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  1. A famous analyst in the crypto community stated that Bitcoin may end up in its race with gold to drop back toward the level of $ 1,000 each. Analyst "Peter Brandt" has issued widespread warnings about the losses of financial markets and various assets in the world, including bitcoin and gold in light of the spread of the Corona virus. As he sees "Corona" and the escalation of the crisis over its spread poses a great risk to the markets and various assets in general. Corona has caused investors to relinquish any assets, even precious metals, such as gold, which is a safe haven for all in times of crisis. For my part, I wish Corona would be completely eliminated and Bitcoin would not drop further. What is your comment on that?
  2. The Fed is cutting the interest rate to zero in a historic step designed to ease the economic blow to the Corona epidemic. And expect a temporary rise only, until signs appear to eliminate the virus and there will be positive results in the world But currently the decision will not bring benefits, and it will not be able to change the current direction of the markets, but rather only help to bounce and temporarily bounce back as the current event is stronger than raising and lowering interest.
  3. Place Stop Loss on your trades If Bitcoin exceeds $ 10,000, there may be a panic in the sale of Satoshi ... Don't panic - if you trade long term, everything will be fine! If you are trading in short periods of time, I recommend taking profits or placing the stop loss at the entry point from the current trades ... Some currencies may drop slightly if bitcoin rises at $ 10,000 areas, but keep in mind - currencies can rise by about 20-30% In lightning candles at any moment before the fall ... This will be a quick recovery and you will lose entry into the appropriate areas Or you need to log in again The best thing to do is to use Stop Loss in the event of a shutdown below the support areas And do not panic at any time.
  4. Something strange has happened to me that calls for attention. When I copied my wallet address to deposit currencies into it, I noticed, when pasting, a change in the wallet address. This happens with some of you as it is a malicious program or virus that replaces the wallet address with another address and steals your currencies. Please pay attention and confirm the address of the wallet before sending any currencies. Who got like this? How can the problem be solved?
  5. Something strange happened to me some time ago, when I noticed that small quantities of a cryptocurrency had arrived in my wallet, which did not exceed a few cents. I was amazed at this, and upon researching and exploring, I discovered what is called digital dust. A Dusting attack is defined as a new type of malicious activity in which hackers attempt to violate the privacy of Bitcoin users and cryptocurrencies by sending small amounts of currency to their personal wallets and many Bitcoin owners believe that their identity is well protected from attempts to infiltrate and view their transactions Unfortunately, this is not true. Did it happen with you like this? That is, to have currencies link you to your digital wallets without knowing their source? Is this dangerous as I read it? How do we avoid the risks of this phenomenon?
  6. Before, you had to go to a store to buy a video game. But these days, most players shop online. The possession of video games has become digital, like many digital currencies themselves. So it is only natural that you will accept more and more leading Bitcoin gaming sales platforms. Steam - The world's largest computer gaming platform. Xbox - Pay for games, add-ons, and Xbox Live subscription. Play Station Network - You can pay for games, additions, and a PlayStation Network subscription. Hempel Pendel - Unregistered games site. Big Fish Games - an irregular gaming company based in Seattle, Washington. Green Man Gaming - Games, Switches, and Digital Games. Zinga - mobile and online games. Isn't that cool?
  7. Stop loss can be tricky, especially since there is no specific formula or percentage that establishes that point. In general, the point varies depending on the types of transactions you perform, and the amount of loss that you are willing to take financially and psychologically. If you are afraid of losses, you should for example set a narrow-scale loss stopping point. Keep in mind that you have to define a reasonably narrow point in order not to hinder you from trading opportunities.
  8. All traders, whether in cryptocurrencies, want to earn profits continuously. The skilled use of arbitrage is a more sophisticated skill, but it is one of the most profitable methods regardless of whether the market is on the up or down. Arbitrage is simultaneous buying and selling of an asset in order to generate profits and benefit from price discrepancies between platforms. Arbitrage has long been a popular trading method in the stock market because it is very clear and considered a low risk strategy. Are any of you profit from arbitrage trading?
  9. The cryptocurrency market does not meet many of the rules that apply to other financial markets. For example, when looking at the $ 0.25 ripple coin at the moment and comparing it with etherium and bitcoin, saying that one day it will become like them in terms of the value of one piece of it. In fact, this is not the case, as each cryptocurrency has a limited total offer for trading with it. For example, Bitcoin has 17 million units trading on the market now, while Ripple has 43 billion units. What shows the difference in value based on what is available from the currency. Do you agree me?
  10. Hashing techniques are used in several fields of software. The idea behind these operations is to take data of a specific length and generate its own "signature" of a specified length that is usually much shorter than the length of the original data but that it represents and represents on its behalf. Bitcoin saves every information / entry in its record attached to its own fragmentation and thus everyone can verify the validity of the data and not change it.
  11. Finally, Binance is updating the mobile application to make it possible to set the target and stop at the same time, which is called the OCO feature.
  12. NEO Currency bounced from the low recorded on November 25th, which is also the same price level in which the price held for nearly a month from mid-August and before that more than once, confirming its strength as support, On the time frame 1s, the currency managed to break through a moving average line and is about to breach them on the larger time frame, which will work as greater support so that the price rises and faces the denominator 8.69, followed by 9.00. The target price to break the current downside is 9.18
  13. Loly

    What is spread?

    Spread is the difference between the bid (sell) and the ask (buy) price of a particular currency pair. In any trade, the value of the currency pair will need to cross the spread before it becomes profitable. In a currency pair with a wider spread, the currency will need to make more movement in order for the trade to be profitable. This means that trading on a low spread is often a priority for traders, as their trades can become profitable faster, which means they can make a large number of smaller trades, rather than relying on large trades to make money.
  14. The common mistake of almost all new investors is that you buy a cryptocurrency at a time when its price has increased rapidly and in a short period. Let us assume that the price of bitcoin at the present time is one thousand dollars and without notice it has become two thousand dollars in the first week and then three thousand then five and then seven thousand dollars, do not mistake and think that it will always go up because it will reach the saturation stage and its price begins to fall and this is the nature of the markets, the price correction is coming and opportunities always Repeat. TIP: Never rush and know that the moment you know the news of a rise in high numbers, it will be too late to buy it, and look for other opportunities.
  15. Do not expect that you will become millionaires in a short time!! Do you think crypto traders are the richest people on earth? Do you have a picture of you sitting on a mountain of dollars, have you dreamed of a Lamborghini and a luxury villa? The currency market is like any other financial market and everyone should develop a logical plan and strategy in the long term. Dreaming of doubling times in one trade may be the reason for your next loss.
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