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  1. Yes it is but its ok fir tradjng on long term now. The price are goos for trader noq .buy down sell.when uo. Ita law of trader BUT just remember u need onservation to thw crypto matket more more everyday because thw price of coin moving everysecond times. To bw good trader u must have much times to give attention for.everu.movement of statistik/grafik of cryptocurrenc to find decition what voi are goods to trade on long term.
  2. I read book about trding on traditional market before because i was study at trading marketing of Bank. But whwn i join in to crupto its really deferent even on tehnical is some step are same but o pratic iits really deferent on crypto we really must knew lilte bit more about programer and some code.
  3. I think its only temporary DOGE coin price will be back to move again now. It is normal on trading market to make new moves. Seems not any significant movements but i think DOGE will rise again.
  4. Yes it is the population over and the Chinese people quickly adapt to the digital world and cryptocurrenc their have good insting for trding and invest. we must admit they are fighter people on trading.
  5. Yes i am agree with you. I just new join in to cryptocurrenc and moat a days i juat read and asking about the sistem the tehnik and the way cryptocurrenc moved and unmmoved . Trully its hard to undestand cryptocurrent even i jave jeard learn read it an dkneq about it before i am joined here and till now i atill on wonder cause much about crypto i tjink i had.knew but the fact i dont know at all. Even i was study on banking as accountant crypto is.. i can't deacribe
  6. Yes it is i do really want to do inveat but on Ripple only cause taht what i could right now buy some of Ripple only. But anyway Thanks for notice this ao i am more sure about it now.
  7. Yes 10$ is big mount i sont think anysite would be give that payment freind. But i see many way to do but ifyou like write you can make soem artikel about crytptopia that you ll get bitcoin payment. Just search i think u might find it.
  8. I am chose the decentralisasi because as far i knew. Cryptocurrenct more ideal with decentralisasi reason :For the preparation of a program in order to improve the socio-economic situation from the local level to the level that will later be more advanced and realistic.
  9. Yes it is i am agreed with you. As i see on rank is seems like that. But its goos too that rank reputation make ua knew there are many old users are expert herw about cryptocurrentc so when their posting topic are good for us as jr.member for learn much about crytocurrenc .
  10. When i am doing trader , i am praying to losing my fear and tried to calm down my self for not worry to much. Matters i am get fear i make my self busy with othwrs things till i feel restless ans fall a sleep . When i am wake up the fears are gone.
  11. As you did on cryptotalk.org i think you can reconige easly now where the scamm site offer you reward or give away. If their true sie they will guide you whew they paid ur payment. Wish u luck bro
  12. As i know MEWconnect is the best wallet for Ethereum because MEWconnect is develover of Ethereum . Is also safety easy to used as mobile App and for beginer.
  13. False exchanged always do the same act: Offering a high coin price to buy ( their buy from us ) The web are so strangers and look prefec and offer give away
  14. Recovery your email means a checked email that you registered when you were signed up in Yobit. I hope you will remember the sending jubilee with the confirmation to your email address.your coina doean't loss.thwir juat wait for you till you figured out.how u could sign in.
  15. The practice of decentralization is really very good because we are in control of our own transactions and coins as they are today and it is not the goal of Mr. Sathosi to create Bitcoin starting from this. The authority of what we have without bureaucracy makes it difficult for what we have almost all to use the international system used it .am i wrong ?
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