because of halving effect could occur and the price will rise as expected. What do you think about this?
  2. There is nothing bad to sell your bike for having effect of bitcoin. Bike will lose value but crypto can not.
  3. I only save my profits for more profits. I spend only 10% or less and I gain more products with this method.
  4. Crypto is an alternative payment option. It is well known for payment in countries like Slovenia and italy.
  5. Bitcoin is a dream that has come true now. It was adopted and manyhave become rich from it.
  6. I keep bitcoin on both exchanges and exchanges and online wallets. But I use reputable ones for proper and safe means of crypto storage.
  7. I spend more time on forms. Second on trading. I don't gamble again and I do not visit social media like before.
  8. To know about real project. First, invest on reputable exchanges. Also, google search about the white paper of the project to know if it is real or not.
  9. They are still developing lightning network. It makes bitcoin transaction fast and also makes transactions feel low.
  10. Ripple can not be a new world currency. It will always be bitcoin. Ethereum is even still ranked better than ripple.
  11. Bitcoin is worth holding. It is also worth holding this year. Bitcoin price will increase this year before or after halving.
  12. This kind of topic can make someone to run away against crypto and to tell people bad about crypto. Ones you know about crypto, it will be hard to steal from you.
  13. In know about crypto few months ago. Now, I am happy because I was jobless before but now I am hopeful.
  14. There are many other profitable coins that are nice and without invest. Some of these coins are bitcoin cash, ethereum, ripple and dash.
  15. Most new crypto projects are now fake. Although some are still real like You token. So, most are not safe while some are not legit.
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