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  1. Last week, Bitcoin price dumped, most of traders lost a lot of funds, and some of them was forced into liquidation. But I am lucky, I met BitOffer, and as a professional traders, I always do hedging work when I do some trading in a big amount. I bought a lot of bitcoin in spot trading market, then I bought 5 put contracts(which expect the bitcoin price to be bearish) with $5 for each to hedging. Then when the bitcoin price dropped to $7,000, I earned more than $5,000 with BitOffer Bitcoin Options. Thanks, BitOffer Bitcoin Options. A lot of people do not understand what is hedging, here is the post I made last week, it can help you know more about hedging: To prove that I am a professional trader trades with high amount, here is my deposit to BitOffer. Trust me, bitcoin financial derivatives will be the next trend in the crypto industry, and BitOffer Bitcoin Options, as the most innovative bitcoin derivatives, will push BitOffer to be the leader of the next trend.
  2. 1. Enter BitOffer Official website(, then login and click the button “BTC Options” and choose which options pattern you are going to trade. 2. After opening the options trading page 1) Choose the time length of contracts: 7days, 1 day, 1 hour, 5 mins, 2 mins 2) Choose your prediction of the trend: Call (Expect to be bullish) or Put (Expect to be bearish) 3) USDT which is available for options trading 4) Strike price of each contract; Your orders will be placed with the strike price, not the real-time bitcoin price. 5) Quotation of each contract; The prices of contract for Call or Put are different. 6) Enter your purchasing amount, the highest limit is 5. If you choose 7 days or 1 day as your contract period, the least limit is 0.1. 7) Button for “Buying contract”: Buy Call or Buy Put 😎 Strike price may have a little price spread than the real-time bitcoin price, it depends on the market fluctuation; The price of contracts for each round is different. 9) The spot index price is calculated based on the real-time transaction price and weight ratio of the seven major exchange. 10) Options RoR Ranking 3. After order placed A: After order placed, it will show “Order placed successfully. B: The current position 😄 Unwind: You can unwind your contract before the settlement. Current Position Catalog: 1. Contract Name: Time length 2. Options Type: Options/Digital Options 3. Wallet Type: USDT 4. Last Trade time: The time you placed the order 5. Direction: Call/Put 6. Strike: The strike price of your contract 7. Open Price: The price you bought the contract 8. Amount: The options contract amount 9. Total: The total you invest this round 10. Unwind Countdown (Time left until the settlement of your contract)
  3. Today...the price of bitcoin dumped. Did you save your wallet? If you open long contracts of btc/usdt, I wish you had buy a put contract on BitOffer bitcoin options for hedging, then you may save your asset from losing....
  4. Since bitcoin has been launched for 10 years, trading patterns became more and more diverse, from the Spot Trading to the Futures & Swap Trading to the Options Trading, and even ETF in the near future. Besides the Spot Trading, Futures & Swap Trading and Options Trading are essentially derivatives of bitcoin which can be used as hedging methods for the Spot Trading. The launch of bitcoin financial derivatives is a performance of improvement and development of the market. No matter Futures & Swap Trading or Options Trading, they are both a way for investors to bet on the trend of bitcoin price without holding bitcoin, it is also one of the attractions to the investors who have less funds. BitOffer Exchange, a new generation BTC financial derivatives trading platform, has launched BTC Options at the end of October. Moreover, BitOffer is also the “Neil Alden Armstrong" for bitcoin Options Trading. With the features of “No Fees”, “No Margins”, ”No Exercising” and “No Liquidation”, BitOffer Bitcoin Options offers users opportunities to earn 1,000X leverage profit whether bull or bear market. It seems that Options Trading has many more advantages than Futures & Swap Trading. However, what are the differences between the Spot Trading, the Futures & Swaps Trading and Options Trading? I will make a comparison as below: For example, As the price of bitcoin now is $8,000, when it rises from $8,000 to $8,500, 1. The Spot Trading: Earning $500 with buying 1 bitcoin; 2. The Options Trading: Earning $500 with buying a call contract. 3. The Futures & Swap Trading: How can you earn $500 with the Futures & Swap Trading? For instance, you invest $500 in an exchange to buy long contracts for 20X leverage. Then, the price of bitcoin must rise by 5% so that you can double your investment, which means the price of bitcoin must rise from $8,000 to $8,400 (5%). When those 3 trading patterns bring the same profit, you need to invest: 1. The Spot Trading: $8,000 2. The Futures & Swap Trading: $500 3. The Options Trading: $5. It is obviously the investment of the Options Trading is the lowest, which can be considered that the Options Trading is the most profitable the riskiest. Take the Options Trading as the case for calculating, you only invest $5 to earn $500 as the return, it is equivalent to 100X leverage profit based on the budget. Therefore, Bitcoin Options launched by BitOffer is much more excellent than the Spot Trading and the Futures & Swap Trading. In terms of risk, I truly believe that most users have the same experience that it is risky that the accounts are easily forced into liquidation. However, the largest possible loss for Options Trading is only the principal when you buy for your contracts, and it will never do any harm to your account. Is the Options Trading the best hedging methods? The essential function of the Options Trading is to hedge the risk of the Spot Trading, but most investors used it for speculation without realizing the Options Trading is the best hedging methods. Why? For example, the price of bitcoin now is $8,000, if it drops to $7,000, you would lose $1,000 without any hedging when you hold 1 bitcoin. But if you buy a put contract on BitOffer Bitcoin Options with $10 for hedging, then when the loss of $1,000 on the Spot Trading, you only pay $10 to ensure your asset remains the same value because you earn $1,000 on BitOffer Bitcoin Options with the put contract you buy for hedging. What if the bitcoin price rises from $8,000 to $9,000? You earn $1,000 on the Spot Trading but lose only $10 on the Options Trading. This is why hedging is attractive. With BitOffer Bitcoin Options, the best hedging methods, you will be the winners all the time. To Learn More Bitcoin Trading Infomation: Join BitOffer to Be the Next Millionaire!
  5. From now on, BitOffer has officially launched the project” BitOffer Options Club”. For the first phase, BitOffer will recruit 500 Options partners. Partners who invite users by the exclusive referral link will be able to share 1% of the BTC Options trading volume of their referrals. Join BitOffer Options Club and become our partners, you will be the next millionaire. For example, BitOffer Options Club member Tom invited 100 users by his exclusive referral link, and the total BTC Options trading volume of his referrals is 1,000,000 USDT, then Tom will get 10,000 USDT as his commission. Anyone wants to earn this commission can contact me directly or check:
  6. I got a shock news that BitOffer will share their trading volume with users who invites users. From 2019.11.19, users who start inviting friends to trade BitOffer Bitcoin Options, they will share 1% of BitOffer Bitcoin Options trading volume. And the payment will be made weekly. It is a easy job for us to be the next millionaires! Here is the link to BitOffer: Only BitOffer Member can join this campaign to share the trading volume on BitOffer Options.
  7. As we know, "Sharing economy" is a new concept which was raised these years. After that, Sharing Bike, Sharing Power Bank, Sharing Car and others derivatives of sharing economy came up. What if we have a "Sharing Bitcoin" in our life? Actually, now we already have one that is "Sharing Bitcoin", BitOffer Bitcoin Options. BitOffer Bitcoin Options offers everyone a chance to use $5 to $50 to buy a temporary Bitcoin rights for 2 mins to 1 hour. And during the time you own the BitOffer Bitcoin Options contracts, you can earn the benefit as if you are a bitcoin holder. For example, when you expect bitcoin to be bullish, then you pay $5 to buy a bitcoin call options at $8,500, and when the time's up, the bitcoin price when settling is $9,000, then you will earn $500 (Normally, only a bitcoin holder who holds a bitcoin can earn $500, but you just pay $5.). Now I know some questions come for asking the risk: $5 or even less!!! Yes, the largest possible loss is only $5. If it helps you, please refer to:
  8. Q:What is Bitcoin Options? Lucian:Options are financial instruments that are derivatives based on the value of underlying securities such as stocks. An options contract offers the buyer the opportunity to buy or sell — depending on the type of contract they hold — the underlying asset. Unlike futures, the holder is not required to buy or sell the asset if they choose not to. Bitcoin Options is an innovative financial derivative based on bitcoin. In short, it is an instrument to do predictions for the future of the market; Then call options for the uptrend, put options for the downtrend. Bitcoin Options launched by the BitOffer team which comes from Wall Street is the most innovative option trading product in the cryptocurrency industry. Q:How can users trade Bitcoin Options? Lucian:For example, now the price of bitcoin is $8,500. After analyzing, you predict that the price of bitcoin will decrease in 1 hour. So, you buy a 1-hour contract of put options on BitOffer with $5. As expected, in the next hour, the price of bitcoin falls sharply from $8,500 to $8,000. When the contract settles, your profit will be $8,500 — $8,000 = $500, which reaches 100X leverage. Earning the highest profit with the smallest budget, this is the charm of bitcoin options. Even if you are unlucky, the largest possible loss is only $5 or even less. Q:What are the advantages when bitcoin options comparing with other financial derivatives? Lucian:At present, futures & swaps and options are the major financial derivatives on the bitcoin market. In essence, both are the instruments for hedging to the market. The launch of them will push the improvement and the development of the market. Both of them are the methods that investors bet on the trend of the price of bitcoin. But the risk of futures & swap is much higher. As users whoever traded futures or swap all know, any careless may cause the account to be forced into liquidation. However, the riskiest point of options is the only principal you purchase for the order. Q:Could you please share your opinion of the cryptocurrency industry? Lucian:The cryptocurrency industry has been developed rapidly, and it has driven the development of the financial industry including digital asset trading. But there is an old saying: Life is boating against the current. Not to advance is to go back. If a team without innovation ability, it will be kicked out of the market. From the perspective of digital asset trading, the fact that the trading volume of the financial derivatives market has been much higher than the one of the spot trading since 2019 caused numerous exchanges to shift towards a greater focus on the financial derivatives. However, in respect of financial derivatives, BitOffer is “in the driving seat” by launching the most innovative options trading product, which is far more leading than BAKKT, CME. Q:What about the future planning of BitOffer? Lucian:For now, the cryptocurrency industry is still in the development phase. To occupy the market, Improvement and development are necessary when applicating traditional financial methods and patterns into cryptocurrency. The R&D ability of the BitOffer team is the top level in the world. In the near future, BitOffer will launch the other crypto financial derivatives such as the most innovative Swap and ETF trading. For the purpose to serve global blockchain enthusiasts in better quality and offer the most professional service, the BitOffer team devote themselves to become a new generation bitcoin financial derivatives trading platform. Moreover, BitOffer will provide One-Stop STO service. It is also the trend in the next period. Q:What campaign is BitOffer holding now? Lucian:BitOffer now is holding two campaign: USDT Deposit Package and Trading Rewards. For more info, please refer to the announcements on
  9. Last day, I posted a topic that "Did you ever imagine "Buy one get one free" happens on any exchange? ". Most people said that it is too good to be true. I have to admit it, it is really too hard for us to find an exchange doing campaign"Buy one get one free" for Bitcoin or USDT.But it is lucky that I have discussed with my team and now they are holding a campaign: "BitOffer USDT Rewards Package: Trade One Get One Free". In this campaign, deposit and trade, then you will get more freee USDT. Here is the link to start getting USDT Package or rewards: For more info, please refer to: Deposit and trade, then you can get free USDT, it is the most profitable campaign I've ever seen in the whole industry.
  10. Here is the details: BTC Options Deposit Package: During the campaign, new registrations who deposit more than 100 USDT to BitOffer will receive corresponding rewards as below: Accumulated Deposit Amount BTC Options Transactions Rewards ≥100 USDT ≥100 10 USDT ≥500 USDT ≥500 50 USDT ≥1,000 USDT ≥1,000 100 USDT ≥2,000 USDT ≥1,500 200 USDT ≥5,000 USDT ≥3,000 500 USDT BTC Options Trading Rewards: During the campaign, new registration can get rewards by trading BTC Options within 24 hours after activating BTC Options Account, as follows: BTC Options Transactions Rewards ≥10 1 USDT ≥20 2 USDT ≥30 3 USDT ≥40 4 USDT ≥50 5 USDT ≥60 6 USDT ≥70 7 USDT ≥80 8 USDT ≥90 9 USDT ≥100 10 USDT Click here to get those packages:
  11. For rewarding users who support and follow BTC Options, BitOffer will issue: BitOffer USDT Rewards Package:Trade One Get One FREE for new registration!The more you deposit/trade, the more rewards you can get. We sincerely invite you to participate. Duration:2019.11.14 18:30 – 2019.11.30 18:30(UTC+8) BTC Options Deposit Package: During the campaign, new registrations who deposit more than 100 USDT to BitOffer will receive corresponding rewards as below: Accumulated Deposit Amount BTC Options Transactions Rewards ≥100 USDT ≥100 10 USDT ≥500 USDT ≥500 50 USDT ≥1,000 USDT ≥1,000 100 USDT ≥2,000 USDT ≥1,500 200 USDT ≥5,000 USDT ≥3,000 500 USDT BTC Options Trading Rewards: During the campaign, new registration can get rewards by trading BTC Options within 24 hours after activating BTC Options Account, as follows: BTC Options Transactions Rewards ≥10 1 USDT ≥20 2 USDT ≥30 3 USDT ≥40 4 USDT ≥50 5 USDT ≥60 6 USDT ≥70 7 USDT ≥80 8 USDT ≥90 9 USDT ≥100 10 USDT Click here to get those packages:
  12. For rewarding users who support and follow BTC Options, BitOffer will issue deposit package for USDT. The highest rewards can be up to 500USDT. The more you deposit, the more rewards you can get. We sincerely invite you to participate. Duration:2019.11.14 18:30 – 2019.11.30 18:30(UTC+8) BTC Options Deposit Package: During the campaign, users who deposit more than 100 USDT to BitOffer will receive corresponding rewards as below: Accumulated Deposit Amount BTC Options Transactions Rewards ≥100 USDT ≥100 10 USDT ≥500 USDT ≥500 50 USDT ≥1,000 USDT ≥1,000 100 USDT ≥2,000 USDT ≥1,500 200 USDT ≥5,000 USDT ≥3,000 500 USDT Click here to get those packages:
  13. In our life, we always can find something that we can buy one get one free. What if "Buy one get one free" happens on exchanges? Like, if you deposit some tokens, then exchange will give you some free USDT to you.
  14. According to the current market analysis, a long period of sideways trading and the depressed market would happen, and the overview of the return of spot trading will be not so optimistic as before. So, a lot of crypto exchanges launched and started promoting bitcoin futures & Swap. It was surely a good idea for experienced traders to do leverage trading when the market fluctuates. As we all know, BitMEX, one of the best Futures & Swap providers, supports the leverage up to 100X, and its risky control and liquidity is also the top level from the perspective of the whole industry. Take a step back, HuobiDM and OKEX are also competing against the others to occupy the rest of the market. But did you ever consider that why Futures & Swap still cannot occupy the market even it had been slumped for several times? We have to admit that Futures & Swap trading is a leverage trading which may bring users more profit than spot trading. However, with the higher profit, the risk and budget are also much higher than spot trading. To complete the whole trading in futures & Swap, users need to consider the fees and the margin, which will increase the investment so that they can ensure the orders will not be forced into liquidation when the market fluctuates. Even then, the orders still are possibly facing a situation that is liquidated. What is more, when users start opening the orders, in case the market upheavals happen, time is required for them to watch out for the market. So, even we know that Futures & Swap bring a high leverage profit no matter the bullish or bearish market, it still relatively costs us much more budget and time to complete the transactions. The Upcoming Trend of Bitcoin to Solve the Situations We Met: Options Trading For here, I will take BitOffer Bitcoin Options as an example to do a comparison. First, we need to know what Options Trading is: “An option is a contract that allows (but doesn't require) an investor to buy or sell an underlying instrument like a security, ETF or even index at a predetermined price over a certain period of time. Buying and selling options are done on the options market, which trades contracts based on securities.” What if we applicate Options trading into Bitcoin? BitOffer Bitcoin Options does not require any fees or margins. In this point, BitOffer Bitcoin Options reduces the initial investment that users should pay. As we all know, BitMEX and OKEX are both able to support 100X leverage, but with the margins, you have to deposit a big amount so that you can ensure you will not be going to face the liquidation on each transaction. However, BitOffer Bitcoin Options supports 1,000X leverage without any margins, which means BitOffer Bitcoin Options is much more profitable than the Futures & Swap we saw in the market. 2 mins, 5mins, 15 mins, 1 hour and 1 day is the selections of the length of the contracts which are available on BitOffer Bitcoin Options. It is far more flexible than others, which means you don’t have to pay too much attention to the market as before. And the most important thing is that with the function of price alert on BitOffer APP, you will never miss any opportunity when the market starts fluctuating. Many users will be afraid of the risky of BitOffer Bitcoin Options. I have to tell you that unlike Futures & Swap or binary options, BitOffer Bitcoin Options is much more profitable but not so risky as them. When you do a wrong prediction on Futures & Swap, you will need to input more and more margins to ensure your order safe. It will cost a high amount of budget. But when it has to be forced into liquidation, you will lose all the funds you have put into the transaction. If you choose BitOffer Bitcoin Options, during the contract period you choose, it will not be liquidated no matter how the market fluctuates, and even you do a wrong prediction, the largest possible loss will only be the principal you invest or even less. In conclusion, by comparing with Futures & Swap, BitOffer Bitcoin Options is a better leverage trading product for users to trade. We cannot say you must earn if you use whose products, but we can say that with “Mr. Right-Product” such as BitOffer Bitcoin Options, you will feel easier to earn more if you trade with a smart strategy. For more tips of “unlimited profit but limited loss”, you can follow @CastyLamer on
  15. As of now, the price of Bitcoin is $8740.81. In 2010, a bitcoin equaled $0.5, and when it came to Dec 17, 2017, the price of bitcoin had been rosen to $20,089.00, which increased 40,177%. After that, bitcoin became a non-reproducible myth. What if you bought bitcoin in 2010? Would you hold it as your belief and get rich? Or pay the bill of your pizza? We all know time gone fast, we don't have a chance to go back. But here is a time machine that you can use: BitOffer Bitcoin Options that you can buy a bitcoin rights with only $5. You all can check more on:
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