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  1. Well, there are less than 20 hours to reach Block 630,000 and halving. We will have an answer to the question "Are you one of those who believes that the price of BTC may fall after halving 2020?"
  2. No, it is not possible to go back and force the blockchain to recover the missing bitcoins. "Only if private keys appear, would they be recovered." Therefore, those 4 million BTC can consider them as losses. There are several articles on the internet and they are from 2017, today some experts estimate that amount at 6 million.
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    We consider Bitcoin anonymous, the real one, it is not as anonymous as it seems, so to ensure privacy and personal information, Bitcoin mixers have been introduced. These mix coins from different transactions so that hackers or other users cannot reach the specific address. Some Mixers:
  4. I think it will go down to 5.5k and there I have my purchase order. In these months of December, January 2020, they are a good opportunity to have more btc. Always investing what one can afford to lose.
  5. I use both, but especially Trezor because security comes first.
  6. They gave me VLX, I have them in staking and receiving a good amount every month. I have also started a node.
  7. It is a scenario that I think can be produced, even in January 2020 it reaches $ 5400.
  8. I usually use XRP, its rate is 0.5 xrp about $ 0.11 and the transaction is almost instantaneous.
  9. No new currency, Istanbul preview prior steps for Ethereum 2.0 If the update gives an error or the network is not stabilized, you may have lost deposits and withdrawals.
  10. I think it is a big mistake on the part of Poloniex, to eliminate a currency that moves $ 1,080,708 USD 24h volume, for me 1% of that cake is a lot. Modest opinion.
  11. The temporary suspension of withdrawals and deposits is made in all exchanges, its purpose is to guarantee the security of digital assets, while hardfork is carried out. Its duration is usually hours before the hardfork is produced and until the network stabilizes again.
  12. If I know her, I think that currently, the Lightning Network is still in the test phase in the Bitcoin Testnet, it can be tested on the main network (Mainnet), at the risk of losing your money.
  13. I think you mean $ 7,000 and $ 8,000. I don't think it's hard to see BTC at $ 6000 at the end of the year, it's even more than $ 5400.
  14. The worst time to invest in bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general, is if you cannot afford to lose that capital, that is the first analysis that has to be done.
  15. I think the first reason why Btc falls is because small miners need to sell, the second the panic that comes back to $ 3,500 - $ 4,500 and the third one is the one I think is the end of the year and They reap the benefits.
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