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  1. But why we should explain it to small child anyway?? What they will benefit from it and how??, I will agree with you when you explain it to someone adult but child, you can't even give him the right idea about bitcoin, it will be very hard on you, I'm and I don't think you will find a lot of interesting childs
  2. I have an account in this bank, he is easy to use, there is nothing complicated in it, the fees are not high, and everyone can deal with it, I am using it for a long time and until now i didn't have any problems with it, all my transactions were smooth and easy, he support a lot of payment methods too, and recently he has been added to binance
  3. You need to have an account in yobit and link it with cryptotalk, there is no wallet in this site, you can search in this forum to find the right instructions for this, there is many topics who were talking about receiving the payments.
  4. Now I am using three wallets and all of them are good, I will tell you my strategy, I use yobit wallet, and coinbase wallet, and coinpot wallet, all of them are good, the first one is for temporary holding, and the second because I use a site where I can buy gift cards and top up my phone with fees from coinbase, and the third one is coinpot wich is good because the fees there are so low, I am using it for more than 2 years
  5. Even coinbase is good, I use it and I never had any problems with it so far, the fees for deposit are zero, and for withdraw are logical, I am not using blockchain wallet in the current time, so I can't judge it or give my opinion about it, but coinbase is good too
  6. You can withdraw your coin to any wallet, there is two wallets which are good, I advise you to use coinbase or coinpot, these two wallets are good, I used them both, so I am talking from a personal experience, I never faced any problems with them both, try one of them
  7. Yes, coinbase is good wallet and trusted, you can use it without any fears, the security level is quite good, and the fees are logical, you can benefit from a lot of services inside it, yiu can deposit, withdraw, trade, buy bitcoin and sell it too, try it, it is good, don't worry about it
  8. There is no wallet can hold all the cryptocurrencies, this is impossible, because there is thousands of cryptocurrencies in the market and I don't think you will find a wallet who can do this, but there is some wallets who can hold the necessary and the important coins, for example coinbase, blockchain, coinpot, Atomic, trusted wallet, all of those are good
  9. I never saw a wallet with low fees like coinpot, the transactions fees are almost zero, I am not saying to you to creat an account in this wallet, but at least take a look at it, and you can decide by yourself, I used it for more than 2 years, I don't have any doubts about this wallet
  10. I think I already answered you in wallet section, why you are repeating what you are saying too many times, most of your topics are talking about the same thing, why you are doing this?? Try to respect the rules, this is for your own good, you posted the same meaning in two sections, please don't do this again
  11. I tried the first one, you can earn from it by collecting points and convert them to money, but you will not earn a lot per day, and I know too the third one which depends on earning sweat coin from walking, I didn't use them for a long, maybe à few days only
  12. Thanks for sharing this apps with us, but honestly I am not using apps anymore, I never had a successful experience with them, always when I try one I will have one of these 2 problems, the first one is the earnings are too low, the second one if the earnings were high then he sure this app will never pay you
  13. I think I already saw this topic in somewhere, your not active here, you joined this forum to earn, so why you didn't complete your first 100 posts to receive the payments, if you completed them, you will receive your money without asking for any donations, believe me, no one is rich here to donate you, all of us are running after 30k Satoshi per day
  14. Payeer is a bank, because in the beginning he started with only the fiat currencies like usd and euro, and by time they began to enter the crypto world by adding the most important coins like bitcoin, etherium and litecoin, it is good for holding, the security system is fair enough, even the support team will convince you, I have an account there
  15. You are right when you said that there is too many people who don't know this wallet, because I am one of them, I never saw it actually, until now, and the most important things in my opinion when I ask about any wallet is the security level, the fees, the support team and withdraw and deposit period, so can you provide me with the answers and tell me how these things are in this wallet
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