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  1. Weekly Report (Week 10: 22 December - 28 December) Date: 28/12/2020 Cryptotalk username: Iharost Link to cryptotalk: https://cryptotalk.org/profile/217411-lharost/ Telegram username: @Iharost Betfury nickname: Iharost Link to posts Signature: 1.https://cryptotalk.org/topic/106981-the-coinstokens-that-you-think-will-have-a-better-future-comparing-to-others/?do=findComment&comment=11398391 2.https://cryptotalk.org/topic/7669-which-coin-is-top-perfoming/?do=findComment&comment=11400451 3.https://cryptotalk.org/topic/47530-will-there-any-super-bitcoin-be-generated/?do=findComment&comment=11408445 4.https://cryptotalk.org/topic/102856-cryptocurrencies-are-bubble/?do=findComment&comment=11459493 5.https://cryptotalk.org/topic/99064-false-news-in-the-world-of-crypto-causes-a-lot-of-loss/?do=findComment&comment=11461595 6.https://cryptotalk.org/topic/10997-warnings-about-buying-bitcoin-legal-problems-in-your-country/?do=findComment&comment=11464335 7.https://cryptotalk.org/topic/40420-support-deny-or-stay-in-shadow/?do=findComment&comment=11470928 8.https://cryptotalk.org/topic/108421-if-you-had-to-choose-between-faster-transaction-time-and-securityprivacy-what-would-be-your-choice/?do=findComment&comment=11491541 9.https://cryptotalk.org/topic/298357-what-makes-bitcoin-special/?do=findComment&comment=11495395 10.https://cryptotalk.org/topic/110833-always-try-to-be-an-investor-instead-of-a-short-term-trader/?do=findComment&comment=11497664 11.https://cryptotalk.org/topic/9508-is-it-true-that-samsung-is-looking-to-launch-a-cryptocurrency-project/?do=findComment&comment=11523408 12.https://cryptotalk.org/topic/41131-who-will-buy-when-bitcoin-will-on-highest-price/?do=findComment&comment=11530824 13.https://cryptotalk.org/topic/60584-how-will-the-financial-sector-will-be-with-crypto/?do=findComment&comment=11563985 14.https://cryptotalk.org/topic/17339-how-and-where-do-you-spend-crypto/?do=findComment&comment=11565246 15.https://cryptotalk.org/topic/26096-if-there-is-no-exchange-does-crypto-still-run/?do=findComment&comment=11570376
  2. As long as crypto exists there will be some exchanges... Now governments can do their best and prevent people from creating centralized exchanges but decentralized exchanges and trading platforms is out of their control and they can't do anything about them. It's one of the reasons why platforms like Uniswap are getting so popular day by day, because that way their users don't have to worry about these platforms going offline because of their new jurisdiction laws or something.
  3. Of course you should have some Bitcoin for long-term hold and on the side you should also have some BTC to buy stuff online. For example Amazon does support Bitcoin payment and as you know you can find almost anything there, in addition to that many software companies are now accepting Bitcoin a s a form of payment method, so there's a very good chance that if you want to buy a full version of a software you would be able to pay with Bitcoin, for instance Tradingview have premium plans which you can buy using Bitcoin.
  4. Better, faster, more efficient and with almost no chance of corruption. That's one of the main reason as to why government officials trying so hard to stop cryptocurrencies from more adoption with more tax laws and other restrictions. At the end of the day crypto would be best for the people to have alternative ways of using payment systems that have no relation to governments and so you know you're not being tracked all the time.
  5. How do you know that's the highest price though?, Right, you don't. That's the reason why so many people still buy even when the price is constantly increasing and considered to be too pricey to buy for some people. For instance let's say someone buys bitcoin at $25k which is really high in most people's opinion and after a while it goes up to $27k and he sells there with profit, that person still made the right decision regardless of the fact that bitcoin was not cheap, that's the main reason why so many people buy even when the price is really high, they still hope that they can get some profit out of this.
  6. Other companies would do the same if they had no restrictions regarding that. Samsung is a South Korean company and as you already might know that is one of the better crypto friendly countries and I believe that's why some other companies might have problem with adopting blockchain and any kind of crypto into their devices. Apple users also can buy crypto using Apple pay which means there are other companies that are stepping more towards crypto and blockchain technologies. https://asiatimes.com/2020/12/apple-pay-users-can-now-buy-crypto/
  7. That's actually true, new traders will find it very hard to make short-term profitable trades, well which is due to the fact that they just entered the space and have no idea how things work yet. They can just easily pick 2-3 good projects, and put a very small amount in each one of them and wait for a while so that they get into positive and sell them for a bit of profit, but it's very important to not invest too much specially if you're going to wait for long-term profit since if you put large amounts of money into coins and tokens you might need your funds for your expenses after some time and that means you could be forced to sell in loss.
  8. One word: Decentralization We live in a world or in countries that their governments put all their efforts into controlling their people and track their every step even when they're online, this will help them to predict any kind of trouble that can be caused by their people and be prepared for any kind of outcome(good or bad). You know what's the result of that?, it means people that are unaware of this would think they are free while as a matter of fact they're not and every single transactions that they make is being watched and tracked by banks which are a tool in the hand of governments and they can use those data against you whenever they want.
  9. I don't like XRP and I see that as a shady project that eventually could lead to disaster for its investors and traders and it's just a matter of time. If you want fast transactions it's better to go for Stellar(XLM) which is actually faster that XRP in terms of both speed and transaction fees and you could see it as a better version of Ripple over all and their team actually showing some sign of competency which don't exist in Ripple(XRP) at all.
  10. If the country you live in already have some rules regarding tax on crypto then it's better to comply with the rules just like others. Whether you like it or not tax is going to be received by the governments on crypto assets as well as other assets and Fiat so there's no point staying in the shadow, taxes are a source of income by governments so that they can build improvements in cities and pay for other expenses that every government has to pay for, if there was no tax it would be really hard to be able to afford all of these many state organizations and their workers income.
  11. Change your IP address using VPN, VPS or any tool that can safely change your IP to use crypto and you will be fine, it's almost impossible for governments to track every single person and see if they use any tools to change their IP and use crypto, considering it will cost a lot of money to do that and doesn't make sense for them financially, in US there are many people that use bitcoin or access to crypto platforms like that right now. You can not wait for the government of the country you live in to legalize crypto because many of them won't make it legal anytime soon and you really don't want to miss out on crypto train because of that.
  12. That was a thing of the past, now Bitcoin has been almost unaffected to all kind of bad news and more than anything else it shows market maturity. I suggest you to do the same and forget about all news because these news are being used by big market makers to make you sell or buy whenever they want you to so that they can buy cheaper and sell at higher prices, in a way you could say they use these news channels to change the market sentiment in a way that's in their benefit the most. So just stick to the technical analysis(TA) and fundamental analysis(FA) and don't bother and distract yourself with these noises.
  13. Those who say it's bubble are mostly those people that lost the opportunity to buy crypto and Bitcoin at cheap prices and with saying all those things they're trying to deal with the fact that they missed out. Never listen to the voices of people that have no experience in crypto and maybe just heard some information about this on some news channel or something, instead you can use your time well and read tons of articles that was wrote by those that actually have some experience in crypto and really educate yourself and get better at what you're doing while you're active in crypto space.
  14. What do you think other projects and coin are doing or at least trying to do?, there are already many other coins that managed to be faster than Bitcoin and also have cheaper transaction fees, but of course they were able to do that now because things are different and in a form easier now than in 2008-2009 when Bitcoin was created. In 2009 what Bitcoin managed to establish was great but it's just that every technology gets old no matter how well you built and the only thing you can do is either update it (like what Bitcoin lightning network did to Bitcoin) or just create another coin.
  15. 2020 was the year of Bitcoin, as for the growing in price potential I would take a look at Ethereum since I believe it still didn't have the increase in the price that it should've had. $1200-$1300 Ethereum should be easily achievable in 2021, as your probably know that they still haven't released ETH 2.0 that could bring some new feature that no one still knows about it which will eventually lead to huge increase in demand in the coming year.
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