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Found 41 results

  1. Feel free to report plagiarism in this Topic. Reports should be clear for moderators to understand, with some explanation. Plagiarism is clear violation of Forum Rules Please all members read the rules to avoid Ban sanctions Read more about Duplicate content Topic OLD Topic link U can contribute yourself and use this two websites to check if specific post is original or not:
  2. I would like to ask moderators to give some of the users right to create self-moderated topics. Why? Some project owners are leaving the forum because of spam posts being posted non-stop on their topic. Example: BitAIrt Topic: Solution: Give project owners the right to self-moderate topics and erase spam (if they want) and also give the same right to higher member ranks. Thank you for consideration @Desais @epidemia @ayatoslaw @Admin
  3. We can post here all Bitcoin and crypto song videos from Youtube and other platforms I will start with start first and you can continue after me:
  4. hexwin

    Metamask wallet

    Best wallet you can use for Ethereum and all ethereum based Tokens is Metamask. Metamask not only stores your crypto as browser extension, but it also protects you from many phishing websites. Very easy to use. Download extension (for Chrome, or Firefox browser) and Generate your seed (and save it on paper backup) Watch video for full instruction 👆
  5. hexwin

    Bitcoin wallets

    For any newbie it is very important to know what wallets are and how to use them in correct way. Best website to introduce you with wallets in Best desktop wallet is Electrum, but you can and compare it with other wallets. There are also options for mobile, web and hardware wallets. Always double check if you are on official Electrum wallet website:
  6. hexwin

    Atomic Swaps Do you use Atomic Swaps and what option you prefer: - Atomic Wallet - Shapeshift - Changelly Any other option ?
  7. What do you think should crypto be against gold or maybe gold and crypto work great together? I don't see anything wrong in using both of them as Store of Value and as payment option. There is also several tokens backed by real gold, and this proves that it can work in real life.
  8. We saw topic similar topic recently so I am starting one for Bitcoin holders Comment if you are holding any BTC right now. 1. When did you first heard about Bitcoin? 2. Do you Hold more or less that 1 BTC 3. When did you buy or get your first BTC and at what price? Long live Bitcoin
  9. Everyone should know how to reduce fees when sending Bitcoins. It is best to check mempool to see if there are to many stuck transactions. - Use Electrum wallet and adjust edit fee manually - Use Ledger wallet and Seqwit addresses More information and details you can find here: Calculate fees here:
  10. hexwin

    Exchange Fees

    You can see major exchanges fees and comparison from lowest to highest. What exchange you use and what fees they charge? New data: oct 4 2019 Old data
  11. What do you think about Bitcoin cash BCH coin? Do you use it, and watch advantages you see compared to original Bitcoin BTC. BCH is now almost minus 94% of its all time high value. website:
  12. What DEX exchanges are you using, and why are you using them? This are some of dex exchanges from CoinGecko website with volume, trust score and more info:
  13. Is there any advantages Crypto have compared to Paypal ? Have you used PayPal so far and why is Bitcoin better? PayPal charges more fees than Bitcoin
  14. Simple question and VOTE ☝️: Do you keep your Bitcoin on Exchanges and online wallets and where? Do you think it is safe or not?
  15. BLOCKFOLIO is one of the world's most popular Bitcoin & cryptocurrency portfolio tracker. You can install in on your SmartPhone and track your coins live. There are also other alternatives like DELTA or Blockkeeper. What do you use and why?
  16. I see a lot of people posting random stuff in all sections. For example: - Section Marketplace is full of some random news and articles. - Section Exchanges also has news, and duplicate topics Lot of topics should be locked also. I would like to ask moderators to move that topics to proper section, and to implement sub-sections soon I would also like to ask members to respect where they post, to avoid being reported for offtopic. Do not post offtopic spam here to avoid being reported Thank you
  17. What is your favorite Crypto Youtuber you are watching for crypto news and information? I usually follow Chico Crypto ,Altcoin Daily and Andreas Antanopolus channels You can share your own favorites.
  18. I would like if we can see option to write text feedback to specific members. That would be much better than current reaction system. If someone is good quality poster or if I traded with him, I want to write short text review. If someone is non-stop spamming me with fake conversation spam - I also want to write review for his profile. This Feedback feature should be private only, and not public.
  19. Do you use only one or more addresses for Bitcoin? You should know that using only one address makes you much more easily tracked by anyone, so best way is to always generate new address when receiving Bitcoin. This is something everyone can do very easy, and makes you much more private when using Bitcoin. What do you think about this?
  20. hexwin

    Hardware Wallets

    Hardware wallets are very important for securing your cryptocurrencies and protecting them from stealing or hacking. Please VOTE and choose what wallet you prefer and use.
  21. Is anyone using Blockchain based Smartphones here? If not HTC just released Exodus 1s phone that is going to be sold for around $244 I think this is cool idea, and price is very good.
  22. EARN Tube coins and Block ads with BitTube browser/extension and use Social Media platform Check it out, explore, earn and use it to earn while surfing and using social media. Bittubers is still in beta, but can be used now with no issues. It is combination of Twitter, Youtube and Instagram on Blockchain Website: Social Media Platform
  23. Work and Get paid in Bitcoin! Much better then spending money to buy it. This is one of my favorite videos that helped me to understand Bitcoin, and changed my strategy for growing my BTC Watch short video from Andreas Antonopoulos
  24. I would just like to inform all members that rules are changed regarding forum Signatures and now it is not more possible to add Images in your signature profile as you can see. Still waiting for official confirmation, but for now I removed Image from my profile.
  25. Do you want to earn free crypto? I found one interesting website that can help you to earn crypto. Check it out, compelte tasks and participate in contests to earn crypto: You can also wind 1 year FREE TradingView PRO subscription! Let me know if you need more info and help
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