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  1. Kalium wallet is first wallet of the curruncy, my transactions ๐Ÿ‘‡
  2. Take this advice from me: If you want to exchange currencies, buy something or invest the amount, first pay a small amount to verify its authenticity.
  3. I use Iq option for forex. It's easy and good for using . I verfy my account with passport , i use coinbase to send btc to iq option balance
  4. Forum can detect vpn but, can't detect high anymous proxy ;;;; you can use vpn before 28 jan why????? Because the forum run slow . Forum members know that . The can't banned you because you want to speed up the internet to access CryptoTalk Froum
  5. I was using facebook to learn more about crypto prcices,news, trading. It's a big library who have many ideas
  6. It never happened to me, but I think that the people who replied to your post did not know that the forum is in English and Russian only and they will be warned, sure do not worry.
  7. btcLover

    Yobit Withdrawal

    Contact Yobit Support team, i've got the problem too. I think , our country doesn't accepted the coin
  8. It is you who did not understand my message, I say it is a wallet and needs a broker to trade
  9. Otherwise, there are profitable apps like Vova which was very popular last year Thank you very much, if you have this application, send its link in order to benefit
  10. I want a mobile application to earn bitcoins. some apps are scam. If you have any app for earning :::: share it with us :::::
  11. There is no problem here, the forum is 100% monitored. But you must follow the rules in order not to get warning points
  12. coinbase is the best wallet for storing bitcoin and litecoin because it features an easy interface to buy and sell. If you want a more control panel, use yobit where you can trade all digital currencies and contains a section of news about digital currencies.
  13. I don't think this will happen because there are people who do not know anything about encodings and digits and do not want to know that๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Young people can understand this, but how are you going to understand that for old people and every country has millions of adults
  14. Use my code to type the password @ + Capital Letter + Small Letter + Numbers
  15. Since bitcoin price increases daily, there is no doubt that it will rise to 20,000 in the coming years. As for me, it is better to use bitcoin in this period than store it for long periods.
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