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  1. welcome to this world its a little bit difficult to go with it and it requires a lot of work to identify that key that is very helpful and wonderful to it there are solution one gets , but the whole story you want to get in this place is that crytpo talk assures you you get the best out of everything
  2. Those who do anything in this forum , do so in that they are trying to make sure that they make some quick entry and exit so to me its really important that we are able to value the good solution to it , then its important to keep on working as hard and put together that power to it , we need to follow strategy that is much easier to value than any other, the most important thing right now is to know where to stand.
  3. I think so , you get what you worked for, unless your forum is removed from the page you attached in your crypto talk forum thats where you need to change everything that you are able to value the great structure to it curate and build that is very important
  4. One of the greatest sites to work in this internet right now is the use of cryptotalk forum and the truth is the growth will depend on how we are able to stand on this stand, the whole idea of those who are trying their best to build on something substantial that is very important, very very important we need to enjoy looking for something that is going to work well for us
  5. I think most people are not doing what others are doing they are not working the way other people are working and right now we need to develop that right to it , we need efforts that are easy to work and build on , there is a structure to it and be good to what we are able to work with , there is a lot of effort to it and we can value that same structure
  6. I only spend three hours, thats the case and I do enjoy it so much , we need to grow and put together every single strutegy and it is one that works well for me, I spend three hours and especially on those airdrop sections they are really powerful and they help me a lot in understanding this things
  7. I usually use a desk top and then when sometimes the internet is lost or when we do not have that stand to what is happening right now and we lose the lights , then the browser is able to save everything and I will come back and find it still there waiting for me to submit or continue with the posts, I really recommend people to go and take a look at the Microsoft browser that is really important
  8. I think fluency and building a case is really important this would help anyone who is able to understand what is happening right now we need to build on that and put together that power to it, there are a lot of people out there that we are able to produce that great gesture that is going to make us grow , we need to keep on putting up with a lot of effort and building on that
  9. You will never be punished when you are not around the forum because of one thing, the truth is you need to keep your growth going because when you are not in this forum there is a lot of work to be done, because then you are able to follow such a structure , there is a lot of work to which we need to grow in , you can go and leave for example I have not worked in the forum for about a week now and this is not because of anything but I was not feeling so well.
  10. Cryptotalk is a center and a base for what we need to grow with , because right now we need to find out where we can be able to grow in, this is a information center , all based in only crypto currency , this is really important and we need to keep on growing and putting together every single strategy working properly. You get any information here on crypto currency .
  11. Every post is counted , but the truth is we need to keep on doing something perfectly we need to follow the right idea that we are able to really keep on putting together we have certain intervention to what is right, as long as the forum post is still open its really important to bank on that really important
  12. I never used to be very pragmatic with crypto currency because there is a lot of work to which one is able to build our work on , the right thing is to really be able to understand what to do right now , we need to understand this things and really fast because we have value to what is going to be a reason to why we are working right now
  13. Every part of crypto currecy is said to be a way to which one is able to grow with it there are so many ways to which we have to value that power to it , there is alot of good things that are suppose to be sure to currate such power to it , we need to value that single solution to it
  14. Thats very true, TRX has one of the lowest fees there is out there , there is also a chance that the low fees to which you see around here is really important to grow with , there is a lot of work to be done on the network , the network needs to grow and it needs a lot of work to really define every single strength we have out there that is really important
  15. This is a puzzle to me , but some of the exchange providers which means even wallets then this would be that they get some profit from what you transfer that is really something you have to improve on and work as hard for there is a commission to which one is to really define that on and that is something you need to check there is a system fee but we dont get where this goes , and I mean 100 satoshi for example is the fee, and you realize that you have about 1Million transactions a day in bitcoin , that means about 1bitcoin a day in the same
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