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  1. Saving money in USDT is not an investment, but it's same as when you deposit your money in a bank or wallet, it's just a different way. As long as the value of your assets is safe, there is no doubt about keeping them in stablecoins.
  2. By the time bitcoin price touched $15000 I thought bitcoin would correction to the $14000 area due to the volume showing a decline, but since the bullish trend was strong enough to finally break the $ 15000 resistance area, Yes, $13000 or $14000 is still reasonable, but before that $15000 was the first tested area.
  3. You only need to learn about trading and also practice it, make your own analysis and after that failure will give you experience, You have to understand one thing, that the analysis is made not to help you get maximum profit, but to help you anticipate market conditions that will occur,
  4. Do you mean the USDT/BTC pair? or USDT/FIAT pair? because I have never seen USDT rate drop by 20%, if it goes down it might be around $ 0.98 at most and then stabilize at $1 USDT is a stablecoin, and you should see it based on Fiat prices not BTC or Altcoin Prices.
  5. The last time I used the yobit exchange faucet in 2017 and I haven't used captcha verification before, maybe captcha verification is needed because now many users use faucets and to avoid bots. You have to do research before claiming, if you already have a list of coins that have good potential in the future, then you only need to focus on claiming these coins on the faucet.
  6. Not only in the stock market, you can use risk management in the crypto market too, all trading theories and indicators can apply to all types of trading, for example Fibonacci retracement, you can use this indicator in all types of trading,
  7. Just like faucets on free faucet sites, you have to work hard to collect them so you can sell them, but what distinguishes is that you can easily sell them on Yobit exchange directly, with a minimum trade of only 0.0001 BTC beginners can easily exchange their results to coins they want, I think it's a great choice for beginners looking to find everything in one place, and Yobit exchange has got that covered )
  8. Learning and also practicing directly is the right way to become a professional trader, those who understand theory do not guarantee that they can trade, but those who can trade should know about theory.
  9. The analysis made by the experts is not always correct or even not everything that the experts mean you can understand, because usually there are some chart conditions that cannot be understood by a beginner and can only be understood by a professional, that is why traders are encouraged to make their own analysis.
  10. Libra was originally created to be a new currency that can be used by more than one billion Facebook users, but due to a lot of pressure from the US government, it was worried such as the case of Facebook user data and also the global economy, since then the Libra project has revolved around issuing fiat-backed stablecoins. No, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Libra head David Marcus are not leaving the Libra project, I'm sure that in the near future there will be news updates about the development of Libra, usually when the bull market starts, a lot of news in favor of cryptocurrency pops up.
  11. Traders who have large capital above 100 BTC will not convert their assets to Altcoin, they prefer to withdraw their funds using BTC even though the transaction fee is above 20 USD, they already calculate the withdrawal fee with the profit they get, that's why withdrawal fees are never a problem for them.
  12. Masternodes are profitable if the market demand for these coins increases over time,but unfortunately most masternode coin prices continue to fall because there is no market demand. So far only coins that have good market cap have survived such as Dashcoin and Zcoin.
  13. No, it's not just on yobit, indeed USDT withdrawal fees on most exchanges are very high, between 5 USDT to 10 USD. If it's too expensive you can replace it with another coin like LTC, LTC has a cheap withdrawal fee. Yes, USDT is a safe asset because it can store the value of your assets to protect it from the volatility of the cryptocurrency space.
  14. BNB is now no longer running on the Ethereum network, in 2019 Binance launched its own Blockchain called Binance Chain, Tokens that are built with hype or have small liquidity have a big risk. As an investors avoid hype or excessive speculation, because the possibility of loss is very large, while recovering funds is more difficult than losing.
  15. The topic of the Fear and Greed Index has already been discussed, you can read it here, Yes, more precisely it will be correction, and it was proven yesterday that the price of bitcoin was correction,
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