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  1. Yes you are absolutely right. Same things also happened with me. At first i came here for earning but day by day i learn a lot from here.
  2. In this year TTC is the most profitable coin for me. I hold ttc $ months and it gives me good return.
  3. before starting post you should close look at all rules and obey all the rules and be original. I think your id never banned if you follow this tips
  4. As I probably am aware digital currency begun its excursion in 2009. in 2009 btc was first made and afterward btc was utilized to purchase pizza. in the wake of making btc it began getting famous to all.
  5. I think it's not the right option to quite job only for cryptocurrency. Yes, cryptocurrency is the future. I believe it but you should take your decision wisely.
  6. I have no particular favorite crypto influencer. I influenced my market and data and team
  7. I personally invest 1/3 of my total earnings in crypto for future. I believe cryptocurrency is the future.
  8. To me right now the best mobile app is tata. You can share your moments and earn TTC currency from here. Then you can convert TTC to BTC
  9. My all time favorite is bitcoin. But in the list I like LTC and XRP. I think this two coin has great future .
  10. If you don't want to invest then earning free bitcoin is obviously good option. But you have to invest lots of time for that also
  11. Max people say when crypto market was down that's the best time to buy cryptocurrency. But I think when bull run starts then the best time to buy cryptocurrency
  12. Don't trust this type of site. It's just hype site and this type of site scam anytime. So be careful
  13. Reputation is very vital. It shows us how important your account is. If we share useful or informative information that help others then obviously others members gives heart reaction and reputation increase
  14. china Government ETH is utilizing square to dispatch their tokens and coins, I think it is alright to settle on a decision, China will have the option to make their new coins and tokens extremely simple exchange in this square, and would like to carry something new to the crypto world.
  15. nowadays lots of company will give payments in cryptocurrency. Most of the ptc site also add cryptocurrency as payment option.
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