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  1. Well maximum time I use Bitcoin for purchasing purpose. It's like I use Bitcoin to buy a token for holding purpose. And sometimes I spend my Bitcoin for recharge my mobile also. And most of the time I spend my Bitcoin for playing games.
  2. Well yes , I have seen many game which run in daPP platform. This daPP can be on eth network , trx network,and eos network. So this is the future.
  3. Well I agree what you said. And I also believe in xrp platform. Because it's so maintain uniformity. I haven't seen any cases about xrp transaction failure.but yes I have seen my btc transaction failure. Xrp transaction goes like parallel way address with tag. And it's very secure.
  4. Well this is my third time I have faced this kind of problem. And I believe the team and the admin will refill the fund in Cryptotalk soon . So that everyone will get paid as usual.
  5. Well money laundering will also happen with fiat currency. But yes I agree the transaction can't be trackable but here in blockchain, everything is totally transparency. So the Money laundry will be less I believe.
  6. Well this is because when the seller and buyer come all together the Price will fluctuating. And it will happen when the big whales spread some panic news and all people come like a seller s in to the market and sell all their assets. And results big whales will buy all.
  7. Thank you for sharing this information with us. This is totally unique to me I have only heard the term ecr20 and trx , but this is so unique and very informative. Keep posting like this. So that everyone will know about.
  8. Crypto is totally based on Blockchain. And yes the big bang theory series there Bitcoin also mentioned in that movie , and I believe after that Bitcoin became more popular.
  9. Well I think not all crypto will going dead. Only some crypto whose fundamentals are not strong enough will go dead. But top 50 coin will be the surviver I believe.
  10. Well I believe no admin of the website will contact us first. Only the scammer will contact us first. So we have to avoid this kind of situation and stay aware of this.
  11. Well every crypto have it's unique identity. Like if we talk about btc and xrp , the xrp transaction rate is very high as compared to Bitcoin transaction. Because xrp goes address along with tag . And it goes parallel. Crypto currency is kind of technology. So technically all have some unique feature.
  12. Well I strong agree with. Because this platform is full of experience people. And they are always ready to help us by answering that will be related to crypto. But the only thing is that we should ask Every doubt in this platform. Because this platform allow us to ask related to crypto without any cost.
  13. Well you have to be patience. This happens sometimes . It takes to update after sometime like in 4-5 hours to update. After that your exact count will be reflected in yobit account.
  14. Well it happens with me sometime. This is because the some of our post or comments would be irrelevant to the exact topic. That's why our post or comments gets deleted. And moderator also have eyes on every activities.
  15. Well exactly I agree with you. This platform is completely full of knowledge. And this platform allow is to ask anything related to crypto. And we are answered by experience people who have very good knowledge in Crypto.
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