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  1. I cannot see any purpose of the reputation. There is no reward of having a high reputation thats why I never bother myself giving reactions I just focused on posting and giving comments , we never get anything from giving reactions so why I waste my efforts and time.
  2. Its not only happening to you, I’ve stopped posting since last two weeks because I got lazy after they deducted 10 counts but today its getting higher , I was surprised that it went up to 30 posts? How can this be happening? Meaning , if I will not be active in a month maybe the next time I open , it will be 100 counts deduction.
  3. The email add you registered in the campaign you should also use in yobit so you can connect both with each other. Your payment here is directly going to yobit so you really need to link this both.
  4. This depends on the demand of bitcoin in the market. Some are investing a lot in one time and then for sometime withdraw it. It is a matter of buying and selling lime in the stock exchange, the value getting high when the demands is high and trust is strong.
  5. I believe ethereum is next after bitcoin. This coin really showing amazing fluctuation for the past months. The demands is getting high and added factor that the withdrawal fee is not that high compare to bitcoin.
  6. It is not directly paying Amazon, it will direct you to the next third party which is the one accepting bitcoin for payments. Make sure it is legit or you will be doubled charge or else ending up paying more than the value.
  7. The value depends on the demands and popularity of bitcoin. And never forget that the trust rating gets high after blockchain has prove the something for the past years. No wonder more people are really trusting bitcoin more than any other coins.
  8. You can’t control the price by your amount because the market is so wide and the needs is huge. Thats my only opinion. It depends on the demands of the people too. If most people invest on bitcoin then there is effect.
  9. My first crypto wallet was coins ph since this is the wallet which is supported by our central bank in the Philippines and It is quite amazing cause I have already withdrawn my pay out from cryptotalk thru this wallet.
  10. I think that it is not right to pay by crypto if you borrow fiat money. It is normal to the person to feel awkward if you will promise that you will pay thru crypto currency since not all the people is knowledgeable about the system.
  11. First of all your payment will go to yobit. Second, it is friendly user so it is very easy to follow how to trade and invest. They have also a wide range of features how like chat box from there you will also learn. You can see the current value of coins.
  12. There are some business now that are accepting bitcoin as a method of payment. If you will really analyze, they being clever to accept because you’ll never know when the value will increase and that is a big profit to them. Hopefully countries accept this innovative way of payment soon.
  13. I spent maybe 5 hours on and off completing 30 posts because of the time intervals on each posts. Before I can finish in 30 minutes but now its impossible cause you need to wait a certain minutes before you can post another topic or comment.
  14. In a simple explanation, always check the market value. Know when is the best time to buy , sell and withdraw. Never put all your investment one time , always put some reservations. Never invest what you cannot afford to lose. All should be in moderation and in cotrol.
  15. In my own opinion, its nest to teach students about financial handling and investments in early stage. Most of the people are working without a smart plans about their future ending up working as an employee most of their years. It good to find other alternative solutions to find ways of living other than being employee.
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