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  1. Please help me click,You also have ETH to get. Click the link: Or copy this message and open COINCHAT App , you will receive 0.01ETH for free。 ₿Qg0z₿
  2. Bitcoin mining will indeed continue to increase the level of difficulty and this is a big competition between the big farms just doing bitcoin mining. For models like home miners I think it is very difficult to achieve again like in the past.
  3. Yes, if you know and want to open up your knowledge that altcoin mining actually provides a big advantage compared to mining Bitcoin.
  4. The main factors are the magnitude of the difficulty level, the cost of expenses, the price and the amount of hashrate that we have. And this really affects the profitability of mining income.
  5. I don't yet understand the problem one hundred percent. Is there an explanation for this that is easier to understand?
  6. Unfortunately the bonus cannot be disbursed only for exchange. If possible it will attract more users to exchange and promos later.
  7. It's not that you aren't allowed or are punished. But because the content that is open is no longer available or has been discarded by this forum team.
  8. Hi, I will miss you and lose one of my old friends here for some time. Congratulations on your new busy schedule, I hope you get back to this forum quickly.
  9. Yes, that is good. At least we are not difficult or stuck on posts that are not useful anymore in the future. Yes even though there are still some spammers still hanging around. Maybe what is lacking now is the number of lazy people on this forum.
  10. I think this option still exists for users who want to be unknown and don't want to be disturbed. For me, I have never used this.
  11. I do not understand in this matter. Looks like the device issue is more mainstream. Because if you see the problem ip will be found the same ip if the user uses a telephone card provider network.
  12. There are advantages to being a member here. One of them is like the discussion you make about ranking the higher your ranking the more convenience you will get in this forum.
  13. Yes we are indeed grateful for this forum. Where we can benefit a lot from here. Knowledge together with science. It is very rare not to get knowledge and payment. Everywhere learning usually pays. But here, learning can be paid. So we must grateful for this.
  14. I don't think that's necessary what is needed is a lot of posts and more fresh crypto problems than thinking about appearance.
  15. Thank you for your suggestions, following the rules and sharing knowledge is the main factor for it all here. And hopefully this makes the forum and users stronger and brings crypto to a better state than it is today.
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