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  1. Thank you for mentioning this application that to purchase digital currencies such as bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, you should mention such applications in order for new members to know about them.
  2. Firstly, violating the laws and rules of the forum. Second, make copies of the comments of other members and paste them. Logging in with more than one cryototalk account from one device
  3. It cannot happen that Ethereum is the first competitor to Bitcoin that the xrp coin is a value currency and has successful projects and there is a great demand for it but it will not exceed the Ethereum
  4. Thank you for these clarifications, especially for the new members who do not know everything about the yobit platform. In my opinion, your explanation about the wallet position on the platform is best for new members.
  5. You are welcome first that the forum includes several sections, choose the section you want. Second, you must read the forum terms and conditions. Third, do not copy and paste, for fear of being banned. To earn, you must complete 100 posts or comments and then you will take 30,000 Satoshi for 30 posts or comments.
  6. I joined the forum to earn money and gain experience in the field of cryptocurrencies that the crypto talk forum is the best currently among all the forums
  7. Thank you for collecting most of the sites in one post. This is important for members, but coinmarketcup is the most common and used one
  8. For each cryptocurrency there is a minimum withdrawal limit for which withdrawal fees are added. I think you did not reach the minimum withdrawal limit. The free currencies that you get need a very long time to reach the minimum withdrawal
  9. There are many successful investment plans in the yobit platform and each plan has the amount of profits and what are its requirements that the investment in the platform is safe and there is no exponent of risks
  10. Thank you for mentioning most of the applications for earning money, but in reality the money that you will get is low in relation to time, a lot that you will spend. Perhaps these applications are good for beginners for a period of time, but you cannot rely on them permanently.
  11. This is correct. We must work to stop such bad actions. This is illegal and immoral and affects members of the forum. Thank you for bringing up this important topic.
  12. This forum includes many sections and it is easy to know if you have experience in one of them, this is a good thing, but if you do not have experience there is a section for beginners
  13. Yes, this happened already. I invited my friends at the university and collected Bitcoin from the faucets, and some of them were able to cover the expenses of the university because of his investment in cryptocurrency.
  14. marchal87

    Payeer wallet

    It is in my opinion the best wallet for crypto currencies ever in terms of transferring money to digital currencies inside the wallet or withdrawing money or depositing it on the other hand and now most investment sites support the wallet
  15. This information cannot be relied upon. Every cryptocurrency has its price and the amount of supply and demand varies from one currency to another, it may rise in some months that I mentioned, but that is not a constant thing.
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