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  1. It seems that the state of panic that swallowed the markets over the past week exceeded the limits of the traditional markets to the markets of digital assets that we have been used since its emergence to be governed by factors completely different from the factors affecting the traditional assets traded in financial markets.
  2. According to the company based on Ripple, this digital currency aims to keep the money flowing freely, build a decentralized digital currency on the approach that Bitcoin coined, and do this for the money as the emergence of the Internet has done with all forms of information before.
  3. Volume for digital currencies is the volume of trading on this currency and it is important to know if you can buy and sell the currency easily and whether there is a demand for the currency or not. The larger the volume, the greater the demand for it, and consequently its sale is more guaranteed.
  4. I once read information that Ethereum is vulnerable to 51% attack. This comes because the Parity and Geth “nodes” have been left without any communication, which exposes the network to security risks.
  5. Markets cannot move up or down forever, so the best trader who believes in bitcoin now can hope for is to start stabilizing. The stability of the Bitcoin market opens the door to the possibility of recovery.
  6. The sharp fall of Bitcoin in the last sessions may actually be the burst of this bubble. This may be just the first sign, as the price of bitcoin today is still higher than the previous low. In any case, unlike other bubbles in the history of the financial world, the bursting of the Bitcoin bubble will not have dangerous economic consequences, especially because they are not related to institutions.
  7. A famous analyst in the crypto community stated that Bitcoin may end up in its race with gold to drop back toward the level of $ 1,000 each. Analyst "Peter Brandt" has issued widespread warnings about the losses of financial markets and various assets in the world, including bitcoin and gold in light of the spread of the Corona virus. As he sees "Corona" and the escalation of the crisis over its spread poses a great risk to the markets and various assets in general. Corona has caused investors to relinquish any assets, even precious metals, such as gold, which is a safe haven for all in times of crisis. For my part, I wish Corona would be completely eliminated and Bitcoin would not drop further. What is your comment on that?
  8. It is true that caution must be taken Never trust third parties to create a Crypto Wallet for you, and never share your account credentials with anyone.Do not provide your wallet password or key to anyone, especially messages or email that tells you that it is from technical support for the platform you use.
  9. Actually, it turns out that this currency was banned only in a few countries, while most Arab and international central banks warned against dealing with them, with similar justifications related to the risks associated with trading Bitcoin to protect consumers. While a number of analysts respond to this ban to the concerns of the global banking system on its future existence as a result of the growth in dealing in virtual currencies.
  10. It is true that the digital currency trading platforms and the implementation of the buying and selling operations require cutting certain fees in addition to some digital portfolio services that require some fees, but in the end, the service costs are much lower than the costs of banks and transfers on the ground.
  11. A stop-loss order is a key part of risk management. We can enter it in advance and make our trading system reduce our losses automatically. It helps keep the passion from trading in our cryptocurrencies.
  12. Thus, the Federal Reserve reduced the main interest rate for the second time in less than two weeks, to settle at zero -0.25 percent, which was the rate set before the 2008 global financial crisis, pledging to keep it at this rate until ensuring that the economy surpasses the consequences of Corona virus.
  13. Loly

    What is spread?

    Spreads are the difference between the bid price of a currency pair and the ask price. For the most common currency pairs, the spread is usually low - sometimes less than a pip! For pairs that are not traded frequently, the spread tends to be much higher. Before a forex trade becomes profitable, the value of the currency pair must exceed the difference between the purchase price and the selling price, or vice versa, depending on the type of deal.
  14. The most important features of ethereum are decentralized Debs applications. A few decentralized applications have been built on Ethereum and the number is still increasing. Some of these applications, for example: Augur decentralization prediction market, etherTweet, and others.
  15. Some sites and people who provide trading advice and recommendations that are mostly useless, depend on earning their profits from the subscriptions of those involved in them on a monthly basis, and if these recommendations were profitable, they would follow them and make money through trading in the markets.
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