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  1. Hey dear, I joined in this forum last month in January 24 and I reached 1000 post too. Yes I am earning satoshi too and I am learn lot thing about cryptocurrency.
  2. If anyone want to create good content then they have to learn about crypto coin like bitcoin and any others coin. If you have a lot of idea about cryptocurrency in all sector, you can create good content in here.
  3. Dear mate, please stay away submitting twice comment in the same post. I think you can be ban posting twice comment in one post. Although there is no profit commenting twice in one post because it will coint once.
  4. If our topic go viral it Won't financial benefit but we can get lot love react to our post and can get lot of follower to our profile. At this process our reputation will increase, so viral post is effective to our profile.
  5. Hey, welcome to our community, first you have to read the forum rules and follow them. After reading the forum rules start post and comment at this fofum. Remember forum rules when you post or comment.
  6. Good advice my dear friend, we should not copy from others forun post or comment, if we did this our account will banned some day for sure. So wh have to share our own opinion or what I know about crypto coin.
  7. Congratulations for your 100 post reach, yes it’s a pleasing factor because our earning will after that. If you share informative content then your reputation will grow and we want to good post from you.
  8. Hey dear friend your tips is awesome and I not want to add any tips because all the tips you already share your post. Major tips is not to violates rules of the forum otherwise our account can banned immediately. Cryptotalk is a legit site and this forum still paying their user.
  9. Investment is always risk no matter what ever the business is and crypto coin investment is more risky but profit margin also high. So if you want to invest cryptocurrency research very carefully which coin will give good profit in the future.
  10. Great information dear friend, I got a great news for your post and the news is namecheap hosting company or website accept bitcoin as a payment method.
  11. Biggest enemy for cryptocurrency is government because they are not accept crypto coin as a legal money. I Don't see any negative thing for cryptocurrency.
  12. Hey dear fried is this a right information about buying gold in bitcoin, if the news is real then this is great news for crypto lover. But which company or shop accept bitcoin as a gold payment.
  13. Hey dear friend, I not see any web site like cryptotalk pay their user, even bitcointalk not pay like cryptotalk. So I suggest you work cryptotalk and earn free bitcoin.
  14. Hey, dear if you have a lot of money in your hand and want to invest in crypto coin then dont sell your personal bike because it’s essential parts in our daily life. So it’s up to you what you want to do your bike.
  15. This is really good news for cryptocurrency accepting bitcoin as a payment. Microsoft is a big company and they accept bitcoin as a payment option, very soon many retail company will accept bitcoin.
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