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  1. how do you know if he predicted it? the name "Satoshi Nakamoto" so far is unknown, but the assumption says it's just an assumed name. As we know, many people also assume Satoshi Nakomoto is not one person, but a group, but all this is an assumption, no one knows who he is, because everything is anonymous. The most important thing now we know, that the technology created by Satoshi Nakamoto has developed quite large to this day.
  2. Bitcoin for now is only a speculation activity, but if you look further ahead, in principle, bitcoin will be like gold, not used for everyday transactions, but rather for investment. Maybe there are some who use bitcoin as a transaction, but not too much like altcoin which has the speed and cost of a cheaper transaction, and if the bitcoin implementation is complete, then the blockchain will be accepted in all corners of life and the world economy, as well as the internet.
  3. understand the rules of the forum before creating topics, there are many reasons why you don't get paid, such as low quality posts, or your posts are deleted, or maybe you make posts in sub forums that are not paid, there are several sub forums that do not pay BTC, such as Off Topic.
  4. Lots of wallets that support lots of Coins, For example for ERC20 you can use MEW (My Ether Wallet), or if you are an Android user, you can use Trust Wallet, and if you like to surf the internet, you can use Brave Browser as a wallet, because there you will be provided with a special wallet, and support ERC20, so whatever the name of the token is, as long as the token is ERC20, you can store it in Brave Wallet, this is a screenshot where I mean the brave wallet menu. but if you want to be more complete, I would advise you to use a premium wallet like Ledger Nano or Trezor.
  5. I have already visited the Bitance exchange, and if you see from the display or even the information at the bottom of the exchange website, this is quite suspicious, I am not saying that the Bitance exchange is a scam, but it would be better if you didn't use it, because your information and privacy will be the consequences. this is the bottom of the Bitance exchange website I mean.
  6. bitcoin is still not legal to make payments in my country, not only bitcoin, even USD or other currencies are not permitted. and that's fair enough in my opinion, as long as other currencies are not allowed, it doesn't matter if bitcoin isn't allowed either, but sooner or later bitcoin will be accepted, I'm sure of that.
  7. You should save your wallet phrase code. whatever the amount, phrase code must be stored and duplicated, always saving in a book or on a special flashdisk. the most important thing is to avoid internet connection. so that in the circumstances that you experience, you can still be saved.
  8. I have never heard of bitcoin generators, but most of the generator keywords are scams, a little advice from me, you have to be careful about that, because consequently your PC can get a hacker attack, it could be that the generator has a virus or a program that can steal data in your PC.
  9. greed is not only the enemy of small investors (beginners), but large investors (professionals) must also be vigilant, and not just investors, traders must also be on the lookout for greed, but still basically the impact of greed is loss and defeat. so caution is needed for investors or traders so they don't get caught up in greed.
  10. in November 2019, the price of BTC touched 6500 USD and shortly when November 29 the price of BTC rose to 7800 USD. we can see that in November there was a better increase even though the price of BTC had fallen deeper. for more details can see in the picture below. because this topic is no longer relevant, I will lock it.
  11. there are no expectations that I was looking for in 2019, because I know 2019 is not the year of cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency will begin to rise when halving has occurred, that is what I believe to this day. and since the topic is no longer relevant, I will lock it.
  12. The right decision if someone follows a strategy on this topic, it's true, 10,000 usd area is a pretty strong area, proven bitcoin prices can not break the 10,000 usd area, and there is a possibility that today's BTC prices will drop below 9,000 usd. so it is better to use stop loss to reduce losses when the price of BTC suddenly drops deeper.
  13. actually, using public wi-fi is not a problem, as long as we save cryptocurrency data in offline notebooks, because basically we are encouraged to save private keys in offline notebooks, not on PC.s o it's no problem using public wifi or android wifi, everything will stay safe.
  14. Bitcoin has risen above 7,500 usd, even has penetrated the area of 10,000 usd. after this a lot of support will be formed, such as the 9500 usd and 8600 usd area. and this topic I was forced to lock, because it was not in accordance with the conditions of today's bitcoin which had already penetrated the 7.500 usd area.
  15. each blockchain wallet account has several bitcoin addresses, and that changes automatically for security, But don't worry, even if you send at the old address, your BTC will remain safe. because the address you have is permanent and includes your account on the blockchain.
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