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  1. You are right there are only 21 million Bitcoin and 18 million have been merged so now there are only 3 million more that have not been mined. To mine 18 million it takes approximately 11 years, the rest is 3 million because there is a Bitcoin halving reward expected to be exhausted by 2040.
  2. Of course it will be beneficial if you can apply the Scalping strategy correctly. It's possible if you can understand and use this scalping strategy, Scalping is a form of day trading with high frequency, where your goal is to make a small profit from buying and selling in large quantities. This strategy includes opening positions that are in line with the trend, and often enter and exit the market many times as they develop. Individual trades will be held for only a few seconds to one minute at the longest, so you can say this strategy is the strategy with the shortest period of time. Scalping is arguably an effective buying and selling strategy in handling assets with extreme price fluctuations (volatility) such as Bitcoin. This is so because you make a profit at the beginning and minimize losses by closing the position as soon as possible if the market changes.
  3. I think you don't need to give a good reaction to every reply to your post, you should only choose a good and appropriate reply to your topic, although giving a good reaction does not violate the rules and will not be banned.
  4. Do you want to make day trading your permanent job? Day trading is an activity of buying and selling at a broker actively for 1 day. Frequency of trading is usually done several times a day, but without bringing open positions to the next day. Day traders usually use leverage to increase the value of their daily trades. Ask yourself a few questions Being a day trader is not as easy as what we imagine. Before you switch professions to make this job your permanent job, there are a number of things you should ask yourself, namely: - Are you ready to sit all day to stare at your monitor screen? - Are you ready to learn self-taught? - Are you able to take risks? - Are you ready to remain committed despite loss? If you can answer these questions with confidence, then you are one step ahead to become a professional day trader.
  5. Thanks for sharing bro, join and get $ 5 for every referral. Of course I will join under you but I have to research first where this site is located, and can be trusted.
  6. I can't understand what you are asking. Are asking about the lending feature available in few sites like binance. If that's the case don't put everything in the exchange. Because exchanges are prone to hacks and you can lose your coin. However, you can use 20-30% of your total portfolio into lending or trading whichever you prefer. Hi bro, it's not lending, but cryptocurrency investments are offered by many exchange sites, such as the Yobit investbox. Aside from the interest benefits we get, we also need to know what risks can occur,
  7. Thanks for your opinion, As a Ripple holder, I think you're right that ripple is only suitable for short term, now the price is down because the price of Bitcoin is down, but I will try to wait until the Ripple price is above $ 0.3 before exchanging with other crypto assets.
  8. Even though I trade crypto on many exchange sites, but now I often trade on Yobit, Binance and BW, also on local exchange, but mainly I only choose trusted and save exchange.
  9. Crypto Custodian is an institution that is responsible for securing the financial assets of one company or individual. Where he will act as a collective custody of crypto assets. Crypto whales requires the existence of this custodian because there is a legal basis that can be used as a guide. even though they have to pay a fee every month, you're right for us custodian cryto is not needed.
  10. If Satoshi Nakamoto was still alive, of course he would be proud that the price of Bitcoin could reach $ 1,000,000, of course with the large amount of Bitcoin deposits he owned he would become the richest person in the world.
  11. Thanks for sharing Bitcoin is illegal in Asia, I think times have changed, many countries in Asia are starting to accept Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency only as investment and trade commodities but many countries have accepted Bitcoin as a medium of exchange such as Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malasia, Philippine, Thailand, Iran etc.
  12. Agios

    Need a rewriter

    Good offer, I'm interested because I like writing crypto articles on blogs and sites, and I am able to meet the qualifications you need and will be paid 5 $ in btc per 1000 characters without spaces. Will payments be received every day or per week,
  13. Bull run is a designation of the Bullish Market (Uptrend) trend which means that the price of crypto rises. To be able to ascertain whether the bullrun has started or not, it helps us always monitor at all times in the market / exchange, meaning that it is not in one market.
  14. You are right, although now Bitcoin is still considered an illegal currency in several countries, but in accordance with its purpose Bitcoin wants to be used as the second medium of exchange after fiat money. And I believe that more and more universities will accept Bitcoin.
  15. Thanks for your suggestions on common mistakes in bitcoin trading, you're right many people don't calculate costs which should reduce profits. there are also mistakes on select wrong trading pair.
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