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  1. Yes i know it since long time but still not joined it is paying truly i also heard it is old exchenge and many users earned litecoin from it but i have not experience about this exchenge because i am using yobit exchenge for trading
  2. There is lost of application for earning you can find in playstore.but only few application is legit paing to us i suggest you try strom play and alian game app for earning this app. are paying since long time
  3. Right website looking like good i also heared about this mining sites paying truly.i will try it after sometime because i have to wait for few days to get it more good review and arrengment for investment fund
  4. Its depend on cryptotalk manegment department it will work long time or limited but i dont think cryptotalk is limited look like it will run long time till cryptocurrency live becauce knowladge never get end and this forum made for sharing our thoughts and knowladge
  5. Binjit


    Dont worry it will happen still you are new users on cryptotalk keep posting and commenting and share who you have knowladge will good reaction come on your post.just you have to try how to become full member
  6. This forum is only for them who is commenting or posting usefull post for boost new users knowladge about crypto or digital currency and sharing experience of news about it not for them who just want to copy past job
  7. I think your questions are not fair after you reach 427 your post i think you know everythings about cryptotalk forum and i think you earned around 300k satoshi from forum,cryptotalk forum is much help full for every new users and old users that is tru thats why you commented and reached 427 number of post
  8. Yes you are right cryptotabe browser is good and legit paying browser in bitcoin but mining is slow if have not much refferal we can not earn same like cryptotab giving us.I try it before but make my computer speed slow
  9. Its depend on you I think one million litoshi is not enough for do any things but you can trade it on yobit exchenge with little trade.or exchenge it in dogecoin and invest in good legit site who give you stable amount or invest in yobit investbox
  10. Yes agree with you strom play apps is good for earning but i dont know about bituro app.actually strom application was good when it old version and payed from only click but new version of strom app is little bit make confuse to earning
  11. Why you did not know benifit of cryptotalk.lots of benifit of this forum you can see new users are learning crypto knowladge from this forum,users are earning,making friends,learning about good or bad sites,making friends and connecting with echother from this forum
  12. I know many users are using luno wallet but still i dont know this is wallet or exchenge.many new crypto wallet is coming but instant hard to trust on it before not test or learn really about it but good sharing it about luno with us
  13. Cloud mining sites are very risky i know starting they are giving us free G/hs power for free mining but i saw when we reach minimum withdrow amount they are say us invest some amount before withdrow means you have to must invest in it better is avoid cloud mining sites
  14. About HYIP still i never find genuin hyip earning experience is hyip not paying us till our capital recover still i dont know why peoples are trusting on hyip program sites like this site giving payout to few users till become populer after then become scam
  15. I think there is lots of way for free earning crypto but i never see like cryptotalk forum giving platform to us for free earning i worked on faucets,ads watching sites,airdrops and bounty program but yobit exchenge and this forum look me good platform
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