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  1. That wouldn't be something good for the forum, reactions(both positive and negative) should be only used when you think that a post is worthy of it and not just to complete 50 ratings to get the full payment, for example if you give a couple of these positive ratings to some people that do not deserve it or even worse when their post is just a spam your are kind of giving validation to their behavior which is not good. If members post low quality content and get positive rating for it they obviously would put less effort into their post and lower the quality of their content as much as they can, in addition to all that it also makes the whole rating system irrelevant since the quality of a post has nothing to do with the ratings you get while if all members instead of just giving their ratings randomly to anyone based on nothing took some time to go through different topics and look for high quality posts we would definitely see more good quality posts or at least less spams in the forum.
  2. Giving anyone negative ratings because of disagreement about a subject is not a good attitude, but then again if it's just one wrongful negative rating and that person in question does not go on and continue giving your other posts negative ratings as well that should not matter to you that much, it's better to just move on and continue contributing to the forum as you were and when you are a good poster these small number of negative ratings ultimately would not matter at all.
  3. I never understood why so many people fall for such a poor attempt at scamming people out of their money, if any platform promises you like 10% a day or 300% a month that is a obviously some kind of a scam, also keep in mind that many of these kind of platforms might pay you the first time just to make you think you can trust them so that you invest more money into their platform but be aware that they can exit scam at any second, Just think of it as the owner of that investing platform, if you were the owner of such platforms how could you pay such a high return to the investors for long term apart from using other new investors money to pay for the previous investors, there is no magical way or method of earning high percentage of money in a short period of time, however you can get sometimes lucky and make a very good money by investing in something or trading something but that is pure luck and there is no guarantee in that and has no sustainability .
  4. True, there are countless of opportunities everywhere in crypto but with those opportunities also comes risk(sometime a great amount of risk) which means if you take that opportunity and somehow that does not work out as you though it would you can lose most of your investment that you could invest(long-term) in a well built fundamentally strong project and maybe make more than 10-20x in just 2-3 years.
  5. Yeah, Stellar is also one of the really good ones with bright future, I don't know if you used this coin yet or not but the transactions for this coin is really fast(faster than XRP even) and the transaction fee is very small(lower than 0.001$), fast transactions and low fee gives a very good edge to this coin in terms of adoption and use case and it wouldn't surprise me if some years from now we see more online stores supporting this coin in their payment system.
  6. Only one of the reasons could be the fact that bitcoin is in limited supply and there will be no more than 21 million of it available, there are other more important reasons that help the value and use case increase too, the fact that bitcoin is decentralized is one of those reasons, knowing that bitcoin has nothing to do with governments and banks help bitcoin to be more popular among people and they tend to trust it more than a currency which was created by government and is controlled by governments and their banks. One other important reason is the technology behind it, anyone normally would prefer to use a digital asset that can be sent as a form of payment without any need for intermediaries and extra fees(except a small transaction fee) that is way more secure than what traditional banking system offers.
  7. I don't think it's against the rules and I also personally see nothing wrong with that, they are basically choosing their own username and if they want to name themselves anything they are free to do so, after all it's their username and they are the one that are going to be wearing it. Also if this is going to be a truly decentralized forum it should stay that way, they should not get involved in these small matters that are members choice and instead they should focus on real important stuff that needs to be done for this forum to grow further.
  8. I think no one can predict that far ahead since crypto will stay at least for next 100 years or so and during this time crypto will only evolve and get better but I don't think it will be replaced by anything else anytime soon, for us to be able to predict that far in the future like in next 100 years we should know a lot of other things like financial situation, banking system and many other things and how they work in that time in the future, A lot of things can change in that much of a long time and that makes it impossible for anyone no matter how much educated to give any accurate prediction on it.
  9. First you have to buy yourself a secure hardware wallet like Trezor then after storing your coins there you can keep the hardware wallet somewhere secure and since it is offline your hardware wallet is secure from any online threats, although if you want a good free option you should install one of the various secure software wallets like Electrum, Trust wallet or other good known software wallets. But more importantly you should know to never use any web/online wallets if you want maximum security from online attacks because they are connected to internet hence are exposed to online threats.
  10. The coins that you mentioned are not that volatile so if if you are a trader that is looking for a high return they probably are not the best choice for you, but there's also the fact that they are well proven coins with strong background and they are a bit more trusted than some random coin on coinmarketcap which means if you are one of the traders that don't want to risk that much and is okay with getting less profit then they are perfect for you, they are specifically great for scalping, I would add Ethereum and Tron to the list since they are in the same category as those three coins mentioned.
  11. All countries will benefit from using crypto and adopting blockchain technology but third-world countries will definitely be the ones that can benefit from it the most, the main reason would be because these countries have no strong economy to rely on and because the income rate in such countries is very low they are more prone to corruption too, traditional financial system is not that secure to such behaviors and because of that corruption will eventually lead to weak economy and as the result the devaluation of that currency. Cryptocurrencies with using blockchain technology can take all the measures necessary for a healthy financial system and it will do it for free, except some transactions fees which still will be way lower than the cost that governments have to pay for extra paperwork and intermediaries in the process in the traditional system.
  12. I don't think it's only exchanges that have fake bounties, ever since after altseason of 2017 ended the number of ICOs dropped significantly and those that had bounties going on was either scam or did not pay much to the participants. What is happening now is that because of bitcoin and altcoins recent movement to the upside that means more trading volume and liquidity so as the result more projects prefer to start as an exchange or DeFi instead of anything else.
  13. This is an old post but just a reminder for new members: If you are using this kind of tools to make sure your are using enough characters then you are doing it wrong and there's a good chance that apart from lack of enough characters your post lacks in other factors like in meaning too. Don't just look at this forum as a source of payment and try to change your perspective on the whole thing, think of it as a way of increasing your knowledge and sharing your knowledge with other members and participating in discussion that also pays you something at the end and not the other way around. You do that for a couple of days and I'm pretty sure you will have a better and easier time in the forum and more importantly you will see that the quality of your posts is increasing and because you will get better rating on your posts the amount of payment will increase too.
  14. Yeah, that's the problem with these new projects that come out every day as a DeFi and get listed immediately on Uniswap, if anyone is investing in any project DeFi or not and while it has anonymous team all the while their website just was create a few days ago they should be aware of the risk they are taking, I know that some people that just buy these tokens and look at it like gambling even, if you are a serious investor and you are looking forward to making some money with your investment do not ever even for one day invest in a coin/token that has anonymous team no matter what.
  15. Banks and governments comes to mind, most other people have no problem with it and actually prefer to use crypto because it's decentralized and so have no relation with the government of their country which gives them more assurance in terms of security and privacy, but no matter how hard they try to keep people from using crypto and add new tax laws and even make it illegal they can only delay the universal change in payment and how people keep their money but they most certainly can not prevent it.
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