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  1. I already signing up with that trading sites but i still did not pass the know youre costumer and always declining my application and i dont really know why?.until i found out that our country was banned by registering to etoro
  2. There are alot of exchangers that are not really requiring know youre costumer verifications,just choose where you fits youre needs.goodluck buddy i hope we help with youre problem.
  3. I think yes.becouse sometimes its more money to spend in n mining in cellular phone than you will from it.and also it will affect the performance of youre cellular it is not profitable.
  4. Win

    Fold payment app..

    This is actually a very nice application with so many features and also it gives you a comfortable feeling when using is also very trusted app that makes pay out really quick i recommend this one
  5. The thing that makes me tired in cryoto is the thing that all of hyip investments are scammed so fast,all doublers are mot paying and lots of tokens or coins will end yo dead.and most specially those people who are saying cryoto currency is a scam.
  6. This will be a dream that never been in reality for now but in the near future i think it will happen.crypto currency are now spreading worldwide so fast and lots if country re making there own cryoto currency.
  7. I think in my own opinion it will be only just a dream project that will not happen in reality a big big project that is made by mark is stil on process but facing lots of problem and i think it will not release any time soon
  8. Win

    Are I banned ?

    If they are different devices you will nit get banned but if they are one device of course you will banned for that.multiple accounts in deferent devices is ok.while multiple accounts in one device is prohibited
  9. When it comes to crypto wallet i really like. Binance and of course coinbase . When itcomes to exchanger ilike binance also and yobit exchange(i don't like here is the fee on bitcoin) When it comes to forum stake forum and also my favorite cryoto talk forum
  10. Yes most of application are also waste if time and effort and some are also waste of mobile data.and also they are time consuming and electricity ussage so i don't really like earning apps
  11. I am using real me phone and they saying that this is also a gaming phone with the battery amphere of 5,000 and it last for more than 24hours.but i did not use it as a gaming but earning phone😅
  12. Yes you are right but sometimes we are just making a post out of curiosity and also becouse we are nit contented with the answers we get or answers we are reading so we are making a post again at a similar to others
  13. I joined in this forum.for the last three months ago and i found it really helpfull specially for me that my budget in everyday life is shorter.cryoto talk really hives me opportunity to earn profits.
  14. I don't really know when did started and also where it will end but my hopes is that it will stay for a long time becouse its really a good help most specially like me that are just only here yo make extra income and to learn about crypto
  15. Then use the top5 wallets in the market they are really legit and youre crypto are safe one is binance,blockchain,trust wallet(for tokens),coinomi and also the best for me the coinbase wallet
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