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  1. You know that starting the year bitcoin and ethereum price is increasing . I hope that it will continue whole the year . So it is high time for hold btc and eth . Midle of the year both these price go to appex.
  2. First time i was known to crypto by my dearest friend Whose name are Sk Saddam. first time i am doing only bounty . And i can able to earn from this sector. Now i am a micro trader and bounty hunter.
  3. I am deeply love crytocurrency. Because last two year i could able earn about 6000 usd by doing bounty. I believe that you can dream about crypto and do the hard work smoothly . You can succes one time. Your time will be changed.
  4. Whole the year bitcoin price is increasing. I hope that bitcoin hit 20k usd within the year. So keep patience. Otherwise you will be disappointed.
  5. Now Bitcoin price is very low. So there have no chance to fallen more btc price. You know that starting of this year bitcoin price is going to up. I hope that it will going on whole the year.
  6. It is a crying need question ? All bitcion holders are concern about that matter . I suggest you that use hardware wallet for more safety. You can but this wallet from online shopping and also buy from your nearest computer accessory market.
  7. It is a relative question? Because some times long term holding brings good but all time doesn`t it. There are some coin which is profitable long term hold and some have short time trade. You should cope with due to changing time. Otherwise you cannot cope with this cyptocurrency world.
  8. Why not Mister ! Do you know user of bitcoin increase day by day. Many payment gateway run by bitcoin. Many trade and investor earn money by using bitcoin. Many people it use first profession.
  9. How to think about it ? Day by day value of bitcoin and user of bitcoin both are increasing. Huge investor want to invest in bitcoin. Many payment gateway allowed this system. I hope that bitcoin never valueless .
  10. Starting of the year i saw that bitcoin and ethereum both are increasing. i hope that all alt coin will be risen up . So you may keep patience . If investor invest huge amount this virtual coin these coin will be risen more.
  11. XRP and ETH both are good. But if you compare them. I hope that eth will win without any doubt. Because use and activity both are high than xrp.
  12. You can research about these . All are good in my view. But sometimes many coin or token life cycle may be changed. Many of days i am trading these crypto.
  13. Short term and long term trade both are well. Firstly you should follow your trading coin or token life cycle , activity, portfolio and also their future project. After research these you should determine short and long time trade . Otherwise there have a possibility lost your capital.
  14. Yes , Trade is better than long term hold. Most of crypto value decease now. If you hold crypto for long term you will take more risk than trading. There have huge chance to rich by trading.
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