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  1. Yes, you are right, a lot of play to earn games have suddenly appeared since 2021, but many also don't last long and end up being scams )) the main reason the token price dropped because the players sold the tokens they got, so it's quite risky if we want to play the newly launched play to earn game, it's better to play the play to earn game which has been launched since 2020 and still survives until now. But because the game Heroes of Mavia looks similar to COC, maybe I'll try to play it, but maybe my focus is just to find the experience of playing not looking for the token ))
  2. The Wyckoff technical chart pattern is just one of many patterns that can be used to track the movement of a chart, What we as analysts need is to find out which patterns whales are using to manipulate the bitcoin price, because whales all over the world talk to each other on the chart. from that fact I prefer your second hypothesis ))
  3. Hi, but there's no Referral thread on this forum?

  4. You gave me a warning, how can this warning be removed? 

  5. It's just a simple analysis, however investing or not depends on everyone's decision, there is no investment recommendation there, and everyone also has their own considerations. The real boom was already happening this year )), bitcoin price went up from $20k to $50k in just a few months. $90k or $120k is just a matter of time until the price is picked up by bitcoin, all we need now is just to be patient
  6. I think it's only a matter of time, when cryptocurrency is successfully implemented in big countries, developing countries will follow, Like the internet, big countries have used the internet first, and a few years after that developing countries just used the internet.
  7. Topics with similar themes already exist, you can visit it here.
  8. Yes, those who understand this will prefer to be active and contribute to the cryptotalk forum instead of spending time on the faucet.
  9. Yes, in two weeks we will leave 2020, over the past year Dogecoin hasn't shown much movement, I'm not surprised because that's how Dogecoin has always been, But if you look at the market capitalization, Dogecoin has made great developments, even though the price movement of Dogecoin is very slow, but Dogecoin is able to stay in the top 50 market cap.
  10. Yes, the market refuses to go down so prices keep pumping up to $18,000 and $19,000. Not only you, I am also curious about where the market will actually move because the resistance area has failed to break several times.
  11. Threads with the same theme already exist, I will lock topics to avoid spam
  12. The bull market has just started, but I was a little surprised that bitcoin prices were pumping up so fast in November, as you said, there will be investors who lose because they think the price of bitcoin will rise higher than today, the correction has not happened, if the correction does not occur this month it will most likely occur in the next month.
  13. Saving money in USDT is not an investment, but it's same as when you deposit your money in a bank or wallet, it's just a different way. As long as the value of your assets is safe, there is no doubt about keeping them in stablecoins.
  14. By the time bitcoin price touched $15000 I thought bitcoin would correction to the $14000 area due to the volume showing a decline, but since the bullish trend was strong enough to finally break the $ 15000 resistance area, Yes, $13000 or $14000 is still reasonable, but before that $15000 was the first tested area.
  15. You only need to learn about trading and also practice it, make your own analysis and after that failure will give you experience, You have to understand one thing, that the analysis is made not to help you get maximum profit, but to help you anticipate market conditions that will occur,
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