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  1. Hi i was just curious to know is mining still that profitable as it was 3 years ago and will it yield good income if we purchase the best miner available right now? P.S I had an antminer s9 14th bought back in 2017 and it was doing quite good until the bitcoin went straight down from its ATH, after that i was not able to recover even my electricity cost associated with the miner At that time i was earning around $30 Per Day and i almost had a break even but suddenly everything went upside down so i was just curious to know if anyone out here is using a miner and is it making him enough money to cover his costs
  2. So this is my very first post in this forum and I want to talk about the the token which was a highlight in Feb this year because of firstly as you all know Bittorrent was a brand that most of us know from the childhood and have great memories linked to it and secondly it was launched by binance launchpad, giving it a major boost as a new token in the market. However it was backed by some of the key players in the crypto market like the Tron Founder Justin Sun. What do you guys think about the future of Bittorrent Token , It was first traded at 4 sats and went all upto 30 sats in few weeks and after few months as well, when the BTC was rallying in June the price in terms of USD was its all time high and now it is where it started. I am personally a BTT hodler and will continue to hold it until it goes to the moon. what do u think of Bittorrent as a token for long term holding and trading
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