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Found 6 results

  1. Feel free to report plagiarism in this Topic. Reports should be clear for moderators to understand, with some explanation. Plagiarism is clear violation of Forum Rules Please all members read the rules to avoid Ban sanctions Read more about Duplicate content Topic OLD Topic link U can contribute yourself and use this two websites to check if specific post is original or not:
  2. I have seen one of my friends @Syedbesharat here, i say he is may friend because we have met on topics and discussed together several times so I feel like I know him and some others. Anyway This friend of mine found a spammer on my topic and reported him, in return he got negative reaction from the spammer and also he was reported wrongly for spamming by the spammer as a revenge. I think admins and moderators should confirm these reports before taking actions, and i do not juts mean these reports I mean all the reports.
  3. Source:. the Cryptonomist Link: Xangle has published a report in last week of January about the scam history in crypto world from 2012 to 2020. According to their report, there were 132 scams identified in which the scammers has stolen about 16 billion dollars. In this scam, there was 527 people have been indicated for scamming whose ware sentenced to 160 years in prison. Of these people, only 14 were executed, and no case has been registered against 24 people. In these 132 scams, there were many organisations involved in scam through their projects such as investment funds, ICOs, and trading schemes. Crypto scams, 2012 to date: The first major scam, that was reported in 2012, was Bitcoin Saving and Trust who did fraudulent to their investors about of 146 Bitcoins, or 97 million dollars. At the time, the price of Bitcoin was less than 1000 dollars, but when the prices of Bitcoin started to increase, the fraudsters took a high advantage from it. Another year with the highest number of scam was 2017 in which 41 crypto project were found as fraudulent, and in 2018 there were 39 crypto projects. The main purpose of creating this topic is to make you aware of this important information about scams. There were a huge number of scammers and scams we have left in previous years. Now we should have to be careful for the next to prevent from scammers. There are many ways to prevent from scammers in which some are following: 1- Scammers attract you with huge offer of profit in their trading sites, don't invest in them. 2- They shares links in which saying the earnings free Bitcoins and any other Cryptocurrencies, don't click any link before make research about the link before. 3- They created many applications that effect in wallets in which the sending address automatically changed, you should read many times the address before sending any payment. 4- They launch many fake ICOs and coins for investing, take research before making any investment in new projects. 5- Enable 2fa security system in your wallet and exchange sites, it will help you to secure your money as it allows only you to access your account. I wish you will have a safe journey in crypto world.
  4. Lets help create a clean and spam free community forum. The only way to make this paid to post forum last for long is to get rid of all the spammers and bot-like accounts. Report Bots, Possible multiple accounts and spammers Username: sowati356 Profile Link: Username: donalrook05 Profile Link: Username: aktarmariya489 Profile Link: Username: aathi Profile Link: Reason for report: Possible Multiple Accounts Proofs: Posting the same off-topic ("CRETA TRUCK") reply on the same thread Will try to update once daily after i compile more users who SPAM the forum with non-sense post. Please DO NOT SPAM this thread with non-report related post., All irrelevant comments will be reported to moderator team for deletion. Thank you...
  5. Here I am going to list the users who are copy pasting and creating topics very fast. @azmah : Please check the posting time and the contents. More coming...
  6. Please report here any copy/paste members and spammers so that moderators can check them. I know few of them are doing this for years on Bitcointalk forum, and now they came here Anyone who don't respect forum Rules will be reported and probably banned if they repeat it again
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