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  1. Hello my dear friend welcome for crypto world.we can easily use this from i suggeat first you follow the rules the main rule is only one account on one IP address don't copy another user post and per post use 100+ character in any post give proper time to the crypotalk.by the way crypto talk dont count unuseful conent.
  2. Hello my friend, yes, you are right. Thank you for your good information, I think it is necessary the top 30 currency are the best and i also like dise and i suggest that focus on the top 30 coin its help evryone
  3. Hello friend im also new and im first my 100 post compleat just 3 days your first 100 post you daily 30 ya 50 post but after your 100 ost compleat then you daily 30 post but crypto dont paymemt 30+ post my dear friend
  4. Hello mate good quistion cryptotalk reputation its very high for daily beacuse crypto always help peapole mane peapole work this site and good income and her little problem solve. Then peapole crypto loves always and share evry person so crypto reputaion its great.
  5. Hello my friend you dont wary the post must be minimum 100+ and miximum unlimited and very crefuly your post always useful connet beacuse cryptptalk dont count un useful post.
  6. Hello my friend welcome for crypto world its very simple my friend if new first your unpaid 100 post you daily 30 or 50 post and after 100 post compleat than evry day you make a 30 useful post and 1 post crypto give 1000 satoshi daily your 30 + post not count and crypto always useful post count.
  7. Hello dear mate if you new so my openion first of all you read very well crypto rulls and rgulation and second you compleat 100 post and per post 100 cracter minimum miximum unlimeted and you compleat 100 post then per post give a 1000 satoshi and you compleatly evry day you compleat 30 post and my friend crypto allways useful post count
  8. Hello my friend frist of all you read the very well crypto rulls and regulation second you compleat unpaid 100 post and your complea 100 post that crypto give a per post 1000 satoshi and evry day 30 post 30000 satoshi my friend very careful crypto dont count useless content so please read the follow rulls
  9. Hello my dear mate welcome for crypto joining first you very well crypto rulls and regultion then 100 un paid post your post at least 100 carcters minimum meximum unlimited dont copy another user post and dont multiple account this forum you dot follow rull then banned your account
  10. It is a technical issue from yobit,mane peapole facing that same problem my friend, but do not worry about that because the lot of money transaction happen daily in the yobit exchange the new commers may be face the money transfer problems because they have no proper knowledge i think yobit will solve the problem as soon as possible. So we need to give them sometime
  11. Hello my friend is Very simple. Go your profile in yobit exchange. Click on the yobit regestion and enter your email that you already entered in cryptotalk. You will receive email verify it by email. You will get UID on yobit after crypto campaign inter that your earnings will show there
  12. My friend you dont connect 2account 1yobit exchange account its not possible one crypotalk account will connect with one yobit account and your accounts will be suspend if you use multiple accounts and its against of community so first read cryptorulls and regulation
  13. Hello friend yes you are right.I agree with you.You share a very important topic.This post help all beginner member and i think there is alot of reasons that our comments may be deleted, when commenting we have to look what is the topic that we are now talking, so all time we must be need to make useful post friend.
  14. Hello my friend This is true for everyone to follow the rules of this forum, otherwise the matter will be reflected negatively on the member and you like to say that to read the rules of the properly.And not to copy paste anyone’s post otherwise Their is possibility for getting banned.
  15. You can simply convert your cryptocurrency in to USD on yobit exchange then you can transfer that USD and perfect money account and then to your bank account. I wish good luck and hope that you understand.
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