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  1. In my opinion faucets doesn't worth your time because most of them dont pay food amount of Money about this site i didn't use it but it has more options than other faucet and it may be better and get you better income.
  2. I've heard a lot about cosmos and i think its a good project and can be more successful. In my opinion bnb and eth and btc are always good coins for investment.i am holding bnb and trx and waiting for alt season hope we all get good profit.
  3. I am also a student but im 12 grade and i have to study for final exam and i dont have a lot of free time but i try to spend my free time in the Best way and i spend about two or three hours a day in cryptotalk.last year was an amazing opportunity for me to learn but unfortunately i didn't use it.
  4. Yobit is and exchange and like all of other exchanges its a place for trading coins and tokens and its profit is from trading and withdrawal fees but the difference between yobit and other exchanges is opportunity for users to make money through different ways.
  5. Its great to hear that because it means crypto is getting more famous and when stores accept crypto as a payment method more people will start using crypto and about crypto in Venezuela I've heard they use it a lot and even they have their national crypto coin ! Which is great development for crypto.
  6. I agree with you @nochemand all of crypto doubler sites are scam or will be scam in near future so investing money in them is like throwing away money but i don't like gambling and prediction either and i prefer trading.
  7. @Joblin Marind cryptotalk campaign is for btc and you will receive 1000 sat for each post with positive reputation and cryptotalk new is for talk token and you will receive 10 talk tokens for any useful post and yes you can connect your account to both of them.
  8. @Sufyan Salihu exactly reputation important because it shows our post was useful for someone or not and its inspire us to keep sharing posts and also its important for payment because without out good reputation we won't receive 1000 sat.
  9. You are right Even if we respect all of the rules and share useful post but the topic was spam it will be deleted and our post will be deleted too , so it is so important to choice the right topic to post in.
  10. For it was trx but any coin or token can be profitable if you but at good time and sell at the good time. Also i like doing dirty trade with new coins with low volume you may lose all of your money or get a good amount of money its kinda habit for me and i did my 3 dollars in future binance 30 dollars !
  11. Yes sure yobit has been working for a long time and it is safe and secure and there is no risk to use yobit for trade ot holding and also yobit had more options to make money and its has good volume and with taking a little bit risk you can make so profitable trades.
  12. Btc payment is based on good reputations you get for posts and you won't get btc for posts without a reputation but you will receive talk token for all of your posts if they dont get bad reputation or get deleted.
  13. Hardware wallet are the most secure wallets. If you can afford a ledger wallet it is the best choice to hold you coins in but if you cant you can use any wallet that gives you private key such as coinomi, trust , blockchain.
  14. usdt has a stable price and its always worth about 1 dollar and when market is bleeding and most of coins are going down traders exchanges their funds to uadt and i think thats why it is most uesd coin in crypto.also since we can use trc20 platform to send usdt its fee decreased a lot.
  15. You can also receive btc but i think its not the main purpose of the topic and you mean the benefits we can get from the knowledge we've learned here ! So i have to say im already using my knowledge in trading and so far it wasn't bad
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