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  1. Blackmoney and money laundering, which is why Bitcoin is called Illegal in the countries of the continent of Asia, and these coins are not legitimately recognized, I think if cryptocurrency can be introduced by bringing Bitcoin under a law and negotiating with the central bank. Will use.
  2. There are four members of my family. Three out of four of us use cryptocurrency, and we love doing cryptocurrency transactions, and through what we earn, all three of us in the family are trading.
  3. I was wondering what you thought, I noticed that the price of Dash coins on the Yobit Exchange site has increased, and there is a possibility of more value added, as the price of Bitcoin will increase as the price of Dash coins increases, so if you want to convert Bitcoin to buy Dash coins now. Can
  4. I have been to many sites like this before, but even after I won the lottery, I did not get Bitcoin payment, is this site paying the winners? Did you receive payment on this site? If this site pays, then I want to see my fortune by joining this site.
  5. It seems to me that the process of regulating cryptocurrency into smart phones should be introduced, which we heard from the HTC phone company last year that they will launch a smartphone called Exodus 1, which I think every smartphone maker should think about.
  6. I have read on many blogs and online news media, that Bitcoin prices are likely to increase greatly in 2020, many analysts say that Bitcoin will exceed 15K, so I have accumulated 200k BTC Satoshi so far, I will sell them if Bitcoin price rises.
  7. I did not understand this, you say I can be clearer now, but you are saying that I have been told to play dice 10 times, I cannot find the Dice game option on the Yobit Exchange site, if you know you will help me with the Yobit Dice game link, thank you.
  8. Bitcoin does not support terrorists, but terrorists are using Bitcoin, depositing their black money in bitcoin in various ways, because the government is not getting any accurate account of their property, so they are not being caught, so many are blaming Bitcoin, but I think if anyone There is no liability for Bitcoin in its use for bad purposes.
  9. I am very happy that Iran is bringing exchange cryptocurrency to their site, I want to increase the use of cryptocurrency in every country of the world,I hope the Iranian exchange site with cryptocurrency will provide good service.
  10. Analysts say BTC is unlikely to rise too much in February, but the price of bitcoin may change by the end of February, with speculation that bitcoin will drop by $ 10,000 by the end of February, and there is a chance of double bitcoin in May.
  11. Since you brought $ 30 Bitcoin from your friend, you should still give $ 30 a return, although now you have to pay $ 30 more as Satoshi because of the drop in the price of Bitcoin, because he helped you.
  12. Hello friends, I want to invest Doge coins in the investbox section of the Yobit Exchange site, but I cannot understand the subject "DOGE: 10 ds" shown in the Action Requirement, so I cannot invest in DOGE, you can clearly understand the picture below. , See that picture, and help me if you know the answer. "Thanks"
  13. I already knew about the Bestexchange website and using this site I converted from cryptocurrency to PayPal dollars, I think those who want to convert Fiat currency from cryptocurrency can easily exchange cryptocurrency using Fiat currency.
  14. The best currency in cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, but if you do not have much capital then you cannot profit by investing in Bitcoin, so you can make more profit by choosing small currency, I would say you can invest in TRON coins. You will get a good profit in the future, and it will be good to invest in Doge coins, these two coins I have long-term We have invested a visit, you can.
  15. BTC is the main coin, we can understand that if the coin is BTC, it will be counted as coins, but mBTC means Bitcoin mini count coins, mBTC and BTC but here it is calculated in other terms, meaning mBTC Bitcoin is much higher.
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