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  1. Ethereum is always my first choice for long term holding if i have that much fund to buy one Ethereum or more. Because i think that if you have less funds then you should invest on the low price coins which are not very much established now but having a chance. So that they can give us a very good profit. Because the rise more in percentage.
  2. I support the tax system for the sake of government and country. But the percentage of the tax must be little like 1 or 2 percent or less than that. 20% tax is too much. Their motive may not to control the system and regulate it. The motive must to stop and keep the people away by implementing that much tax. This is very bad.
  3. I think you got some wrong information. The total supply of bitcoin is 21 millions. May be i am wrong also. But as far i know the supply is 21 million and like 18 million has been mined already. So there is very less quantity rest in market. So the challenge was always with bitcoin. But this is the reason why it can give us that much value.
  4. There is a coin called EOS. It has a good value and the highest speed of transaction as far i know. I also used this coin the transaction doesn't take lot time. It us just like instant. This makes its transactions like 5000 times faster than the bitcoin. You can get a statistical knowledge about it in the internet. But in my experience it is the best.
  5. This us a good point that should be known by all because people starts panic if they do not receive the payment within some time which is very less. The miners verify and confirm all the payments. So when there us so much load in the network then the mining becomes difficult. So the transactions takes time.
  6. This can be very much possible but I want to add something not all. Because I don't think the paper currency will ever be replaced fully. It may the stores also accept the crypto but that will be beside main currency. Now also we use mobile phone to pay many places with paper currency online through banking. This will be not more different from it.
  7. This is why i say always be self dependent. When you trust on any unknown person blindly they start cheating you. So gain the knowledge first. The one thing more. You need not always put your money in the starting of Trading. Some exchanges give demo balance you can practice with that. Many exchanges offer a welcome bonus. You can use it to take profit. So make your money safe.
  8. It is definite that you are very new in crypto world. Look friend Blockchain is mainly a technology. The bitcoin's whole function and network depends on this technology. You can read about this technology in google. But it is very complicated. In other hand there is some wallets where we can store our cryptocurrency. One is named blockchain. Always remember one thing there is no connection between the wallet team and the Network or system team.
  9. Yes definitely yes. The one main reason the most skillful traders face loss in their own field. The group of that kind of people is called wheals. The bitcoin and the top altcoins price varies on some good or bad news also. They put rumor of that kind of news. So the price can be manipulated by them. By that they make huge profit for own.
  10. Those points are very important for all those person who are interested in the crypto world. The main thing to be a good trader is first of all you need to take a full training on trading and then you have to practice all analysis in roughly and practice the trading as a demo. Then you can be a pro. The main thing is that. Simultaneously we should follow all the steps you told.
  11. Russia does the best thing. They announced that the tokens or coins you are holding also will be considered as a property of you and you must its taxes. I think this should be done for every country. Because otherwise our country will be effected consequently. The money blacking will be at a very high rate. So it should be implemented in every country.
  12. Yeah always. In the daily life also. The confidence always may not be a positive way of thinking. It is the way you accept the whole thing and plan it in your favour. Also then the definition of success changes and becomes "success is not that what you achieved, but it is who and what you have tried." Those words has a great value if anyone can follow it properly.
  13. We all are the citizens of our own country. We have some responsibility on our country. Our country runs on our taxes. So this is must payable. But if people get control over his money then no one will pay it. There will be a huge problem for the country. Also some people is not smart enough to handle it. They may face a huge lose because of their innocence.
  14. If crypto be fully adopted you can not ban the use of fait or paper currency because the crypto needs such device to access. The device may not be available to all of them specifically the remote area people and the old ones. So if there is paper currency they will that only until they understand the advantages of the crypto.
  15. Some extent people definitely believe in banks because they deal with the fait money and the real existed one. No one ever think about the digital money when he having the fait in hand. Because the existence make them. Bank server is too bad that they remain down maximum time. Most of the time they impair the work and make our valuable time waste.
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