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  1. Great job, your informative post is really helpful for newbie user because when newbie join this site they are feeling boring for reach 100 post. So your instruction will help her.Thanks for sharing this.Good luck.
  2. Some newbie don't know which place they read this site post or comment all rules Instruction. So i give to share a screen shot that place highlight this pin post and i hope all newbie read this and don't mistake for posting.If my post is useful give me love react thanks.
  3. Yes you say right, your all information is truth.When i am joining this site my brother teach me about this option.So i know this option first time joining and i hope your post is really helpful for all newbie.Thanks for share this great info.
  4. Good question, Every day you can post her highest 50 but this site payment you for 30 post or comment.So i think your confusion is clear.
  5. You are newbie so first follow this section rules go to this forum first three pin post then post here.But i suggest you first read this forum all rules and follow beginner post ,comment then you understand how can they post here.
  6. Yes friend you say right, your all information is true.I also follow this instruction for my reputation growth.Thanks for sharing this topic post that help newbie user.
  7. Yes you say right but every day post or comment main target for earn free valuable crypticurrency and learn more knowledge. For helping are not reason but friendly we do that.
  8. Reputation are not fact here, you can not get benefit for it but negative reputation are not good for your account.If you need good reputation post unique topic post, informative post your reputation will fast grow like me see my reputation.
  9. Yes your all information is true, i also agree with you. Shearing your knowledge is more helpful for us also me because i am also a learner.Thanks for sharing this post.
  10. I did not know about this method. How can i done this free withdraw methods . Tell us details about this withdraw process. We are waiting for this because this site withdraw charge is so high if this process is true everybody will get help.
  11. Foe exchange Bitcoin first go to Yobit exchange site then sent BTC balance , click trade, search coin that you choose, select amount that you want then buy your exchange process done. Any business have rick but get profit you need some rick but i suggest you first invest small amount money .
  12. If people quote your post then you see her comment another it has to look inside the entire post. This reason not only happens you it is face everybody. But if you not get any notification go to notification setting and enable notification then save.
  13. Cryptotalk account verify mail is your yobit account mail.If you see your earning you need to add cryptotalk account with Yobit account.Another mail not see your earning.
  14. Yes you say right, some newbie join this site post here but not read this section posting roles. So they face many problem useless posting admin delete post and get warning point and some time their account banned
  15. Although this site not benefit for more followers but if you follow beginner member post comment you can understand how they post create and get more reputation. If you post more good topic you will get auto follower like me. My follower is now 39.
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