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  1. My friend's copy-and-paste end of the ban and I think this is justice Whoever does not have any useful information does not deserve to be present in the forum and does not deserve to profit from it
  2. I did not understand what you mean exactly If you intend to post more than one comment on the same topic, this will not lead to a ban.
  3. I agree with you, but I think the best thing about trading is that you are the boss of yourself in your business. No one holds you accountable if you lose or delay in your work. Or take a vacation Your profits whenever you want you can withdraw them
  4. I don't think Bitcoin is the best option to withdraw due to the high fees, not even ethereum We have low ltc withdrawal fee also dont forget trx low fee.
  5. Sad to hear that Be careful in your comments and topics my friend And avoid posting any referral link as this will give you more warning points.
  6. If it were deceptive, it would not have lasted for more than a decade And bitcoin reached more than $ 15,000 at the top My friend's cryptocurrency is the future of global monetary
  7. Advice Do not make more than one comment on the same topic because if the topic is deleted, the comments on it will be deleted So do not make more than one comment in order not to suffer from deleting a lot and make your comments on several topics
  8. Unfortunately I cannot take advantage of this because even a credit card is not present in my country No one has even heard of this before the first time I heard about it
  9. Do not worry, the problem is not in your account. The problem is with everyone. I think that there are technical maintenance works on the Yobit platform, after which everything will return.
  10. Good information I heard before but I didn't invite anyone What I would like to know is that the percentage I get is from the transaction fees of the person I invited or from the amount?
  11. In fact, I am not much in-depth on the Yobit platform, nor have I seen this investment fund before, but I saw a similar one on another platform that was profitable.
  12. I have never tried this classification you are talking about before But sure there is an arrangement and classification in this forum Wait for a moderator to see your topic and respond to it.
  13. Currently the best thing about free earning is this forum. Write topics and comments and earn money for it There is nothing similar to this in the world of Crypto
  14. In the past days, we have witnessed a rise and fall between $ 10,200- $ 9,500. I think at the end of this year, Bitcoin will achieve an unprecedented rise, not even that which happened in 2017.
  15. I agree with you, I think that the new members are afraid of writing topics so that they are not deleted if they are not accepted or that there are new members in the field as a whole.
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