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  1. When we buy things using fiat currency we pay plenty of taxes, IMO. I get some taxes are a way to pay for roads & infrastructure but beyond those taxes have taken over peoples livelihood. We all know we are over taxed and crooked politicians are not using taxpayer money as if it were being from their own pockets. I like that crypto is not being taxed, is untraceable and gives people some invisible presence. Unfortunately it has the dark side of use for illegal activities.
  2. We must get some notification when our posts are deleted! I know some of my posts have been removed but don't know why. If I don't know what I did wrong I can't fix it. Plain & simple.
  3. You have wait for 30 people in order to play? Hmm. Is there enough players in there that the wait is not long? I wouldn't want to be waiting very long to play. Hopefully enough people are jumping on this. Ahhh, yes I played that a few years ago and couldn't remember the name. I don't think I was that good at it if I remember. But getting some crypto will be a big game changer! And yes it was fun! I just was getting eaten by bigger balls.
  4. I am surprised I had not seen this post until now. My name is based on my gaming so this looks like a fun way to earn crypto! I'll finish reading this thread but this didn't have too much detail here, have to go to their site and do some reading. Just thought this was great, if it all looks good.
  5. Oh my! I couldn't imagine!! Throwing away all that bitcoin must have been a real hair pulling situation for that guy. I didn't read about it, but sounds like USB is not a secure way to go.
  6. I should add another thing, look at those who are not ready for release of their project. If a company is posting things like still working on stuff, making changes, restarting blockchains, reissuing wallets, these are proof a company was started without real thought or knowledge. Words like experimenting...yes I've seen that too.
  7. Brilliant! I love it when scammers are caught! Your information was detailed enough to educate everyone how to report these slimes. Nice post!
  8. Yes good point to really scrutinize the white paper. If it's not making sense or if the whiter paper is not matching what has happened with the block chain and other key announcements, drop anymore time and move to research another offering.
  9. Just like the mob has found loopholes in fiat currency, meaning how to make money without claiming it, so will happen if crypto ever gets centralized. Criminals are clever and they find ways to steal your stuff. In crypto it could be the scam of tricking someone into opening a wallet for them or giving you a false exchange. You are right that the blockchain holds the most value. If someone is messing with it, it's a bad sign. Legit companies with secure wallets & exchanges are vital to weeding out the bad from the good. Blockchains hold all transactions for full view, thus creating a paper trail.
  10. Cryptocurrency was started as a means to buy and sell through the internet. Once blockchain technology was released to the world it opened up the buying and selling worldwide and for anything, whether legal or illegal. Law enforcement has been busy trying to follow this trend because of the dark web. The selling of human trafficking to real underworld activities began. But there was also the light side of cryptocurrency where one could buy goods for instance, real estate, food, clothing and not have anyone know what you are buying. No tax, no paper trail. Sounds like the good ole' days of the 1800's when there was still free enterprise, where one was free to buy and sell under their own terms. What do you see as the future, good and bad, coming from cryptocurrency?
  11. I had a topic deleted, no reason, I checked before posting to see if it had been addressed (no), people were posting in it, now it's gone. I have no messages here other than "You are not allowed to view this post". 😒 Huh? I've read the rules on the forum and it appears things are changing all the time. People are not going to go to the rules every time they log in to see what you've changed for the day! These things should have been sorted out before starting the forum. SMH.
  12. Not sure how a project could succeed without real team or proper whitepaper. Can you give an example? I think it would be helpful and interesting to see how these formed and see the current success. Also are any under investigation after such flimsy starts?
  13. The WR system is broken, biased, unclear. If you are not clear in why WP was given, how can a member not repeat? I was given a WP I didn't know I was given, then given a second one and prevented from posting. Both were unclear WHY or what I did. Best make WP much more clear. Look at a posters history throughout the forum, not just ONE thread, look at how a member adds value to the forum, look at a complainers history-frivolous or factual. Just more proof there is not enough mods!! Oh and the way this forum has it setup to appeal WP is outrageous! I didn't bother. Anyone who reads my posts knows I was NOT the problem, the instigator DELETED his whole thread and had some rep points restored after a flag war he started for no reason. Yes, I am not happy with a mod on here. If you don't know how to fairly run a forum, allow those who do to step forward.
  14. Some self moderators are abusive. 5 moderators for this whole forum is too little!! There should be mods for each section, WP (warning points) should not be given off the fly because one person is complaining after starting issues themselves, at least give a person a chance to plea. Seems spam posts are taking some words from OP and scrambling them into gibberish. I think these people should be put on a watchlist option as it's too hard to go see all the OP previous posts these scam posts are taking them from. On a watchlist, any new posts could be quickly identified as scrambling an OP topic post. Hope that made sense! I wonder if these are done by computer?
  15. Today's young people don't read past headlines let alone a white paper and other must read documents. Unscrupulous individuals will prey on this fact.
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