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Found 4 results

  1. Paylights successfully processes high-risk payments in Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia, India, utilizing advanced and reliable payment methods. Our company provides clients with the ability to conduct secure and efficient transactions even in regions where a high level of risk might pose a challenge. We process payments using popular methods, taking into account the specificities of each country. This involves understanding consumer preferences, local laws and regulations, as well as unique market characteristics. Our experience and technological solutions enable us to effectively manage risks and ensure the security of payment transactions. Collaborating with Paylights provides your business with flexibility and reliability in handling high-risk payments, facilitating the expansion of your online business geography and increasing the chances of successful interactions with customers in the Asian region. If you want to learn more about the terms and conditions and which payment systems are available, then write to the support service at Telegram Paylights or by email Paylights Payment methods in Paylights Paylights service enabled business to accept both P2P and P2С payments seamlessly. Businesses utilizing the aggregator can receive all transfers from clients and customers or engage in substantial international transactions involving large sums. Clients have the flexibility to request settlements to their bank accounts or in USDT, providing a versatile solution for diverse payment needs. Popular payment methods that we can offer you: India - UPI , UPI QR Vietnam - Online Banking, P2C+QR solution, Zalo, Viettepay, MOMO Malaysia - Internet Banking, Duitnow Indonesia - Online Banking,Virtual Account, QRIS, BCA -VA Thailand - Online Banking, TrueMoney, THB QR Philippines - GCash, MAYA
  2. Why Bitcoin is illegal in Asia ? in my opinion, why some country in asia was banned to use bitcoin : because bitcoin is electronic data. Thus, it’s not considered a currency and can’t be used for payments, and is not considered legal tender like money. With no self worth, the value of such data varies based on the needs of the market. Bitcoin changes in value very quickly and it could became something of no value if none desired it. Effectively, bitcoin is just electronic data with no intrinsic value, and its value rises or falls depending upon the whims of the market. Furthermore, consumers' legal recourse will be severely limited in the case of any claims over coins stolen or sent to the wrong wallet, or over goods purchased with bitcoin but not received. for example bitcoin illegal some asia country is thailand, Over the past nine months, the illegal status of cryptocurrencies in Thailand has been an issue of great confusion but bank of Thailand just Suggests Bitcoin Not Illegal But Warns Against its Use. What about your Idea ! tell us about it !
  3. The National Project Management Agency revealed, the first exchange of hidden currencies in Asia is about to appear in Uzbekistan. Any company planning to participate in the cryptocurrency exchange process must be able to meet all legal requirements of the national legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the world of DLT, blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrency. One of the ready-made exchange firms to take responsibility is the Kobea Group, a technology company focused on creating various solutions in the digital economy, including distributed ledger technology. according to The statement said: "South Korea issued the company's first permit for digital currency exchange activities for the first time. Asia will be the hub of cryptocurrency Recall that a few days ago it was known that in Uzbekistan, the law prohibited the use of cryptocurrencies as a method of payment. The issue document clearly outlines the procedures for managing and managing cryptocurrency exchange transactions in the country. Although there is currently no cryptocurrency exchange in Uzbekistan, when it appears, the country's population will only be able to sell digital assets to foreigners and will not be able to purchase them. Anonymous transactions will be blocked Asia is one of the few continents most suitable for Bitcoin business and cryptocurrency, and now the key part is ensuring that its employees are not misled or deceived. In particular, citizens should be fully warned of the risks involved in investing in digital assets, including bitcoin. Previously in Uzbekistan, the use of cryptocurrencies was not prohibited or directly licensed, so some companies accepted bitcoins as a down payment.
  4. The Fourth Industrial Revolution Committee at the Presidential Palace in South Korea recommended that the Korean government allow financial institutions the right to launch investment products that rely on cryptocurrency, including bitcoin derivatives. The committee recommends that "the financial sector develop and encourage custodianship solutions in South Korea to avoid relying only on foreign custodianship rights to process cryptocurrency assets" and that bitcoin be listed directly on the Korea Exchange [KRX] in South Korea. The following sentences are the most promising: Geleneksel's traditional players in the capital market, such as securities firms and banks, must develop and promote local collateral solutions to deal with cryptocurrency assets. Therefore, South Korea should not rely on foreign countries for the coded asset storage market. The Korean government should allow institutional investors to gradually deal with cryptocurrency assets and encourage OTC schedules for institutional investors ’transactions. " The European Commission also recommended that the South Korean government follow the steps of US and Swiss financial officials and consider providing licenses and guidelines for integrating crypto-related products into South Korea's financial system for cryptocurrency exchange Last week, the South Korean government stated that it had decided not to impose taxes on digital asset transaction revenue to ease the chaos in the country's cryptocurrency tax. However, the Korean government is reviewing international trends to properly integrate digital currencies into existing tax laws
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