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  1. I am new to crypto forums. I have nothing much to say. I learned the this forum will pay me for posting good and useful thing so i want to try it. Also I think forums is a good way to practice my writing. I hope this goes well.
  2. Most of the time it is not worth it to download apps and watch ads to earn. It takes time and requires so much effort in inviting and/or the game itself is boring
  3. Personally, I like Primedice because of the community and I will not deny the rainbot. :). Also I became accustom to its dice that why im comfortable playing in the flatform
  4. I think the majority of users here met crypto because they want to earn easy money online at home. This is just my opinion and to be honest this I myself is included to the swaps of people who wants to earn online by just staying at home sitting in front of the computer and do nothing. AHAHAH. I want to know your stories.
  5. I have downloaded a lot of paying app in Playstore but ti be honest, I NEVER reach the minimum payout. I don't know maybe I' just too lazy or the problem is the app itself.
  6. I am referring to PTCs, Ad Viewing and Captcha solving not gambling 🙂 but thanks for the lovely oppinion
  7. It has been three years since I met crypto currency and I started with a scratch. When Crypto was first introduce to me I think the value is just 2k USD and it wasn't that big really until the year after that it went from 3k to 4k to 5k to 8k then 10k up to 20k by december by that time PTCs and Faucet became so hard... So hard that I quit collecting whatever crypto bit. Until now the payments for viewing ads or solving captchas are too little you cant barely reach the minimum threshold to withdraw unless you have so many referrals. Who among you guys are still collecting crypto bits from faucets and ptcs?
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