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  1. The content of the topics is what we want, if that member gave a good informations, then in my opinion he deserves to be rewarded, and like you said, everyone is free to give reputation, but sometimes we need to be honest and strict about this, and let's try to choose the most useful topics
  2. That's exactly what I was going to say, if we calculated the number of the members here depending on their countries we will find Russia in the first place, and let's be honest, in the English section, I noticed a lot of scam and plagiarism, and this forum is originally designed for Russians and English people, I mean if you can't speak Russian or English then you can't participate here
  3. I talked about this issue a long time ago, and I think it is still exist, anyway some times we need to verify our topics and replies before we save them, and even if we saved them, let's take another look at them because in that time we still have the chance to make them correct, I can't say that this member is bad or spammer because of some grammar mistakes, but in the same time, i suggest all the members to keep an eye on their words
  4. I never been angry from any scam reporter, in fact I like that part of this forum, because like you said if we didn't report them, that mean we are supporting plagiarism and other illegal activities, and in the same time we need this feature to keep this forum clean to give it a good picture to the external users
  5. I agree with you in this, and the best proof about your speech, is when the admins banned some countries from being paid for their messages, I know there was some good members from those banned countries but unfortunately most of them were bad, I think until now I represent my country very well, and I am some happy
  6. I agree with you in this, i have a long time since I posted my last post, and I think nothing is changed, I missed many members here and missed to share my knowledge and earn from the the other members, there is some honest members who are trying their best but sometimes we can't find enough informations to post here, because for me I prefer to give a good posts more than some known things, I mean rare ideas will be better to attract more members to your topics
  7. A bad reputation is always about the member himself and what kind of topics he is trying to talk about, I mean I am not encouraging anyone to give bad reputation but to be honest, sometimes we find some members who really deserve it, I agree with you anyway, and always let's try to look at the positive sides
  8. Thanks for sharing this with us here, those mining pools are good and honest, but Believe me whe I say to you that I never tried one of them, because I find them a little bit complicated, mostly I use cloud mining sites, I knew that they are honest and they have fast withdraw system too, this is what most of us want
  9. Migo

    Mining Bot

    Yes you are right, me too I faced some of them when I was new in crypto world, the scam is everywhere, this is why we need to search and ask about any suspicious site before we make any step in it, especially this kind of bots, always check how much this site is old, because mostly you will find this issue in the newest ones
  10. Me too, I prefer it, this site is the most good one when you want to follow any kind of transaction, sometimes what we need is the honesty when he gives the informations, I don't care à lot about the slowing but once he is giving the right informations, then this is enough for me
  11. Well, I didn't know about this site but I already opened a new window where I will check it, but I can't ensure you I will use it right now, but after some time, why not, if I found it honest and good, I will try it of course, the most important thing to me is the honest, even if he asked for deposit I will, but the honesty is my purpose
  12. This is what I hate à lot, I heard about that virus where he can change your address when you want to deposit or withdraw, this is a serious problem that we need to be careful about it, and always check your addresses twice or more to be sure about it, with this problem you can lose a lot of your money
  13. In most of cases, when you don't find a specific token, you will find a button where you can add that token, for example in myetherwallet you will have the chance to add it, and in trust wallet too, but you need all the informations of that token like the contract address and the symbols and the decimals too
  14. Migo

    Qoinpro wallet

    Thanks for this tip, because I knew this wallet before but I didn't search about it and I never used it, this is why I don't have enough experience in it, I wanted to know because maybe in the future I will use it, but now, like you said I will not waste my time and my coins in it
  15. Well, thanks for this clarification, especially when you said that there is no KYC verification, this is good, because I don't like this verification anyway, but I want to learn more about trading, because I don't want to enter this field as a newbie, I want to earn good tips and the right strategies, then I will try my best
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