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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies. I've been reporting posts which are obvious bots, but only my topics. OP should know the replies if they have been reading them. Believe I saw a post from the mods to report the post as a bot and they would look into it. It would not be hard to read other posts the person has made to see they are a bot. I've had limited time to post here lately, but try to keep my topics bot free by reporting gibberish comments. Together we can get them removed but it will take everyone contributing. Mods are just a few, we are many.
  2. I was wondering if it is wise to stop a topic that has run it's course if the topic is being over run with bot posts? Do members have a way of stopping anymore posts in a topic they started? I ask because some threads are being posted in with a lot of gibberish posting that stems from OP topic and the comments that follow. I think it's important that everyone report posts that are gibberish, make zero sense as they are clogging up the flow between real people. Thoughts?
  3. Why would someone sell their YT channel that is monetized? After working hard to create a channel it would not make sense to sell it nor do I think it's even possible, is it? How would you know the subs were gained properly? What if they purchased garbage subs? Why not just create your own channel, it free.
  4. Does anyone think YouTube is for children? Please! It's a simple correction YT is making, that's all. Nothing nefarious about it. For example, I have seen people miscategorize their videos to try and make money from certain keywords yet their video has nothing to do with the keyword. You can't title a video as "Baking Bread on a Wood Stove" then not show actually baking bread using a wood stove. The off grid community is one of the worst offenders, then the baking, crafting and people exploiting their children for views. It's about time YT corrected these phony's and took away their money leaving room for real channels to grow with real quality content.
  5. You are correct crypto is a great escape from the long arm of the tax man. I remember when crypto first hit and it was scary, now look how far it's come around!
  6. Free people need some relief from the over taxing, crypto provides that, which is why I'm very harsh on governments attempts to get their sticky fingers into crypto. I'm in United States, and there is no free enterprise left in America. With crypto we have a chance to be free again. Society runs best without government intrusion, people will do well to fend for themselves and all politicians are crooked, everyone has their price.
  7. True that the more common crypto becomes ther may be more self regulating. I don't want the government regulating I think the users should regulate and expose the corrupt users who are out to cause fraud and use crypto for illegal activities.
  8. Looks like someone answered you already, sorry I was out of town. The white paper is like a business plan one would submit for a business loan except you are pleading to the public. Within the pages should be pertinent workings within the company like how they will market & grow, who the team members are and their qualifications, clear financials or where project will be funded, etc. Each one will look different but if you think of yourself as a loan officer when reading one, the red flags become much clearer. Hope that helped explain a whitepaper in simple terms.
  9. When we buy things using fiat currency we pay plenty of taxes, IMO. I get some taxes are a way to pay for roads & infrastructure but beyond those taxes have taken over peoples livelihood. We all know we are over taxed and crooked politicians are not using taxpayer money as if it were being from their own pockets. I like that crypto is not being taxed, is untraceable and gives people some invisible presence. Unfortunately it has the dark side of use for illegal activities.
  10. You have wait for 30 people in order to play? Hmm. Is there enough players in there that the wait is not long? I wouldn't want to be waiting very long to play. Hopefully enough people are jumping on this. Ahhh, yes I played that a few years ago and couldn't remember the name. I don't think I was that good at it if I remember. But getting some crypto will be a big game changer! And yes it was fun! I just was getting eaten by bigger balls.
  11. I am surprised I had not seen this post until now. My name is based on my gaming so this looks like a fun way to earn crypto! I'll finish reading this thread but this didn't have too much detail here, have to go to their site and do some reading. Just thought this was great, if it all looks good.
  12. Oh my! I couldn't imagine!! Throwing away all that bitcoin must have been a real hair pulling situation for that guy. I didn't read about it, but sounds like USB is not a secure way to go.
  13. I should add another thing, look at those who are not ready for release of their project. If a company is posting things like still working on stuff, making changes, restarting blockchains, reissuing wallets, these are proof a company was started without real thought or knowledge. Words like experimenting...yes I've seen that too.
  14. Brilliant! I love it when scammers are caught! Your information was detailed enough to educate everyone how to report these slimes. Nice post!
  15. Yes good point to really scrutinize the white paper. If it's not making sense or if the whiter paper is not matching what has happened with the block chain and other key announcements, drop anymore time and move to research another offering.
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