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  1. Both are good for the future. But I prefer to ripple because the terms of supply, investors and network ripple are superior to stellar.
  2. I do not know. Because do not avoid this kind of thing. Solarmining is like a cloud mining platform offering. I'm saying this is a scam site for me.
  3. Doge coin is a pretty good coin for mining alternatives. With the script algorithm it feels like when using a cpu you will have a fairly long difficulty level chasing profits. Because there is already ASIC miner who can mine coin doge.
  4. hmind

    BTC Mining

    Mining in 2019 will decline because the cost of expenditure will no longer cover income. Bitcoin mining can only be done by giant mining or farm mining giants.
  5. It seems that when looking at predictions and in the future bitcoin will increasingly become an idol for financial problems and investment choices or valuable assets.
  6. Looks like there are 2 good ones to be able to recover your loss. Like yobit and binance. At least both of these exchanges can provide many options for investment in order to reverse your loss to profit.
  7. Be patient and wait for prices to rise again, don't force it. At least it will produce results from the kuta impose our will.
  8. Very many types actually. Some of the easy ones are of online and offline types. Hardware and software. So all of that exists.
  9. It seems like it doesn't have a big effect on bitcoin either. Same with the price of gold so far. Because bitcoin is the same as gold and the market is also different from the dollar.
  10. If that is possible, of course, foam is finished. Companies as big as Twitter certainly have a great opportunity to make their own coins. And maybe this time Twitter has prepared it.
  11. The future will be good in my opinion. Because alternative coins are very good for other options having crypto money. Where if bitcoin gets higher the price will make it hard for people to own bitcoin and by buying alternative coins can provide convenience to users who want to have bitcoin on a small scale.
  12. Things that can make the price of bitcoin rise and fall are news, event factors and manipulation factors of various parties. Of the three things that are usually the most often influence is news.
  13. I think it's safe and very soothing to me. Because paper wallet is an offline wallet. But of course I also made enough copies and security to make it even safer.
  14. I will give it to my descendants, immediate family and donate to people who need it to be useful for their lives later.
  15. I joined crypto for e years and this alone makes me still a newbie in this world. Crypto in reality is very broad. And I really want to go deeper into crypto.
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