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  1. Blockchain technology is the greatest newly discovered technology, and I expect it to evolve significantly and spread in all areas, and hence the spread of cryptocurrency significantly.
  2. Whoever works in trading knows that the situation is not that easy and that trading in it is very risky, so any trader should learn technical analysis of cryptocurrencies and be patient so as not to regret losing your money
  3. It is possible that you must collect $ 1000 and then start trading on Binance at a rate of 2% profit per day. This is what I think you can make more than that.
  4. Investing in new coding projects has a great risk, and from my experience during 4 years, most of the new cryptocurrencies have either been installed or have failed and thus a loss for all investors.
  5. Cryptocurrencies of course were a reason for some people to turn rich as well. We will see new rich people through cryptocurrencies. You only need to take advantage of great opportunities and seize them.
  6. Indeed, we have to keep Bitcoin and collect the largest possible amount because it will definitely shave and rise in the second half of the year 2020, it is the year of wonderful cryptocurrencies
  7. I think that bitcoin will remain for a long time and will replace coins because bitcoin can be transferred very easily unlike coins, so the future for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
  8. I do not advise you to invest in any site because it is considered a very big risk because the sites are all closed after a while. If you want a real income, I advise you to trade on the Binance platform so you should learn technical analysis of cryptocurrencies in order not to lose your money.
  9. I think that deleting posts has nothing to do with the sections but rather only with what you post is it copied and duplicated without benefit or your comment is inappropriate for the post This is what leads to deleting your post or your comment
  10. Thank you for this valuable information, which every trader must apply in order not to lose his money. The most important point in my view is the use of passion in trading because it leads to loss inevitably
  11. You will win from both, whether it is a post or a comment. The important thing is that your post or comment is appropriate to the topic and useful and not be repeated or copied in order to avoid the ban.
  12. Both of them have risks, but here it is due to you if you have been patient for the currency for months, with the necessity of choosing a currency that is suitable for long-term storage. This is good for you.
  13. I see that the coinmarketcap website is a basic site for everyone who wants to analyze any cryptocurrency because it contains enough parameters for any cryptocurrency
  14. You can search for the credibility of the site through Google or YouTube and know the opinions of people who tried it so that you do not tire yourself without interest because most of airdrop do not pay
  15. I do not have much bitcoin, but I keep it in Yobit. It is considered very safe, as you can keep it in blockchain. It is also safe and there is no fear of your currencies from being hacked or stolen.
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