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Found 15 results

  1. An anonymous Kraken crypto exchange customer said that a French bank refused to withdraw funds from the crypto exchange into his personal account. Bank Boursorama rejected two withdrawals on December 17 and 20 2019. Kraken said the bank had blocked transactions for several weeks. In a letter Monday (06/01), responding to a customer's request to transfer funds between Kraken and his account, Boursorama wrote, "We are notifying that, following a decision by the company, we will no longer accept requests to transfer funds to this account." Gregory Raymond, Capital journalist, who co-authored this issue, said that an operational error had occurred. The bank claims not to block transfers to the crypto exchanges. Raymond said the transfer to Kraken had reopened on Friday (03/01). Kraken's staff explained to Decrypt that Boursorama's bank account was blocked, but then Kraken began to receive transfers back from the bank. The anonymous customer made a withdrawal on January 6 and made it to his bank account. Responding to this, the customer said, "It is very worrying that I am not free to use my money as I wish. Boursorama refused the transfer without explaining anything, it took 20 days to just tell me they did not accept this account again. " The customer hopes that Boursorama can change their policies. If not, he will move to another competitor bank, German N26 known not to block transfers.
  2. Trump's softened signal towards Iran seems to be driving the price of Bitcoin down rapidly since the morning of Thursday (9 January 2020). As of 12:27 today, Bitcoin has been observed to weaken by 4.54 percent, down from US $ 8,331 to US $ 7,954. Bitcoin has practically lost a value of up to Rp. 5.2 million. After being able to "hepi" from Friday (January 3, 2020) to January 8, 2020, Bitcoin must lose its value up to 5.2 million in 24 hours. The reason, most likely is the softening of the attitude of the United States towards Iran, through Trump's Speech this morning local time in the US. Well, just this morning, Bitcoin was observed to drop to 3.77 percent. Including gold, 0.75 percent and crude oil. Speculation has begun to relax a little, because US-Iran tensions have begun to diminish. It could be, because there are no casualties on the US side, after Iran attacked the US military headquarters in Iraq. And maybe because of President Trump's "soft speech" last night. There have been obstacles from the US House of Representatives led by the Democratic Party which sought to prevent the US from attacking Iran again. This may be regarded as a driver of speculative action in the asset trade, except if the opposite occurs. In President Trump's speech last night local time, reinforcing the signal that the US withdrew from the opportunity to wage war with Iran. "The fact that we have good military equipment does not mean we have to use it," Trump said. Trump explained that he would immediately impose additional sanctions in the economic and financial sectors, until the Tehran regime "changed its behavior". This means, the constellation of conflict may not go through open war, but through additional sanctions which will increase inflation in Iran. "The United States is ready to make peace with all those who want it," Trump was quoted as saying by CBS News.
  3. News is emerging that the decentralized exchange (DEX), CryptoBridge, is ending operations. This announcement comes as a surprise to many. It also does not leave a great deal of time for depositors to remove their money. The decentralized exchange landscape got a bit more crowded of late. In April, Binance launched a DEX while Poloniex went out and acquired one on Tron. Bancor recently announced a 60,000 token airdrop at the end of November to help to provide liquidity to the network. A lack of liquidity is one of the major problems that exchanges are facing. This coupled with interfaces that tend not to be user-friendly has people opting for the centralized ones. There is also the issue of fiat currency. To convert it, one often has to use an exchange such as Coinbase since most governments have strict regulation regarding their currencies. Coinbase, and others, meet the requirements to handle fiat in a manner similar to a bank. This leaves many exchanges with the option of focusing upon the crypto-to-crypto transactions. The challenge here is that many involved in cryptocurrency are still speculating. Since "hodling" is so strong, many wallets are seeing little activity. This presents a problem to exchanges since they require a great deal of trading to maintain liquidity. A recent study showed that, in spite of Bitcoin's moves this year, 11.58 million BTC has not moved this year. CryptoBridge epitomizes the risk that still exists with cryptocurrency. Since it focused a great deal on alt-coins, the tremendous bear market obliterated it. Another factor to consider, which the company did cite, is the fact the regulatory environment is getting more difficult. Countries across the world seek to clamp down on cryptocurrency as it poses a threat to their banking system. The final piece of the puzzle lies in the fact that the entire cryptocurrency market is still rather small. Estimates vary but most put the entire space at less than 100 million people. With so much competition, it is rather difficult to survive unless growth explodes. Rumours are that CryptoBridge might reopen. It is hard to tell what is true since many asserted that this was a scam from the beginning. Part of the process for the crypto world is to figure all this out and clean up the legitimate from the non-legit. Just part of the growing pains a new industry has to endure.
  4. Win

    Crypto world

    What is youre greatest fear in this world(crypto-world).a world with crypto currency can connect with each other.can earn,can learn,can connect.share with us comment down bellow
  5. Still in trouble with the SEC in the United States, Telegram today issued an open letter to the public regarding the TON blockchain technology project and Gram's crypto assets affiliated with the instant messaging company. Of the many aspects, Telegram stressed that Gram's crypto assets are not an investment product that makes its users rich. "Gram won't help you get rich. You should not expect any benefit based on the purchase or ownership. A telegram does not promise that you will benefit from it. Gram is intended as a medium of exchange (medium of exchange) between users in the TON ecosystem. "Gram is not an investment product and there should be no hope of earning profits in the future or profits from buying, selling or storing Gram," said Telegram. In the beginning the Telegram statement stated that no crypto assets had been issued using the TON blockchain. Telegram refers to a number of sites that claim to prescribe Gram crypto assets and appear to be affiliated with Telegram. "Neither Telegram nor its affiliates are involved in public sales or the sale of Gram's crypto assets. In contrast, TON blockchain as a container of Gram crypto assets is still in the beta testing phase and you can access the beta test website here. Only after the TON blockchain is completed will the Gram be made and available for purchase, "Telegram stressed.
  6. Bitcoin will return with everything in 2020 colleagues. With the exception of a brutal bomb, the bitcoin price action has been far from exciting in recent weeks. Since the end of October, the number one cryptocurrency has lost almost 30% of its value. The slow breakdown with a couple of rebounds has frustrated all those who had their hopes for the price hike. It is almost the same story for other cryptocurrencies. Of course, a handful of gems or crypts of small market capitalization have appeared, but the main ones have been disappointing. After a strong first half of 2019, many currencies such as Litecoin (LTC / USD) and Ethereum (ETH / USD) have succumbed to profit taking. Among the reasons behind optimism are the new regulatory clarity in Hong Kong, the Initial Public Offers of Bitcoin mining in the US, and a variety of institutional investment products that point to development in space, which is accelerating . What do you guys think?
  7. Very Sad News To See That Youtube is Removing Videos Related to Crypto in Past We Did See Facebook Banning Crypto-Related Advertisements Google Did The Same too. Now Youtube.
  8. Berminal is the new terminal for Blockchain. You will get all crypto updates anytime, anywhere from berminal app. Berminal is the most reliable source for real-time crypto news. Berminal Features: 1. All In One Place; The only mobile-first solution for all your crypto news and prices in one app. Your mobile crypto terminal. 2. Instant Updates: Never miss another major crypto event. Push notifications about the most recent updates sent straight to your phone in real-time. 3. Facts You Can Trust: Tired of fake news and scam ICOs? Our news is 100% accurate and authentic. Download Here: Berminal Download Link
  9. Bitbond is a P2P loan platform launched by Radoslav Albrecht in 2013, with its headquarters in Germany. This makes Bitbond one of the oldest Bitcoin P2P platforms and one of the best Bitcoin lending sites in the industry. This platform operates in more than 120 countries, and more than 90,000 users have registered on this platform. By using the Bitcoin blockchain to process transactions, borrowers are matched with individual or institutional investors. To receive a loan, you only need to create an account and get verified. After submitting basic identification details and undergoing financial assessments, you will be ranked. A higher rating means a higher chance of approving your loan. Bitbond obtained a license from the German financial regulator (BaFin) in October 2016, making it one of the few Bitcoin P2P loan sites that is fully regulated in the industry. This site has also received positive views from its clients. Do you want to borrow or lend BTC?
  10. It's always crazy looking at the cryptocurrency top gainers and losers for the day. I need to create a program that will predict these sh*t coins. LOL Top 10 Gainers (24h) Name Price Changes 24H mir-coin(MIR) MIR COIN $0.00444 238.20% japan-content-token(JCT) JAPAN CONTENT TOKEN $0.1051 90.34% ion(ION) ION $0.0642 88.54% transcodium(TNS) TRANSCODIUM $0.00342 36.81% hero(HERO) HERO TOKEN $0.0481 33.26% zip(ZIP) ZIPPER NETWORK $0.000310 29.83% unikoin-gold(UKG) UNIKOIN GOL D $0.0206 29.37% realtract(RET) REALTRACT $0.00140 25.88% spendcoin(SPND) SPENDCOIN $0.00201 23.29% tidex-token(TDX) TIDEX TOKEN $0.2026 23.25%
  11. Starting in 2020 all financial institutions in Germany will be able to legally offer cryptocurrency services including selling, storing, and investing. A bill was recently passed allowing German banks and financial institutions to engage in cryptocurrency dealings with the public. With megabanks like Deutsche going under, governments and economies worldwide in ruins, and talks of the dollar collapsing does cryptocurrency stand to be the leading world currency?
  12. I have been having some confusion about a blockchain and coinbase, please can some people tells what's the meaning of? BLOCKCHAING: COINBASE: Please tell me the meaning of the both things I mention, and explain their users so that I will get better understanding about BLOCKCHAIN AND COINBASE.
  13. Twitter | WhitePaper | Website | Swirge Space | GitHub Overview: Swirge is a Decentralized Social Media Platform where users have the full control over their account and their privacy. Swirge has all the social media features like posting and uploading images, following interesting users, hashtags, private encrypted chat, in app mailing feature and more. Users on Swirge also earn revenue in Cryptocurrency based on their activity on the Swirge platform, you earn for checking in/signing into your account daily, you earn for posting and engaging on the Swirge platform, you also earn for each comment and likes you get on your post. Each user gets paid in our very local Cryptocurrency $OKU which can be Exchanged to other Cryptocurrencies like $BTC in the Platform directly from your Swirge account. No ICO or Pre-ICO will take place. 100% of $OKU will be generated by the Users on the Platform. Swirge Top Features: 1.) True Social Media Platform with all basic features 2.) Extreme Fast Platform 3.) Unlimited Space storage for Users 4.) In app Modules and more... Coin Specifications: Algorithm: Scrypt PoW/PoS Roadmap: February 2019 Swirge Block Time: 3-15 seconds Block Reward: 5 $OKU Block Reward halving schedule: ~2 Years Total Coin Supply: Not Capped Premine Amount: 0 Block Size: 1MB - 1GB Pre-mine: No Founders Reward: Yes ICO: No Masternodes: No Airdrops: Sign up on Swirge and receive 50 $OKU RPC port: 43579 Network port: 43579 Important Links: Wallet: On GITHUB On Web via SWIRGE Github: Website: Swirge Space: Twitter: @swirgenetwork Exchanges - Coming soon : Graviex GYMBase ProBit Raisex Block Explorers: Coming Soon... Swirge Screenshots: $OKU Top Features: 1.) Asset Transfer Blockchain 2.) Extreme Fast 3-15 seconds blocks 3.) Hybrid Blockchain PoW/PoS 4.) Scalable Blocksize up to 1GB Twitter | WhitePaper | Website | Swirge Space | GitHub
  14. Eth site filtered in China. The massive firewall of the People's Republic of China, used by the government to monitor access to external internet sites, has blocked the largest public source of ethereum blocking data. On Monday, the Ethernet scan site became one of the most widely used Ethereum block explorer sites by IPs inside China. ▪️This is the first case where a blockchainer searches for firewalls and filtering networks.
  15. BAT is a coin I’ve seen doing really well recently, it’s UP over 4% today, I wondered is this just a pump or is it because of really good tech associated with the coin? 🤔 So I decided to try out their Brave browser technology today and see. 👍🏼💯 You can tell if someone is using the Brave browser designed by BAT or Basic Attention Token as you can see a Red Lion in the top right hand corner of the screen: I’ve been using it all day as I’ve been writing articles and posting on the various internet sites I like and I have to say, it’s Really Really FAST! It does a great job of blocking ads and tracking devices, which means websites load a lot faster. The only downside is that some websites end up looking super basic, like Twitter, as a lot of the functions are reduced, check out this pic: Compared to this one on Safari: But if you ask me, I don’t really mind because it is just So Quick! I much prefer the speed it works at compared to the lack of functions and features it actually blocks. What do you guys think? Ive only been using it for one day, has anyone used it longer and having good results? Bad results? Conclusion Todays bump in price is because BAT and the Brave browser work really well! Go BAT, I’m definitely more of a Fan now. Peace! ✌🏼☮️
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