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  1. What I know can be by way of trade or directly. But I wonder with your intention to transfer? If you transfer to your own wallet I think there is no problem. Of course you can because you just fill in your another wallet code to yobit code wallet whit withdraw way.
  2. Yes see the development of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is likely to be adopted will be very large and the government should take fast action or far behind.
  3. One reason for the bull market is becauseThis economic indicator also reflects the level of economic growth of a country. The greater the percentage of economic growth, the stronger the country's economy. A strong economy reflects good market conditions, fast production rates, and stable production volumes, where supply with demand is balanced.
  4. Yes i agree whit you i am also never heard about it just as i know peoples have called other name of dogecoin as shibes it means like " such amazing "," much grateful ", and" many work ".its the only i get lilte story behind dogecoin.
  5. In my opinion this is just a matter of the Elders who find it difficult to accept changes that are somewhat surprising to them. To be honest, I just think that the government's rejection is still based on political matters, so they will continue to look for reasons and lack of Bitcoin for regulation, especially as Asia is known for its Old Indigenous knowledge better than the young.(Beyond scientific reasons also the security that is heralded)
  6. Community Matters have long lost confidence in the Bank, bureaucrats' binding rules also make it difficult to make people feel intimidated, social inequality is a major factor in losing public trust in the government and Bitcoin comes with bringing fresh air about a decentralized economy not 100% decentralized but can control our finances without complicated bureaucracy .
  7. To be sure the price of Botcoin will soar because of the scarcity of Bitcoin. Bitcoin fees will also go up, Bitcoin will be the most valuable asset, miners will continue to be connector of Bitcoin transactions. After halving Bitcoin may descreasing but this time the price of Bitcoin will not be like before it will be higher or stable ($ 7000- $ 8000).
  8. Yes because Bitcoin was created to avoid inflation, it also maintains the value of bitcoin itself like gold, if we observe systematically and the structure of Bitcoin is almost similar to gold.
  9. In the world of cryptocurrency the time for the best to trade when we see a good coin / crypto price go down and sell it when it goes up. There is no time specification except time to check market prices every 30 minutes / -2 hours.
  10. I think outupilot trading is like Robot trading You do not need to analyze the market, do not need to calculate risk management, no need to stress when trading! Autopilot robots that will trade for you and open all positions automatically and generate profits with good risk management for you every day. But i dont know is it really good working or just promotions. Just be ware of it. I like manual trading as prefer.
  11. Yes, I agree with your thoughts, sometimes we think too far, isn't it better to preserve and use the opportunities that exist today. In my opinion, change will always occur from decade to decade and there must be a solution for all the problems that occur in this world.( about tehnology ).
  12. Indeed with regulations that do not yet support bitcoin, traders tend to be speculative. They will not save too long because they are not sure of the sustainability of the crypto currency. So when profit targets are collected, these people immediately break away from the cryptocurrency market.thats why this issue still a conversation.
  13. Indeed anyway This achievement or halving will be an evolution of the digital currency of Bitcoin and make it reduce the chance of inflation if compared to most of the central bank's current targets.
  14. As has been explained by the admin on the rule of Paybypost Yobit only counts posts that are considered useful and fulfills 100 caracters and the number of posts contained in cryptotalk posts is the sum of the number of posts you posted from all of those deleted or not counted by Yobit. This means that crytotalk still counts the posts that you made even though it did not pass the appropriate selection for Paybypost by Yobit ( fair enough )
  15. In my opinion it is good meaning the Indian government will make new regulations to accept Bitcoin as a medium of exchange for crypto in India. Truly this also cannot be underestimated even though India looks like a traditional country many young geniuses were born there and are experts in mathematical mechanisms. Many great people at Google come from India as far as I know.
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