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  1. I wish you a happy day, my friend. When we work in a forum we must be creative in all its sections, but here you can almost suffice in the beginners section. It is a good and easy section and gives good financial profits. I think if you make 20 easy posts and quility content post then you make a lot of money.
  2. Yes there are different coins with different withdraw fees always choose the coin which has less fees I think because it will cost you less.
  3. I also want to know about this question but I know this issue is temporary and will be resolved soon. You just keep working to add quality counted post. It will be paid when the payment reopened.
  4. I started working when the dividend payment was reduced and the number of posts that would be counted for you per day, but I did not think so or be disappointed of any kind, I believe that achieving goals comes with hard work and in my opinion if anyone is interested in the world of currencies Encrypted and draws goals to achieve them through areas of this world such as investment or trading.
  5. I want to tell you that it is important to give good feedback on constructive posts because it encourages those who posted to do more and do better, and this will help us not luck to any post to comment on.
  6. I hope everyone will benefit from them. Every person should protect his personal information so that he does not become a victim of fraudster and thieves, be careful and do not trust others.
  7. When the rate of anny currency is high then it's the best time to trade. In addition to knowing how to distinguish it I will also know when it will be the time to trade so to wait patiently for the moment or the right hour.
  8. After knowing your work hard your calculations is right but 9 years means so much long to collect 1 bitcoin and I don't think crypto talk runs 9 years to pay but we have so many ways to increase our earning like trading it's good to increase our coins
  9. Everyone will love you for the good work here. .But inspiration is very important in any work but our full attention will be on our work and this thing is very important for us in this platform.
  10. I have seen people jump into cryptocurrency while not knowing anything about it, not knowing how it is traded and what to do with it, even if the wallet doesn't know how to use it, this is really bad.Get involved when you have enough information.
  11. I think that I cough this exchange process makes us lose a lot of money in commissions I do the exchange with trusted people directly use telegram and join groups where they can do it like me.
  12. Yobit get good profit from this game. I see experienced users able to generate a good amount of profit through this game.I think am not trying as hard but you need to be sure of the bets you are placing.
  13. I saw that this new section was created in this platform, I have no idea about this but I think creating a new section looks like a great idea because it will add to us more information about cryptocurrencys and we can create topics related to mining .
  14. I agree with you that the ban will apply if you use more than one account from one IP address. Therefore, I do not think there is a fear of using your account on another device as long as you do not have a second account, and this last one is considered contrary to the rules and is considered fraud and it is prohibited to use it.
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