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Found 11 results

  1. Who to believe in the world of fakes? Exorde Labs: project offers one of the solutions, offering a decentralized approach to aggregating huge streams of data collected from all over the Internet: links, images, graphs, videos, posts, images, etc., followed by the formation on this basis of data graphs that will link various facts. We all live in the information age, where data is an integral part of all spheres of social life support. One can observe how unscrupulous members of our community use technology to the detriment of others, pursuing their own interests. The reliability of the data received is the main priority in the Internet space, since we make decisions based on them. If the data is incorrect, then the decisions we make can lead to sad consequences. This can be useful in various fields of activity from logistics and media to building marketplaces and trading platforms. Data reliability in the growing world of WEB3 is the next step towards accepting the inevitable. ExordeLabs collects and links all publicly available data to become a reliable guide for each of us! At the moment, you can become a part of this by taking part in the ambassador program available to everyone in the Discord project. Interesting, isn’t it? If you want to learn more, go to the Exorde social networks: Website: Twitter: Discord: Reddit: Linkedin: Telegram Channel: Telegram Chat: Medium: Facebook:
  2. I suggest to get acquainted with a new interesting project - Exorde Web3 protocol. The main task of the protocol is to help fight the spread of unverified and unreliable information. Information surrounds us always and everywhere and every year the amount of information grows, while it becomes more and more difficult to navigate in it. Due to the fact that nowadays social networks are actively developing, information is quickly going viral and therefore it becomes more and more difficult to determine its reliability. The #Web3 #Exorde protocol will link all publicly available links on the Internet according to key queries and provide output information. It is important to understand that the protocol does not work as an indicator of reliable or unreliable information, the protocol determines the primary source of information. Determining the original source of the information will provide insight into the origin of the information before it went viral. The protocol is being created by a team of developers in France who were prompted to create the protocol by a huge fake information project during the pandemic. Users had no time to analyze the fakes, which appeared in huge numbers, resulting in panic. The project interested the famous #Coinlist platform, which selected Exorde for the winter seals session. I am sure that the project has a great future because understanding of information is very important for the modern man, not for nothing there is a popular phrase that he who has the information rules the world. You can learn more about the protocol from official sources. Website: Twitter: Discord:
  3. When we see a successful project that has gained popularity, we do not even suspect how much work has been invested in it. It all starts with defining a mission, an idea, setting goals and objectives. Of course, without an idea, the project will not exist, but no matter how interesting the idea is, we need a team interested in its implementation. Success comes from planning all the actions and efforts of talented people, as well as trust within the team. Each team member should have their own roles and responsibilities. All assigned tasks should be delegated by specialists who will best solve them. A good team composition is often 50% of the success of the entire project. The success of the project depends on the contribution of the entire team and each of its members separately. Exorde project team from France with experience. Terence Gras, CEO Terence is a computer vision engineer with experience both in the video game industry and on production lines in the spatial and transportation sectors. Terence’s role in the project is to guide the vision of the Exorde project in the right direction and determine the right management models and business strategy definitions in both the short and long term. Mathias Dail, CTO Matthias is a software engineer with a background in data science. Initially experienced in programming, networking and server systems, he later specialized in data science and especially NLP. Interest in complex systems and interconnected architectures led him to discover smart contract development. Since then, he has continued to explore decentralized protocols and token models. He realized that combining NLP technology with the strengths of decentralized networks could be used throughout the unstructured network through a complex, coordinated approach. Matthias’ mission is to combine NLP with the power of decentralized systems through a new form of digital organization to transform Exorde into an innovative service of the Web3 ecosystem. Damien Pucheu, Managing Director Damien is a software engineer who has worked for Suez, Monsieur Tshirt and Lectra. He joined Exorde to create all the visible parts (platform, API and extensions) to offer the best experience to all users. A great operations manager, he always knows what web technologies to research and integrate in order to create the best product. It quickly finds the best solutions and always keeps scalability in mind. As the company grows, he will focus on her role as chief executive, working on the business and processes to help Exorde achieve its goals. The idea of the project is to create a system that can track the spread of information through all Internet networks and implement it in the most neutral way in real time. The goal of Exorde is to find the original source of viral information in its original form, before this information becomes viral. Exorde will not do fact checking, but will only show the spread of information. It should be understood that the first source of information may not be true information. Determining whether information is true or not is too subjective a job, so the ecosystem just keeps track of how it spreads. Now the project team has launched a testnet for everyone. Three processes are available: scraping, moderation, formatting. Scraping is the focus of an automated data collection process, mostly on Twitter and Reddit at the moment. This will expand as progress. Moderation is a deterministic validation process to check if the URLs provided during scraping are valid (relevant, not dangerous, real data, etc.). Formatting is a more intensive process whereby each block of data is broken down into sentences and parsed separately to link the information at a more detailed level. The module does not always work stably yet, but the team quickly identifies errors and eliminates them. I am glad that team members are actively sharing news on each update. I am sure that such an approach to the work of the team will allow us to see a product brought to perfection that will be useful to society. Website |Discord |Twitter |Reddit |Linkedin|Telegram |Medium #exorde #crypto #web3 #protocol #EXD
  4. При создании любого проекта важно продумать Roadmap или в переводе «дорожную карту». Дорожная карта — это визуализация развития проекта. В общем случае дорожная карта отвечает на вопросы «кто?», «что?» и «когда?». Напомню, что Exorde — это протокол web3, который позволяет разработчикам собирать и связывать все общедоступные данные в Интернете, целью которого является поиск первоисточника информации. Дорожная карта проекта 2021 год по сегодня: · создание Exorde Labs · базовый лагерь Outlier Ventures Filecoin · 1,2 млн.$ инвестиций собрано на первой закрытой продаже · выборан Coinlist Seed Winter 2022 в топ-7 проектах 2 квартал 2022 года · вторая приватная продажа (мая-июнь) · запуск тестовой сети протокола с подключением первых участников и выпуск Python SDK v1 · запуск проводника для просмотра всех транзакций, сделанных в протоколе Exorde 3 квартал 2022 года · третий приватный раунд продаж (состоится в сентябре) · Exorde Analytics (первая платная версия Exorde Analytics: SaaS, которая отслеживает виральность информации для криптотрейдеров и журналистов 4 квартал 2022 года · TGE — публичная продажа токенов $EXD, любой желающий сможет их приобрести · запуск основной сети (запуск протокола Exorde в основной сети: запуск DAO, предоставление ликвидности, листинг на биржах DeXs и CeXs 1 квартал 2023 года · REST API (первая версия REST API для максимально быстрого доступа к данным Exorde) 2 квартал 2023 года · Торговая площадка данных (запуск Data Marketplace, где вы платите сообществу и получаете нужные графики данных по конкретным темам) Проект следует дорожной карте, и именно в середине года был запланирован запуск тестовой сети протокола. Меня порадовал момент, что члены сообщества будут участвовать в тестировании продукта. Само тестирование разделено на 4 фазы. Хочу подробнее рассказать о каждой. Фаза 1: Первоначальное наблюдение, где команда Exorde Labs будет единственным участником, чтобы проверить, что все работает достаточно хорошо и система достаточно стабильна (продолжительность ~7 дней) Фаза 2: Постепенное открытие Testnet для бета-тестеров. Команда выпустит модули веб-скрейпинга (совместимые пока только с Windows, Linux и Mac появятся позже этим летом) для участия в Testnet. Будет предоставлена веб-панель для отслеживания сетевой активности, статистики и URL, замеченных в системе (продолжительность 1 месяц). Фаза 3: Консолидация. Testnet будет открыт для всех, кто захочет загрузить модули с открытым исходным кодом и принять участие! Эта фаза будет включать в себя более подробные веб-панели, показывающие блоки данных, добываемые в сети Exorde, количество свободных и занятых работников, детали протокола с дополнительной статистикой, URL, замеченные в час и многое другое (конец июля, начало августа). Фаза 4: Testnet v0.2, с улучшенными механизмами ставок, вознаграждениями и динамическими настройками протокола. Постоянные улучшения, самые продвинутые модули веб-скрейпинга (конец лета — сентябрь). Являясь амбассадором проекта Exorde (подробно про амбассадорскую программу рассказала в этой статье), мне приятно видеть, что проект развивается благодаря сильной команде разработчиков. Проект получил поддержку от фондов, собрав 1,2 млн.$ инвестиций на первой закрытой продаже. Если вы также как и я хотите, протестировать данную технологию, то подписывайтесь на социальные сети проекта и следите за новостями. Website |Discord |Twitter |Reddit |Linkedin|Telegram |Medium #crypto #web3 #protocol #exorde #EXD
  5. Exorde is governed by its DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) and uses votes and community polls. It means that no matter who you are — investor, participant or worker, you still have the same rights and possibilities in the governance. These principles of the DAO system will help to keep the community interest for the good of the Exorde ecosystem. In the last years the popularity of blockchain-based systems is growing fast. Blockchain-based system combined with DAO principles are capable of disrupting the whole system of content creation and distribution. DAO and smart contracts are open systems and every qualified participant can contribute to the Exorde Work Systems freely. Exorde, with its aims in the Web and blockchain ecosystem, doesn’t have direct competitors in the market for a Web-based Data curation and indexing platform. The more contributors will join the system to work on the common aims, the more its content will grow and therefore the more value will be created by the platform, impacting the value and emergence of new data services around it. The Exorde platform offers data services for traders, organizations and media platforms. It is an institution that creates knowledge continuously. And it’s designed to become a neutral, objective and base layer of the future information industry. We believe that Exorde can integrate itself in the emerging Web3 ecosystem. Official links: Web-site | Twitter | Discord | Reddit | Telegram | Telegram Chat | LinkedIn | Medium
  6. Exorde is built on 4 major technological pillars: Ethereum, SKALE, Filecoin and NLP. These pillars are very important for the Exorde ecosystem as they will help to achieve the Exorde’s mission. Let’s look at them in more details: · Ethereum — a layer 1 network. It is needed to secure the Exorde’s governance and token economy. · SKALE — a layer 2 network, connected to layer 1 chain. It is a layer of Execution where all the contributors will connect and work together. This sidechain network will provide high transaction throughput. · Filecoin is a decentralized storage network that will keep all the data being created by the Exorde Work Systems. This storage network guarantee the integrity of all the data that contains. · NLP is the branch of AI handling unstructured text. NLP will be used to organize all the data that contributors bring into the system. Each contributor will extract information from the web pages, and then the AI component of NLP will recognize entities in text, facts, correlate them with each other and do similarity check. The work of NLP and contributors will provide high quality information. There will be validators who will check the quality of the work done by a given contributor. They will make a check according to the special guidelines. Every process in the Exorde ecosystem will be associated with Exorde Token economy. Contributor’s work will be validated and then rewarded with Exorde’s Token (EXD). Such rewards will stimulate all the participants to do their work in appropriate way and with high quality. And this will help Exorde to achieve its goals and increase the value of its services and products. Official links: Web-site | Twitter | Discord | Reddit | Telegram | Telegram Chat | LinkedIn | Medium
  7. There is currently a niche on the market for a web-based data collection and indexing platform. Exorde is a web3 protocol that allows developers to collect and link all public data on the web. The goal of Exorde is to find the original source of viral information in its original form. It should be borne in mind that the original source of information may also turn out to be false information. Exorde tracks the spread of information across the Internet. The developers of the project want to bring together all the information around the world, fight polarization in social networks and help everyone better understand history, being able to read it from all sides. Exorde is currently running an ambassador program that is expected to run until the end of 2022. 33 places have been allocated, but I want to say right away that anyone can earn project tokens (I’ll talk about this opportunity a little later). If you have been accepted as a project ambassador (selection for ambassadors comes from the most active participants), then you can safely begin to complete tasks. Ambassador Program Ambassadors earn a certain amount of EXD for completed tasks. There are 6 types of tasks in total, each of which can be done once a day, that is, the maximum number of tasks per day is 6 - and they must all be different. Below are the tasks that are proposed to be performed. It is worth noting that the execution of the same task throughout the month is not allowed, for example, memes. It is important to develop the project in all directions. 1. Video (like Youtube, Tiktok) Reward: 10 EXD (+5 EXD if your channel has more than 1000 subscribers / +10 EXD if your channel has more than 5000 subscribers). 2. Article (e.g. Reddit, Medium, cryptocurrency forums) Reward: 5 EXD (+2 EXD if your site has over 1000 followers / +4 EXD if your site has over 5000 followers) 3. Post (such as Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook) Reward: 3 EXD (+1 EXD if your site has over 1000 followers / +2 EXD if your site has over 5000 followers) 4. Meaningful comment / discussion start / retweet / repost with a quote, where you need to mention Exorde and leave text on the topic of the message in a large community / twitter account / subredit, etc. Reward: 3 EXD 5. Art (including preview videos and the like), Infographics Reward: 2 EXD 6. Meme = 1 EXD More details with all the conditions for receiving awards and requirements can be found in the official Discord channel of the project. Before implementation, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with all the requirements, for example, mark the project account, put the necessary hashtags, list the official links of the project. Ambassadors will also receive additional experience points: 10000 XP per video 5000 XP per article 1000 XP for other missions (3-6) XP is needed to increase your level in Discord, which is required to get one of the three Ambassador roles. Level 10 - New Ambassador Level 30 - Ambassador Level 50 - Experiencied Ambassador Ambassadors lose their role if they are inactive in the mission plan for 7 days and/or if they complete less than 20 missions per month. So to become a New Ambassador you need to reach level 10 in Discord, but more attention is paid to the quality of the daily tasks from the Bounty, which I will discuss below, as well as regular additional activity in the form of articles, videos, memes, art and etc. It is important to assess your strengths. If you are more comfortable doing small tasks in 1-2 days whenever possible, then the role of a Bounty hunter is suitable for you, and if you want to work hard for a project over a long period (until December 2022), then do the best of the proposed options to get the coveted role of Ambassador. And now let's talk directly about the Bounty Hunter program, in which any user, without being an ambassador, can earn project tokens. Bounty program The community manager publishes a task in Discord in 1-2 days, and the participants of the Bounty program can complete it. The rewards for each task are different depending on the difficulty. Average 3-5 EXD. Also, among all those who completed the task, they will draw additional tokens! Important: Bounty hunters will only receive payouts at the end of the program if they have earned 300 EXD. For every tenth completed task, 12,000 XP will be issued (you will need to track it yourself, and when you complete 10 tasks, create a ticket). Job example: Also, bounty hunters can additionally post content to Discord threads. If the content is of really high quality, then they can additionally reward with project tokens and promote to an ambassador (at the moment, June 2022, 11 places are free). All earned tokens can be tracked in a special Google table. An additional opportunity to earn tokens is to invite new users. 1 EXD for each invited (up to 500 invited users), and for each subsequent 10 invited + 1 EXD (that is, if you invite, for example, 510 users, you will earn 501 EXD, if 600 users, then your earnings will be 510 EXD , 1000 invitees = 550 EXD and so on). XP payment for invites will be carried out upon reaching the following marks: 50 invitees = 5000 XP 100 invitees = +5000 XP (total 10000 XP) 300 invitees +15,000 XP (25,000 XP total) 500 invitees +20,000 XP (total 55,000 XP) 1000 invitees +30000 XP (total 85000 XP) 2000 invitees +50000 XP (total 135000 XP) 5000 invitees +70000 XP (total 205000 XP) Also, users who have telegram channels/YouTube channels/or another popular platform (from 10,000 subscribers) on the topic of cryptocurrencies, by prior arrangement with the community manager, can receive 100+ EXD and 20000–30000 XP through a ticket (depending on the number of and audience quality) for one post/article/video, respectively. A nice bonus from the project team is the regular drawing of tokens for simple actions! Don't miss the opportunity to become a part of the Exorde project! Twitter: Discord: Website: #crypto #web3 #protocol #exorde #EXD
  8. The Exorde Work Systems are the base layer for the whole Exorde ecosystem. It will serve as a place where all contributors can work together in achieving the common goal. They will search information on the web, extract unstructured information, similarities, trends and any other type of pattern in the information freely circulating on the web. Contributors will index different URLs and their data relationships according to the special guidelines. This platform is desentralized and open. After the work of the participant is confirmed, he has the right to receive the token of the project — EXD. There are two ways in which participation in Work Systems is regulated: Reputation and Staking. Let’s look at them in more details. · Reputation. All participants who contribute to the development of the system will receive a reward in EXD, as well as reputation points (RP). The amount of RP depends on the quality and volume of the work done by the participant, and thus shows the involvement of the participant in the system. So, for example, such work as Moderation is available only to participants with high RP, as it shows the level of trust to the participant. · Staking. Every participant needs to pay an «entry-fee». It means he need to stake some amount of EXD in order to contribute to the system. Such requirement allows to avoid spamming or ill-intentioned contributors, because staked EXD won’t paid back if the contributor’s submission will be slashed. How to participate in the WorkSystems? First of all you will need an Exorde-compatible virtual wallet. Participats can create such wallet through Exorde’s main website. If it will be needed, user wallets will be protected by Exorde Labs, for example through the double authentication or support. Some types of Work Systems will be unavailable, because they require a certain amount of RP. Work System selection can be performed directly on Exorde’s main website or through the API that Exorde Labs will provide. There will be a tutorial explaining on how to contribute to the Work System in appropriate way. Each participant will be placed in a queue to be allocated the work to which he subscribed. After the work will be done, contributors need to wait while their work will be checked by the other participants that have higher RP level. If the work accepted, contributor will receive his EXD back from stake and also he will get additional EXD and RP for his work according to its quality. The summarized process of the Exorde WorkSystems workflow is detailed below. Official links: Web-site | Twitter | Discord | Reddit | Telegram | Telegram Chat | LinkedIn | Medium
  9. Token EXD is the native token of the Exorde ecosystem. It is the utility token that will be used for Governance, Staking and all transfers inside the Exorde ecosystem. A bonding curve is a continuous token model in which the current token price is mathematically related to the current token supply. The token EXD will be issued through this token model which is defined under a y = m∗xe type of equation with m being the slope and e the exponent of the curve. The EXD token is based on the ERC-20 standard. It has multiple utilities: Acts as the medium of exchange in the Exorde ecosystem to buy data indexing and analysis services, or to pay for API requests. Used as rewards for the participants in the Exorde Work Systems to reward contributors in according to work they made. Acts as voting rights during governance events. The amount of token a user holds determines his voting rights weight. Exorde’s Governance systems involve Protocol Votings and Pollings. The EXD holders govern the Protocol, its parameters and its functionalities. The Governance will be structured in several committees, with a potential hierarchy in the decisionmaking. There are two different token income streams that will guarantee the financial sustainability of the Exorde Platform: Trading Exchange Fees, which means that each sell order on the token-bonding curve will include a fee, applied to the transaction value; and Data Services market which means that any type of data service will include a fee, applied to the transaction value. These fees will be redistributed, via smart contracts, to finance the Exorde Ecosystem and will be split between the Developer Fund and the Rewards Pool. The Exorde platform’s long-term economic sustainability is always ensured and scales with the growth of its community and the size of its data-based economy. Official links: Web-site | Twitter | Discord | Reddit | Telegram | Telegram Chat | LinkedIn | Medium
  10. The world has always been full of information. Truth and lies have always walked side by side. But at the present time we are witnessing an information glut in society. Every day there is a huge amount of news, scientific research, articles. And not all of them are true. Often the original facts are distorted or even turned outward, completely losing their veracity. But what is it done for? To manipulate public opinion on a particular situation or damage the reputation of any subject. The network contains a huge amount of information that no one checks for veracity. While Facebook, Twitter, and Google are fighting disinformation using fact checkers coupled with artificial intelligence systems, these checkers are overwhelmed by the amount of data. Therefore, an approach is needed to solve these problems. An approach that goes beyond individual social networks or media platforms. And good news — it already exists! Exorde project was proposed as a solution to these problems — a global, open, censorship resistant and fully transparent information platform that ensures trust, relevance and neutrality in its data services. The Exorde ecosystem is built around a community-based platform, AI modules, and a token-based economy. This platform is decentralized, open and transparent. Exorde is built on the principles of a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), whose members work together to index the entire network, extract its unstructured information, relationships, similarities, trends, and any type of pattern in the information circulating throughout the Internet, regardless of platform or media. Each project participant extracts structured and hierarchical information from web pages, such as text. This knowledge extraction is a difficult part of the wok. This will be carried out by a hybrid combination of artificial intelligence and community-based work. The artificial intelligence component will allow you to recognize objects in the text, extract sentences, facts, compare them with each other and perform similarity checks. The Exorde Token Economy is the main component of every process: the participant’s work will be verified and then rewarded with an Exorde Token (EXD). The rewards will incentivize the fastest and most relevant work to be done as it will reward the participants doing the most valuable work. The token-based incentive model creates a favorable competitive dynamic by attracting the best data scientists, data collectors, and information seekers on the web. This decentralized and competitive dynamic ensures that Exorde increases the relevance, quality and speed of information gathering on the web, adding value to its services and products. Official links: Web-site | Twitter | Discord | Reddit | Telegram | Telegram Chat | LinkedIn | Medium
  11. Exorde — это протокол web3, который позволяет разработчикам собирать и связывать все общедоступные данные в Интернете. На рынке свободна ниша для веб-платформы для сбора и индексации данных. Exorde служить четкой цели в экосистеме Интернета и блокчейна, не имея прямых конкурентов. Exorde — это децентрализованное учреждение, постоянно создающее знания. Современные реалии таковы, что информация, размещенная в интернете, вытесняет информацию на бумаге. Сегодня в Сети размещено около 2 миллиардов активных веб-сайтов. В последние годы большое внимание уделяется росту фальшивых новостей. Цель Exorde – отслеживание распространения информации по всему Интернету. Разработчики проекта хотят объединить всю информацию по всему миру, бороться с поляризацией в социальных сетях и помочь каждому лучше понять историю, имея возможность прочитать ее со всех сторон. Нейтралитет, прозрачность и децентрализация остаются основными ключевыми параметрами протокола. Вся информация, попадая в интернет, может исказиться за считанные минуты и вновь распространиться за секунды. Любой подлинный контент (или нет) может быть повторно использован для создания вирусной поддельной информации, чтобы манипулировать общественным мнением и менять репутацию субъекта в ту или иную сторону. Сейчас трудно представить нашу жизнь без социальных сетей. Вся информация, которая была прочитана и просмотрена нами собирается и анализируется. Мы прочитали новость и получили новую подборку новостей, подходящих по нашим интересам. Вся информация наслаивается друг на друга и получается большой «снежный ком», где трудно найти первоисточник. Разработчики проекта считают, что проблема использования информации и проведения онлайн-анализа вирусности является глобальной проблемой, поэтому решить эту проблему можно только с помощью глобального подхода, который выходит за рамки отдельных социальных сетей или медиа-платформ. Есть несколько способов начать зарабатывать токены EXD прямо сейчас. И все они действительны при одном главном условии — сначала вам нужно присоединиться к Exorde Discord . Там есть вся доступная информация о способах получения EXD. На сегодня любой желающий может заработать токены EXD: Если вас приняли в амбассадоры проекта (количество мест ограничено, отбор в амбассадоры происходит из самых активных участников), то вы можете выполнять каждый день 6 задач (видео, статья, пост, комментарий в крупном сообществе, арт, мем). В конце месяца за все выполненные задания получаете награды с бонусами в зависимости от уровня амбассадора (New Ambassador , Ambassador, Experiencied Ambassador). Более подробно можно ознакомиться в Discord с правилами. Если вы не попали в число амбассадоров, не расстраивайтесь! У вас есть возможность получать токены проекта, выполняя 1 задание каждый день. Количество участников не ограничено. Комьюнити-менеджер ежедневно публикует задание в Discord, и участники данной программы могут его выполнить. Также bounty-hunters могут дополнительно публиковать контент в ветки Discord. Если контент будет действительно качественным, то могут дополнительно наградить токенами проекта и повысить до амбассадора (при наличии мест). Все заработанные токены можно отслеживать в специальной таблице. Также командой проекта регулярно проводятся аирдропы (розыгрыши) токенов за простые действия! Не упустите возможность стать частью проекта Exorde! Discord Twitter Website
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