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  1. if you don't have good contents to post. or if you are completely new to cryptocurrencies, you can start by asking questions and the other members will answer them as you learn
  2. fiat world is a was favourible for the physical transactions and perfectly replaced the barter system. crytpocurrency is ideal for online transactions and will best fiat
  3. the time may be diffrent for diffrent people in the forum for me my time is three minutes before i can post another post in the forum this is equivalent to 180 seconds
  4. if you can afford 20 btc and even if the decline in its price will not affect your financial budgets and your wealth you can hold onto the coins and see them increase in value
  5. - for a website to be successful you need traffic and people to visit it more frequently. hence your website project outreach should be well planned in advance. - investment incurs losses this it he biggest danger
  6. could you do this with the help of a picture please. word only made me confused but i am more than willing to try this even today. i am not confident yet until i fully understand the procedure
  7. post quality information and engage more with other members. through these follows and likes and post comments. your reputation increases as time goes
  8. from my place i go to local bitcoins where i easily and safely convert fiats into bitcoins. this is the most simple of the methods. and local bitcoins was purposely created for this
  9. ethereum may get very close to bitcoin but it will not overtake it in value. with time bitcoin gets more and more valuable. ethereum also gets valuable but it has to undergo all the steps like bitcoin. unless an improvement or development happens
  10. ethereum is the top performing coin of 2020 so far. it shows great promise of becoming the next bitcoin. ethereum will no doubt get to 1000$ at some point
  11. the more the participation and market penetration of a project the more likely it is for the coin to be of big value. most of the high value cons have a large user base
  12. think of cryptocurrencies as fiat money in your pocket or wallet. you do not want anyone tricking you or gettting near it. this same concept applys on cryptocurrencies
  13. if a member chooses to participate in this forum it is because they want to earn knowledge or contribute knowledge to others. it has no relation to trading of cryptocurrency
  14. you are allowed to reply to your posts or quotes,this forum is al about interaction among members. hence you are not limited to stop replying to your posts
  15. as a cryptocurrency beginner you are most likely going to check out bitcoin first before hoping into the other currencies. even though the price of most good coins is high
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