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  1. If you want earn more in the crypto world first you learn and then work with Patients and you will success one day and don't loss you coins if you work with Patient. Best of Luck. " Don't become Greedy work with Patient"
  2. Iif you're country dont support cryptocurrency then how come you want to have the ATM and withdraw near to you? how your government will allow even one machine to be on your country? but i hope they will be open to this!
  3. There are over 2 billion people with access to the internet who don't have rights to use traditional exchange systems. These individual are clued-in for the cryptocurrency market.
  4. many countries are already studying in making their own cryptocurrency. Although it would be much better if there are even .this list will be more in the future. I am positive about the coins of China that it will be successful in the future because
  5. We know bitcoin is alternative and we need to grow and find what next after bitcoin because bitcoin is not safe, law nature also says everything has beginning always has ending. See 2020 as good moment to find alternative out side bitcoin, anything to support our life on the right track is worth to follow.
  6. there is alot of differents between Facebook and Cryptotalk! i think on social media sites we should be able to post anything with all subjects!! but here we should accept the rules.
  7. Actions that give a lofty profitability for dividend, companies that have its proceeds in the own market (immune to the trade war between Donald Trump and the planet), precious metals (on every gold) and foreign currency with tradition of refuge, like the frank Swiss. In short: Classical investments in uncertain times.
  8. I have heard that some websites gather people's personal information such as (address, IP, age, job, etc) and give them to some statistical organizations as a way to earn some money. Some other websites claim they keep people's data as secure and hidden as possible.
  9. There is not any dought that dash coin is also good and amazing coin in cryoto market . Dash coin is at good price in market and pump with good speed . I have also some amount of DASH coin and want to store it for a long-term .
  10. they have their own cryptocurrency and they have many opportunities and opportunities. It is a privilege to be a member of the cryptocurrency and they will have the confidence to dream more. In this way, it would be better if all countries had their own cryptocurrency.
  11. I mean for example you will sign up for a cloud mining site, and you will need to invest to increase your speed to earn more, so investing is good and profitable but choose the honest sites to avoid being scammed
  12. the income from cryptocurrencies is not enough, we still need to go and find a real job where we can make steady money.Cryptocurrencies are only good for extra income, not the main source of income.
  13. on a certain time i relax myself and motivate myself again and start doing wise search, do work hard, search for better opportunities, Join good youtubers and make a telegram user id, also join good channels on telegram, than i found very good ways to earn crypto currency and also i have earned and still earning.
  14. Then compare it with reward from cryptocurrency. If cryptocurrency give you more money, but you can't scale it. I just give you advice to doing both, first you get fixed income from job and also get side income from cryptocurrency. That is fair solution right?
  15. Today, you still need your job to be able to buy Bitcoins (in addition to your daily financial needs, of course). Earning through trading in exchanges takes time and patience, and nobody really knows when the exact time of a Bitcoin bull run will come. Until the time comes when you get to benefit hugely from a repeat of 2017, you cannot quit your job.
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