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Found 13 results

  1. Hi friends, I believe you agree with this, learning is the key for any successful investor/ trader. You can learn in different ways, not in school or in college! But you can learn at your home by search on google, forums, blogs, online groups and youtube tutorials. When i was a beginner in trading, i lost unforgettable amount because i heard trading is profitable and i thought it will be simple for anyone to earn easily! But that is not true, you need to learn to be a successful trader/ investor. There are many things that we don't know and they can help to boost our skills and we will increase our profit when we learn and apply them in our trades/ investments. Just learn, never be tired to learn because it will help you a lot.... Learn how to trade Learn how to invest Learn how to avoid fear Learn how to control emotions Learn about trading discipline Keep learning, Learn again & again.... There are still many things that we don't know. _________________________ Wishing you a good luck in learning!
  2. First trade = Fail Second trade = Fail Third trade = Fail again! What would be your next step in that failing situation? When i started trading i only earned profit two times out of my 7 trades! I earned a good profit in 2 days but later in 5 days i lost 10x of the profit that i earned! I don't think if there is any trader who earns profit only and he/she never loses some amount, so it's a normal situation to a trader life but there is a solution to avoid this regularly losing. This was my problem. I learned about trading by watching tutorials on youtube and reading articles in different blogs, it's really a good way to learn (I hope you know) i learned that trading is profitable and i will earn money (a lot of money) if i will start trading, but i never learned how to trade! I don't know if you understood me, i learned that trading is profitable but i didn't learn the basics of trading! I started trading when i know only one thing, i should buy when the price is low and sell while the price is high so that i can earn a profit! I lost my 5 trades easily by learning only that and watching some tutorials then i thought am ready to trade. After losing regularly i doubted one thing, why i keep losing while am following the (buy low and sell high) formula? My solution. So from there, i decided to LEARN again and see why i keep losing while i trade in the right way. And finally, i discovered the reason for me to fail regularly after i LEARN again, make research, and got support from my friends who trade too. The problem was, i learned that i can earn money by buying a coin when it's price is low and sell it later when it grows... But i never learned at which point i can say "Yes, now LTC is low so i should buy... Now BTC is low so i should buy!!!" So i was just buying even if today LTC is $75 then tomorrow dropped to $68 i would just buy because i saw a price drop of $7 !!! But i did wrong because LTC can fall up to $40, right? Believe me, this problem faces many beginner traders. They just know that formula (buy low, sell high) but they don't know at which point they should buy or sell. So instead of giving up, choose to LEARN! Make research of any coin that you need to trade it, and ask for support from other traders! Don't worry, if you don't know any trader we will support you (we are many traders in this forum) so just ask anything and we will support you. Don't agree to lose your money easily again, losing is there but not regularly Example: It's just like learning to build a house, you start learning to build a foundation and not learn to build a wall first. And that's how works in crypto, learn coins first (in deeply), know their habits, and then start to trade them. _________________!
  3. When we talk about the slogan "too good to be true", it applies to any area of life but if we take it to the cryptocurrency area, oops, there you are going to have to fight with many addictive or tyrosic themes. At present, in the recurring cryptocurrency ecosystem, there are infusions of warnings and environments that are very falsified only for obtaining capital from society. Many ads or proposals are scams or simply are hooks for the newest, never fall into that trap or any plot that involves giving your money to someone or conditioning it for very exaggerated returns daily, in the crypto world or only good is its educational cause and its positive adjacencies.
  4. Normally as usual, google ads chases you through all kinds of means by throwing junk advertising on the topic you are talking about or looking for, so: In this case they index global information (this is where the plots of hyips, benders, scams "icos" or pishing pages). For beginners, this is a bit dazzling, but those who do not know easily fall into these traps. Google does not accurately handle this type with respect to cryptocurrencies so be very careful and selective with this type of advertising, I dare to say that with a single click on a banner of those you can bring viruses or mercenaries to your digital life.
  5. This message is addressed primarily to new crypto world enthusiasts. Educate yourself before commenting on or transmitting "x" information related to blockchain and cryptos, many times if you speak with few arguments you can confuse others create a society a little more ignorant. Educating you implies reading why there is bitcoin and its most interesting derivatives, educating yourself means avoiding any scammer trap that is in the underground market waiting for you. Be a light that enlightens others, learning every terminology of the blockchain world!
  6. Here is a list of resources where you can learn more. It may help to learn about free resources that would help to keep you up-to-date and help you get in touch with the blockchain community. Factom University Factom Inc. is a blockchain organization that works to facilitate the Factom open-source system. It constructs custom blockchain applications for various companies and governments. It is also known for constructing a blockchain to support the U.S. housing and mortgage business. Factom University was made by Factom Inc. and is a developing information base made to educate people about blockchain innovation, the Factom system, and APIs. It comprises recordings and instructional exercises that will take you from a fledgling to a master! Ripple Ripple specializes in facilitating worldwide monetary or financial settlement methods. Its widespread settlement arrangement is based on open-source innovation that anybody can utilize. Ripple maintains that its blockchain capacities should be utilized by authorized financial institutions only. Ripple has built up a large information base for expanding on its foundation. This information is geared essentially toward developers. It offers a few assets for money related regulators as well. It merits a read regardless of whether you are or aren't a regulator since it helps to be informed about legitimate liabilities and legal problems, if any, that are related to blockchain innovation. HiveMind Paul Sztorc established Truthcoin, which is a shared oracle framework and forecasting market for Bitcoin. It uses a proof-of-work sidechain that stores information on the condition of forecast markets. Bitcoin can help sustain financial subsidiaries, derivatives, and smart contracts by using HiveMind, which is a stage created out of the Truthcoin whitepaper. (Note: An “oracle” is a data management tool which helps execute smart contracts) And there you have it! It’s always good to know about any systems or technologies that you may have an interest in, and we hope this list helps you out in your research. Stay tuned for more! Ethereum 101 Ethereum is an open-source crowdfunded venture that manufactured the Ethereum blockchains. It's one of the most significant undertakings in the blockchain space since it has spearheaded the creation of a programming language inside a blockchain. As it has its own implicit programming language, the Ethereum network permits you to make brilliant agreements, decentralized associations, and convey decentralized applications. Ethereum 101 is a site created by individuals from the original Ethereum group. This includes Anthony D’Onofrio, who is the Director of Community for Ethereum. It is a curated storehouse for excellent informational and instructional content about blockchain innovation and the Ethereum system. Multichain Blog Multichain is an organization that helps associations quickly construct applications on blockchains. They offer a stage that can provide many resources on a private blockchain. Likewise, you can also follow-up and check the activity on your system through their mechanism. In addition to these tools and the platform they provide, they've also been pioneers in the blockchain space. DigiByte and DigiKnow DigiByte is a decentralized network founded by Jared Tate that facilitates payments, which came to be created due to the advent and popularity of Bitcoin. It permits you to move cash over the Internet and offers quicker exchanges and lower transaction fees than Bitcoin. Jared has put out informational videos on YouTube which act as a primer into the work done by Digibyte and all you could ever need to know about it. The YouTube series of videos is entitled “DigiKnow”. Blockchain University Blockchain University is an instructive site that aims to teach engineers, directors, and business people about the blockchain system. It offers open and private educational programs, hackathons, and demonstrations. Its projects are design thinking focused on solution orientation, and hands-on experiences. Blockchain Alliance The Blockchain Alliance was established by the Blockchain Chamber of Digital Commerce and the Coincenter newsgroup. It is a public-private coordinated effort by the blockchain network, law requirement, and controllers. They share a shared objective to make the blockchain environment safer and to advance the further improvement of innovation. They do this by battle crime on the blockchain by giving training, specialized help, and occasional instructive meetings concerning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that make use of blockchain.
  7. A few months ago, I decided to operate Ethereum for the first time. I took the share price with a very high leverage in the first trades, all good until there ... the question was that not everything is a share price, I was blinded from seeing all kinds of macro analysis and finished liquidated, I also managed to operate in chop zones to counter-trend and believe me that I do not leave anything good. These types of situations give you a simple lesson: Never go against the tide, I still love you Eth is nothing personal.
  8. As a trader, this past month I have received a lot of hard lessons in my operations, I think I have a lot to improve yet, I have realized that no matter how good your strategy is, if you do not have enough patience and psychological dedication, you will end up reproaching yourself many stuff. When you have to improve, be it a little or a lot, then take a break to think: what am I doing? Is this what I want to move forward as a trader? I need to reflect? Is it necessary to lose a lot to take into account my mistakes?, They are a series of strong unknowns, if you are wrong to stop and check, if you are well keep it up and do not decay, trading is an art difficult to master but sure to learn. ❤️
  9. "Many people are not used to writing a business newspaper, especially if they are experiencing a loss, there is a feeling of disappointment and they become lazy when writing a daily book." This comment gave me that to reflect, pay close attention. If you are new to this world, please educate yourself as much as you can to avoid bottoming out, although I have already lived that personally. Friend, no matter how new you are trading, always be patient educate and most importantly: believe in yourself. Do not let bad things like hasty decisions paint you a heavy reality, in trading everything is learning error and practice. Remember that discipline makes the operator, an operator without discipline is destined to lose even his own identity. The lives of most traders are filled with a permanent series of principles that do not lead to happy endings. The vast majority take daily doses of hope. They are sure that success is just around the corner.
  10. As the first fundamental function We refer to the very old function since man populated the planet Earth and this is "Preserve the Resource You Use" as an example of beginning; those external and internal agents: (wear, heat, efforts, study, frustration, advances, body energy) that tend to deteriorate or improve the process. To save this point we use the study and discipline that define the proper functioning of these assets: Your ability to produce money with passion. The second function, and notoriously the most strategically relevant, lies in ensuring that the asset fully develops the function (Service) that the operational context requires to do that asset and generally this part is usually heavily neglected by yourself since you have no strategies Consistent to be at all times investigating and solving those links of low reliability in your technical decisions or certain of taking psychological actions. This day-to-day reality I detect in my work as a market operator, for example: The trader with more than 10 years of experience says he has "High Availability of the equipment" and on the other hand the "Low Reliability" of the same assets with which you work to do trading. Two divergent points of view that are summarized in the following sentence "So that I wish to have an asset available at 100% to be put into operation if when I require that 100% reliability be obtained from it, I cannot develop it", intense not? The great Internal opportunity that we have in front of us, is to satisfy this business need, to solve the reliability problems within the operational context, which if in doubt, after studying critical equipment, will give us a competitive advantage that will support our strategic advantages aligned with our vision. of the business. The important thing about this Philosophy (which has its respective Taxonomy) is that we are basically neglecting the chains of reliability in production processes, because our vision is focused only on the care of the machines. If you take this philosophy to decision making, you run into the same situation, just take your time to create an example of a paradigm, it usually happens a lot when you are going to operate in the market, excluding the issue of machines.
  11. Привет, друзья, мой язык не английский и не русский, но я рад присутствовать здесь на форуме, потому что я учусь писать на хорошем английском, и теперь я могу писать лучше на английском, чем когда-либо прежде. Сейчас я хочу изучать русский язык, но я не могу сделать это без вашей помощи! Пожалуйста, я прошу вас помочь мне, потому что мне очень нравится знать русский язык. Причина, по которой я хочу изучать русский язык, заключается в том, что мне нужно также много узнать о криптозащите у вас, потому что у вас много активных участников, и многие из них имеют хорошую репутацию. Благодарю всех!
  12. If you are beginner to cryptocurrency what would you do to learn about crypto? google it and find articles and read them. But, What if you hate reading for so long? That's where Youtube comes in handy. Youtube is a great place for all of us to learn about crypto fast because there are so many youtubers out there making videos about the field. they have done the hard work for you.they packed information gathered on online articles into videos. all we have to do is watch them and learn. And guys don't forget to like those videos if you got any value and comment on them. And also if you can hit that " ❤" button that would be awesome! cheers guys....
  13. what is the best way for a beginner to learn about the cryptocurrency market? 1.Research… It’s that easy. There are thousands of informative articles and videos in the Internet So I suggest you read, read, read and watch. Learning about what you are going to do will help you in the future. 2.Ask help from experts you can find crypto experts in forums like this. Do not hesitate to ask questions about your problems. I know they will help you. 3.Play around with the market with a small amount of money. After you done with your research I suggest you to pick a few cryptocurrencies and buy them try to make a profit by hold them or investing them. There are a lot of Cryptocurrencies to choose but it’s best to choose some that have a lot of support already and have good technology.
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