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  1. I mine bitcoin and it is not that profitable bit it is still profitable. I want to start mining monero now because I can just use CPU to mine it.
  2. I either can not like cloud mining because most of it are scam schemes. Real ones are not that profitable and with discouraging offers.
  3. Legit cloud mining sites are not profitable that much. People are discourage to this kind of mining. Anyone that seem profitable are scams.
  4. There are many sites you can do person to person transfer with escrow. I think this is advisable.
  5. To store a lot of bitcoin safely, you will need a cold wallet. I can recommend hardware wallet like Trezor and Ledger Nano.
  6. No new update r news about twitter. They are not planning any moves to adopt a coin. Hope this is helpful.
  7. Yes, bitcoin price will rise. It has even be predicted to begin around April of 2020. This may not be true at such time but definitely its price will rise.
  8. There are many. But it is not too late. We can still make profit a little if we invest now. The price will still move up and we gain in the process.
  9. It is sage to store crypto on yobit is you use the 2 factor authentication. It is safe and secure but storing it on wallet is advisable. Especially hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger Nano.
  10. You can exchange it back to bitcoin on an exchange or on coinbase wallet. Then you can sell it. Maybe there are sites can can provide p2p, it will makes sense too.
  11. We should be care for the bearish movement. It could still happen some moths before halving. Let us be careful of this.
  12. Why should I worry about bitcoin and the crypto I invested on. Next year is halving, y profit is near.
  13. How I wish this is sent to my account. Once the rule is that crypto sent to wrong address code can not be refunded.
  14. Ethereum is a very strong coin but this is just a bad news and could sink the price of ethereum a little low.
  15. Once you know that fear is one of the rules that makes trader to lose, then, you just have to eliminate it with all other emotions. No emotion in trader that makes good traders professional.
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