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  1. Find someone on Localbitcoins to trade with face to face (depends how small the amount is, some people just won't bother) or use a bitcoin ATM (If you have one available in your country): https://coinatmradar.com/ another solution would be to make a bitcoin debit card, load it, head to an ATM.
  2. well, this exchange charge very big on feee that why they can earn 2 billion per year, but this bit insane lol
  3. I heard lots of bad things about hitbtc, for exemple the high withdrawal fee and also sometimes people cannot withdraw their funds because it dissapear from their balance. But personally I never had any bad experience with Hitbtc.
  4. 666Stein

    Exchange Fees

    hitbtc is low on trading fees, but they are very high on withdrawls fee im not recommend this exchange for newbie or new traders !
  5. Dont Do Kyc on any exchange or bounty that not reveal themself then asking for people identity i hate this such Named KYC ! Very suck
  6. User : https://cryptotalk.org/profile/6403-frenchguycol/ Copy Paste Content https://cryptotalk.org/topic/15570-bitcoin-cant-survive-alone/ Original content was on bitcointalk https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5190133.0 please take action on this guys! cheer @epidemia
  7. hahaha, i dont know if anyone would pay for signature on this new forum good luck brother, i love your confidence that say you were very active on this forum
  8. its very danger to reveal his identity , because bad people will think that got much bitcoin and blackmailer him glad to hear that satoshi nakamoto is not stupid person, i dont why the fuck people want to reveal his identity, didnt they think what will happend after people know who is creator of bitcoin
  9. Few second ago, when i try refresh forum,i see the error message on this like " 505 server error" is anyone facing same problem like me or any me have it
  10. Ethereum is absolutely better amd cheaper. Bitcoin development of their network and features are behind the etherum development, the only thing bitcoin is still the main crypto is because it is the first to get in to mainstream adoption, but in the next few years if bitcoin do not make any better development ETH will replace it for sure.
  11. ohh really sir? may i get you email of your cryptotalks then hook it with my yobit account if you dont really care about payment, im here because of that money, if you think you dont need it.. better its for me
  12. how is bitflate work? does it give any benefit by doing inflanation? is there any full information about project and usecase? i would like to know that stuff
  13. don't ever start our trading carrer if we have no skills at all.as a trader knowledge and skill was be an obligation for each traders.we could find it freely in many online articles or youtube.learn it step by step will help us to gain profits in any market condition.eventhough newbie could generate profits as long as they consistant with their plan and goal.
  14. im glad to see this savranocoin is on cryptotalk! do you have any bounty campaign that running and available for now? i would like to collect some free money !
  15. im not french but im agree with you , cryptotalk should add more local forums like french,indonesia im indonesian btw
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