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  1. Really in the crypto space we must keep learning < about my self i still learning a new thing every day in the trading methods
  2. Yes exactly in the past i dont know about this , i was write many comments in one post or subject , it was embarrassing thing 😂
  3. You can see many of reasons for example : total supply just 21 btc include lost btc + the volume trading in our market too big ..etc
  4. i think this days the spammers dont care for work in our forum because the cryptotalk stop paying bitcoin , the spammers dont care about talk token they wanna bitcoin in fact
  5. Yes we must writing a good info and useful experience , if we do that we will put cryptotalk in the top of forums crypto , the money not every thing
  6. In the past i lost many of balance in the scam sites for investment for example : mypaingads but now i dont invest any money in this sites its scam be carful brother
  7. Yes we must use any method from this when the price dump about my self i prefer hold a long time when i have a strong coins
  8. Yes cryptotalk catch many of prof in crypto from bitcointalk because with campaign of bitcoin and other free tokens or airdrops so cryptotalk to the moon in the future
  9. I think we must not share our kyc info with any site or exchange until with trust exchange because this is personal thing ..
  10. Waw that is amazing i dont think that is possible as this simple i will try this and if i do it right i will share this info in my youtube channel , thank you brother
  11. Nice post thanks , we must save our private keys in a secret file and this file not connect with the internet because not hacked it then we lost our balance
  12. About myself im use three wallets : blockchain - coinpayments - trust wallet all this wallet safe and good by the way you can use yobit as wallets that is good idea also
  13. We should understand that because not all guys good in english and all translator programs not exchange very well so we must try exchange our info clear " if we can "
  14. Really yobit a great exchange and we hope be the best in our world , but i think yobit should delete a scam coins or poor coins and just keep a perfect projects in our exchange ^_^
  15. I donot have an account on the yobit till now but Iknow that the yobit is so famous and has atechnical cooperative supporttry to contact them I wish you good luck
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