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  1. In fact, my dear friend of course, you learn to trade here by picking up the knowledge and experience and I mean to read the comments and topics that explain trading. Good luck and good luck dear beloved of course my friends
  2. My friend, we must focus on useful content instead of money, because this useful content is what makes you able to develop your knowledge and experience. Good luck and good luck, dear loved ones, of course, my friends.
  3. Hello my friend, in fact, my way to create a comment is innovation, inspiration, focus and creativity. These are my focus in creating or creating comments. Very good luck and good luck, dear loved ones, of course, my friends in this wonderful forum.
  4. Yes, my friends, do not leave this wonderful forum before achieving your goal, because the goal is the main thing in this life and the goal makes you get rid of surrender because the goal is what is desired
  5. Yes, we are learning a lot and gaining a lot from this wonderful forum, and there are some people who do not focus on monitoring and evaluation because all they want is money only. Very good luck and good luck dear beloved of course my friends
  6. There are a lot of apps that can be deceived by the hacker fraudsters like Telegram has a lot of annoying scammers Hacking scammers Be careful and vigilant about these hacked fraudsters
  7. Newcomers can have effective or excellent participation because their experience may be developed and they have information about cryptocurrencies and the world of cryptography and trading.
  8. You are welcome, my dear friend, of course in this wonderful forum. Yes, I was the first thing I started working in Bitcoin. I was afraid and confused about what would happen to me, but when I learned and developed my experience and knowledge, I became faced with the matter easily
  9. No, my friend, I have not heard anything like this in this wonderful forum or this wonderful platform, or there are those who can help you, elderly people with high experience and knowledge.
  10. Yes, my friend, these currencies are important in our life, and the individual must be able to try them because they earn us money, and from behind this money, well our life has become better.
  11. Yes, my friend, of course I feel lucky to be here in this wonderful forum and in the world of coding because I have gained knowledge, experience and money and this is something that makes me happy in my life.
  12. In fact, my dear friend, I do not think this because they have really strict laws regarding cryptocurrencies or perhaps because no one can control them. Very good luck and good luck dear beloved of course my friends
  13. Acquiring Bitcoin is not easy, especially when your posts are deleted, so no easy work. All business needs experience, knowledge, and the ability to focus and patience.
  14. I think you put a wrong password. Retype the password, and that it is correct and strong. It is difficult for one to imagine it. Very good luck and good luck dear friends of course my friends
  15. Welcome my friend, as for me, I think it will not be the currency of the future because there are many countries that do not separate the use of cryptocurrencies because they have strict laws about cryptocurrencies. I hope you stay well.
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