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Found 8 results

  1. ▶️ Mobula - это агрегатор криптовалют нового поколения. Можно проводить аналитику надёжных криптографических данных, а так же покупать и продавать крипто-активы в приложении без KYC, хранения или регистрации. Платформа похожа на Coinmarketcap, но тут намного больше функций. Сейчас они запустили раздачу токенов проекта. ❓Как зарабатывать монеты MOBL: 🟢 Переходим по реф на 👉 САЙТ или не реф 🟢 Подключаем свой Метамаск 🟢 Жмем на подарочек в правом верхнем углу и получаем токены MOBL Есть несколько способов получения монет: 1️⃣Ежедневный вход - нажимаете вверху на кнопку в виде подарка "🎁", там за ежедневный вход дают монеты. Нужно каждый день заходить и нажимать на монетку которая светится зелёным цветом. 2️⃣ Ежедневные квесты - листаете ниже ежедневного сбора монет до раздела "Quests", там нужно выполнить 6 заданий что бы открылась возможность выполнять ежедневные задания. 3️⃣Ежедневные задания в разделе "Daily missions" - они простые и будут появляться каждый день и за них тоже начисляют монеты. 4️⃣ За каждого приглашённого друга начисляют 25 монет. Всё эти способы заработка можно найти на странице с подарком "Mobula Earn" ⚠️Информацию об монете mobula можно найти на этом же сайте. Пока собираем монеты, ждем листинга и применения данных токенов. Если что-то не понятно по выполнению квестов и заданий, то переводите на русский язык страницу. Сайт может глючить, если что-то не отображается или выскакивает ошибка, то перезагружайте страницу.
  2. These two are giants Cryptocurrency market cap rankings, charts, and more but I wonder which one has more appreciation than the other. Which one you guys use? and a why would be great info.
  3. I see that lot's of people have misunderstood how the projects are valued so here we go: Coin that's being priced as $0.0005 or under it doesn't mean it's cheap, just like some coin being priced over $10k or $20k doesn't mean it's "expensive", not in any way. Because that's not enough information to define the value. Price of of a single "full" coin doesn't mean anything by itself, because that's not how you compare it to other projects. If the project has a low supply, the price of a single coin can easily be valued higher then the project with a large circulating supply. Coins are valued by marketcap and that's counted by (circulating_supply * price_per_coin), so when i hear XRP for being "cheap" compared to others, i cringe because it's not. With the current price of $0.187759 XRP is 2nd most expensive altcoin out there. Not "cheap". Monero for example with the current price of $54.75 is over 18 times cheaper then XRP. So there, be free to ask something if i need to explain it further. Edit: (11.4.2020) - Changed the topic from "Value of a coin or a token" to "Comparing the value of different projects", because the original topic seemed to cause confusion.
  4. We all know so many ways to make money now. But do we know what happened behind the scenes. Well, one of them is forex trading, where we can make money up to millions of dollars there. But in fact only a few succeed. Can you answer a little of my doubts? How does forex work? 🤔
  5. To view on This is the typical bull and bear market phases most asset classes will go through. I’m seeing if this dramatic rise from $3467 ish in January 2019 to now, is the start of a new bull run? 🤔 It certainly feels like it, as the last two pumps of Bitcoin and Ethereum haven’t sold off at all! Plus it is the Bitcoin halving in 8 months...should see some buying and a run up in price to that event! After all BTC is getting harder and harder to mine. So a natural scarcity and more popularity/ demand could see this big chart play out again? (And again and again???)
  6. Icos? I understand it this way: A group of people finance an initiative, being linked "economically or in decision" to that initiative, but without the administrative and legal bureaucracy that traditional financing means entail. That is Icooooooo lol 😙 Initial Coin Offering is a new type of collective financing that, in the hands of Blockchain technology, is revolutionizing the entire planet with benefits in 2017, in some ICOs, exceeding 30,000%. Every initiative, if it wants to be implemented, requires a series of economic costs. Making something happen is always subject to a series of expenses, whether major or minor, that is why ICOs democratize the financing of ideas, allowing anyone on the planet to finance an idea in a matter of seconds, obtaining a comfortable digital asset in exchange for manage and emphasizing the idea of a global world without borders.= millionaire
  7. For 2017 Bitcoin gave a slight tap at 20 thousand dollars, but to say that this December 2019 there is still a very small possibility of making a new ATH! Of course, Bitcoin wants to bring us closer to 8500-7000-6800 And it's a bit of a daunting sign but let's take a look at the last fundamental movement of the week: The President of China announced that it is considered that China should adopt more Blockchain technology, that simple, now what happened is that many traders and enthusiasts began to buy Bitcoin but this was a super false signal, since it took almost a whole week so that all this volume would come out to imply that there is a hidden but omnipresent part of the market that tells us that it is NOT the time for a new ATH, but it is still dependent on fundamental and direct feelings Bitcoin, let's wait patiently.
  8. What is your opinion on low marketcap or low value coins? At first, I avoided all low marketcap / low value coins at all costs. I considered them a waste of money, as most of the time, there are: pumps and dumps, no development, no serious solution for a problem in the market etc. Nowadays, my opinion has changed a bit, as I trade 1 low cap/value coin, and 2 low value coins. I don't consider these coins a good investment for a HODL strategy, in fact I lost a large % during the last 2 years. However, I generally don't sell losing coins, and accept the loss. Nowadays, the situation is like this: these coins are valued at 40-150 satoshis. The great thing about this low value, especially in the range below 100 satoshis is for example: a 40 satoshi coin, rises in price to 41 satoshis: This is already a gain of 2,5%. As a trader I consider 2,5% as a great return, especially with interest rates being almost 0 these days. However, for me it is important that the coin has a fiat market that can compete with the BTC market. I avoid coins that can only be exchanged for BTC. Why? Because they are too vulnereble to changes in the btc price if there's no substantial fiat market.
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