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  1. hmind

    FOMO in Crypto

    Fomo is common as because we are human beings, have fears or face mistakes that result in losses. But all these things can be overcome with habits and also self-control and knowledge. So emotions and science are interconnected.
  2. The trend in 2019 is a matter of public security and privacy that will eventually be needed for security. And until now finally many websites that are involved in the world of Crypto all verify KYC for its safety.
  3. Magnum is an online wallet that is quite good and very easy to use. And there are advantages to this wallet is the problem of using swap exchange on the wallet. So we can convert the coins we want.
  4. Blockchain wallet is an online wallet that is quite old if we say that the problem is age and is active so far. And it looks like the review problem about this wallet is really good and satisfying. Even in terms of safety and convenience.
  5. All of this is because Yobit is in the process of refinement and adjustment of the Yo Token to the large Exchange that we know is currently registered with Bithumb. So everything needs to be adjusted. And maybe it also requires a large fund Jubilee in other words, Investors investors to meet the needs of this exchange. Where we see there is a special offer for users who want to deposit their Bitcoin with the offer Yo token. So we just wait in the future. Hopefully both of these things are quickly resolved, and payments can return to normal.
  6. For like this there will be many and often encountered. Especially because Binance is a large Exchange at the moment. So Binance has become a common target of scammers and hackers that has become commonplace. All we have to do is be wary of users and be careful of every action we take.
  7. America as a developed country will surely overtake all kinds of technology, and maybe they also don't want to be left behind for all kinds of things that smell like the progress of the times. So even though in certain rules, America still views things positively. So this is what should be emulated by other countries from America.
  8. Dubai is currently a very large country in its development and the crypto problem is also inseparable in this country. As one of the richest countries, of course, Dubai is also the main destination of Crypto later.
  9. Thanks for the information. I will record this and make it in my browser's block list for this fake address. So I can avoid it without opening it.
  10. The motivation I need is the basic motivation about life, that today there will be a change that is better than yesterday. And the existence of my 3 young children is my main motivation. So that's what will always cheer me up when I'm down in doing everything. And no exception in crypto trading. I'm here because for my family. So i must survive and making goal.
  11. Forex and Crypto are different although they have the same market for trading on a daily basis and there are openings and closures. But the forex market does not live for 24 hours, while Crypto continues simultaneously simultaneously without stopping. Forex trading risks are greater than Crypto trading, and crypto trading is easier.
  12. Signs before the bull run occur are visible. It's better to focus on how to have enough Bitcoin before the bullrun comes. That's more important than buying and selling at this time.
  13. What I like the most is the Galaxy Note 10. Hopefully I can have it. Moreover, according to rumors the Galaxy S20 will also support the crypto problem better.
  14. hmind

    Yobit wallet

    Yes, for the time being I don't think so, and it doesn't seem like it will exist. Because the service provided by Yobit is only a wallet exchange. for now. Especially regarding the problem of overcoming the wallet and others, it seems that the Yobit is still slow for this problem. So I can't expect it yet.
  15. hmind

    Metamask wallet

    For convenience rather than using a wallet that supports the erc20 problem I use this. And Metamask is very helpful for me, presently, for the existing erc 20 token token problem.
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