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Found 110 results

  1. Мы видим все больше и больше разговоров о криптовалюте со стороны нынешней администрации президента США, но, несмотря на определенные заявления председателя SEC, общий подход, похоже, заключается в ожидании и постепенном изучении, а не в немедленных действиях. Администрация Байдена продолжает готовиться к введению законов, регулирующих отрасль криптовалют, и в настоящее время ходят слухи о проекте указа, который говорит о том, что федеральные агентства смогут влиять на отрасль криптовалют. Почему это важно? Указ будет самым самым главным решением по управлению криптоиндустрией, рассматриваемой в регулирующих кругах как возникающая угроза финансовой стабильности. Тем не менее, если описание этого приказа, согласно которому агентства будут изучать и предлагать рекомендации по регулированию криптовалюты является точным, это может быть еще одним многообещающим признаком для отрасли в целом. А что думаете вы? Какие дальнейшие действия США относительно криптовалют?
  2. source: As many people know, most crypto mining operations, especially Bitcoin, are located in China. But since crypto mining can consume a lot of electricity, one region from China decided to pull the plug on mining. As the article in the link above mentioned, Inner Mongolia plans to shut down existing miners and block new miners from operating. This move by Inner Mongolia may then cause a ripple effect on nearby provinces as the country is trying to commit on its promise to reduce its carbon emission as part of its pledge to reduce global warming. The effect of this news to the crypto world? Traders may start to panic if this is to be taken as negative news, and crypto prices may fall as a result. But if taken in a (slightly) positive light: in the case of Bitcoin, lesser miners will mean lesser supply to flood the market with, and Bitcoin miners outside Chinese jurisdiction can enjoy lesser competition. Prospective new crypto mining projects may want to seek better locations for their crypto mining operations. Aside from my conjecture above, how are the crypto miners going to react to this? And how about you? How do you think this news is going to affect you?
  3. source: On this breaking news, the El Salvador president Nayib Bukele announced a proposal to make Bitcoin legal tender. Not just legalized currency, but also a legal tender, to be used alongside other currencies like the US dollar. And with an apparent majority of allies in that particular country's legislature, the chances are quite high that such a proposal will be accepted without much internal resistance. How such a policy is going to be implemented via infrastructures, information dissemination, etc. may be discussed at a later time. To make things short, El Salvador plans to stop putting all its eggs into one basket (the US dollar in this case, and fiat in general) by going into cryptocurrencies. And apparently they "don't trust themselves" into making their own crypto coin like what Venezuela has done before, so they'll adopt Bitcoin instead. Smart move IMO. And cryptocurrency adoption will most likely not end to just Bitcoin. The possibility of adopting other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Tron is open, for more scalability options offered by other currencies Bitcoin currently has trouble with. Details are provided in the link above. This news is quite significant. Becoming the first country to fully adopt an existing cryptocurrency (NOT making a CBDC like other countries are attempting) has its own perks. For one thing, this paves the way for business involved in cryptocurrencies to set up operations in the country. Crypto miners from China in particular are currently seeking out possible safer havens due to alleged "persecutions" they've been getting recently, and if El Salvador can provide enough energy for these miners, it can become a prime crypto mining hub. Another thing is the local population becoming a potential market for crypto businesses. Remittances from oversees adds significantly to El Salvador's economy and crypto coins that can provide quicker and cheaper solutions than traditional transactions will become the fore. One of the challenges to be faced is to how to educate the local population about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and how to protect them from crypto-related fraud. Time will tell whether the measures to be put up by the government in the future will prove to be effective and resilient enough to withstand that challenge. More analysis on this is provided on this link from Coindesk.
  4. source: With the fast rise of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in particular, one would wonder what happened to the government's regulatory behavior (the US in this case, as highlighted in the article). Now, according to a CEO of a major crypto exchange, that strict regulation/s may be coming soon to pour cold water on the rising cryptocurrency market. The CEO of Kraken, Jesse Powell, has warned that the US and other countries might start to act on the warnings of a few high-profile individuals who has professed disdain for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. IMO, a new regulatory proposal may have already been prepared as of this moment and will be announced in the near future. This could affect one other major news: the public launch of Coinbase on the stock exchange. Wary potential stock holders should closely monitor the news regarding the US government's current stance on the cryptocurrency issue and act accordingly. Recent US investors who took advantage of the stimulus checks provided to them should also be wary. They should properly secure any crypto holdings they have and take caution when dealing with US-based exchanges. As for other crypto enthusiasts outside of US jurisdiction, be aware of how your own government will react to the US moves. If they plan to imitate the US, your crypto holdings may get affected as well.
  5. Что такое “Zero to One”? Или как зарабатывать в новой экономике создавая новые источники пассивного дохода? 💰 Я как представитель криптовалютной биржы Эмирекс, приглашаю всех желающих посетить этот вебинар! Думаю такой шанс выпадает не часто послушать опыт создателей крупных платформ, причем бесплатно. Когда: в 14:00 (мск) , 16 июня (вторник) 2020 года. Организатор: CEO Clubs Network Exclusive CEO Clubs Network Exclusive — это не классическая конференция, а сообщество единомышленников, которые делятся своими идеями, полезной информацией о новых возможностях создать и увеличить доходы от инвестиций. Впервые встреча пройдет полностью онлайн и охватит участников со всего мира. Присоединяйся к международному вебинару где практикующие лидеры индустрии расскажут о новом подходе к инвестициям и поделятся практическими рекомендациями "бери и делай". На выходе у вас будет все чтобы создать стабильный пассивный доход без глубоких (специальных) знаний и больших затрат времени. Спикеры: 📍Ray Fares - CEO компании Chatello - onDemand Monetization 📍Jorge Sebastião - CISSP, CTO, Advisor, инвестор, международный спикер 🦸‍♂️Специальный гость - Григорий Рыбальченко, основатель и CEO EMIREX Group, ведущей криптобиржи Ближнего Востока и стран Африки с многомиллионным оборотом. 🚀 Не пропусти свой шанс поучаствовать и задать вопросы!👇 🔥 Мероприятие бесплатное, но регистрация обязательна. Регистрируйтесь по ссылке
  6. After bombshell announcements from late last year to early this year regarding major companies' adoption of cryptocurrencies, Amazon is poised to be the next behemoth for taking on cryptocurrencies as part of its system. Or so it seems. Just a couple of days ago or so, a report suggested that there are plans for Amazon accepting Bitcoin before this year ends. But just a few hours ago, Amazon released a new statement denying that rumor. The article where the positive news came out is in this link: The article where the company denies that report is here: So, what's the real deal? Is the company going to do it or not? Meanwhile, the news made a significant effect on the crypto market. Bitcoin has finally broken out of the $30,000-ish rut and is now touching the $40,000 mark again after falling out from the $60,000 ATH. Amazon's (rumored) move is being touted as the reason for the rise, but as of this writing, the company's denial has yet to make its impact.
  7. source: John McAfee has always been active on social media like Twitter posting comments on cryptocurrencies. And now it seems like the authorities finally got to him. He and his bodyguard has been arrested on charges related to cryptocurrencies. Apparently McAfee and his associates have for years been "influencing" crypto prices to swing their way and reap profits while doing so. Add to that the millions of untaxed $$$ that has been made and secretly kept from such a racket. Details on the news can be found in the spoiler above and in the link provided. If the accusations are true, then we've been played for fools all along. Imagine, if for example McAfee denounces a coin, his many followers will pick up on the news and its price will go down, creating a panic situation. That is where he (or his associates) will step in and buy out those underpriced coins. Or he invested in a coin whose price is going down the drain; to prevent that, he praise the coin on social media to make the coin rise due to the hype. And many crypto users have fallen for his trap. How do you feel about this news? And what is your opinion?
  8. The US has always been flip-flopping on whether or not it should allow digital currencies to enter and influence its economy, without the restrictions imposed as of today. This time, things might become different as the US Federal Reserve finally plans to enter the cryptocurrency market by issuing its own coin. But it's not being hasty about it: it's asking for feedback from experts and the public by opening up a debate this summer, which is to be presumed somewhere between July and August. Below is the video... ...and an article about this major news. source: There were some attempts by private US companies before in them issuing their own coin, with negative feedback from the US government because of its critical view of cryptocurrencies. Such was the case with Facebook's Diem (formerly Libra). But now, as indicated in the video, the US may have concerns over its standing in the digital currency technology as it acknowledges that it is lagging behind other countries in this field. And not to be left behind, IMO a US government-issued cryptocurrency for them is becoming a necessity for the purpose of staying ahead of other countries in digital currency. Details on how the public is going to provide feedback to the debate has not been discussed in the video and article. Procedures on how to do so may come at a later date, should the preparations on the debate goes smoothly. Also to be expected are the questions everyone might have as a concern. Some of these may be: Details of the planned US digital currency (white paper) Benefits and risks of that US digital currency The role and standing of other digital currencies in the US economy Whether or not the currency is available to US citizens only Any more questions you feel the debate should tackle? Just post them below. P.S. This topic will be updated with the debate itself once a related article is released.
  9. Dear friends, The Broxus team has released a browser extension that allows you: 1) Keeps your data private🗝 2) Works independently from developers - you can install it from the Chrome Store or build it for yourself🤜🤛 3) Open-source and the code is available on GitHub 4) Contains fully functional Web 3.0 under the hood:oncoming_automobile: 5) Works with all kinds of popular Free TON wallets (even Surf!):surfer:♂ 6) Has a cool design You can download it from the Chrome Store: The team will be grateful for good ratings and reviews in the App store !:pray: #Broxus #Chrome P.S. I am authorized to post this content from the Free TON community.
  10. The new contest is running that aims to properly test the node which is written in Rust and if you have no ideas about the programming language written for the Free TON blockchain network, it is C++. Free TON already has the ability to process thousands of transactions per second but Rust cup is expected to bring a massive change for Free TON blockchain by outperforming the fastest Solana blockchain which is claiming it has the ability to process more than 50K TPS. You can check the full article here: What do you think? Will Rust cup me the important step for the entire blockchain industry to bring the change?
  11. One of the major driving factors of the price of any crypto is the push that a crypto sees when there is panic buying because of fear in that coin. This is often referred to as FOMO, which stands for Fear of missing out, and this is precisely what is predicted to happen with Ethereum. With the introduction of Ethereum 2.0, Ethereum has finally passed the $500 mark and this is the first time that the currency is seeing such high prices in the last three years. However, this may just be the beginning in the price increases. According to an article that was published today, a technical analysis of the coin shows that the next marker for the value of the coin is likely to be around $700. If you consider the coin in its entirely, you will see that over the course of this year the value has risen by around 455%. And with the introduction of Ethereum 2.0, the bull market and the crypto FOMO can cause the demand to increase even further resulting in price surges that could reach the $700 mark. What do you guys think? Do you believe that the market will continue to rise, in which case it would be a great time to invest in ETH or do you perhaps think that the crypto market overall is reaching a peak and ETH along with the other crypto may soon fall, giving us an opportune moment to buy the coins? This is the link for the article if you would like to see more on this:
  12. User is saying that he haven't accessed the wallet since 2017. Now old Electrum wallets were susceptible to phishing, and new versions should always be loaded trough the original site, not trough the wallet popups suggesting an update. 1400 btc is a lot of money, but anyone not storing that much in a cold wallet probably have way more as they weren't doing enough precautions.
  13. I was juts reading Forbes news and I found this news about a guy called Virgil Griffith, who was arrested for teaching about cryptocurrency. Man! I thought The US had accepted crypto in 2018 at least that is what i was told, then what is this? According to the aritxcle maybe The US has not fully accepted crypto juts like China. you can read more at UPDATE; The man was arrested for teaching crypto in north Korea, But he was arrested by the US authorities, brings another question, why would they arrest him, I mean he had no permit to travel there and do all that but still.
  14. Do you exclusively blame DeFi for rising ETH gas fees today? As DeFi is becoming a craze, many articles and reports contend that the rising ETH gas fees can be attributed to it. But this particular article insists otherwise. It is postulating that even though DeFi can be considered a culprit, it is not the only one. There are other factors that influence the rising gas fees as well. Among those other factors pointed out are multi-signature platforms and the costs of creating forwarding contracts. source: Sure, we can play the blame game with DeFi or any other causes out there, but the problem with gas fees still remains. If a solution can be made, it better be done soon, as Ethereum users' dissatisfaction with its current situation might jeopardize ETH's position as the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Do you agree with the article's point in that DeFi is not the only major problem with todays's gas fees? Or is DeFi definitely to blame since the other problems it pointed out were already in existence for so long?
  15. Some people only read price predictions when they want to invest in a particular coin. This is a common method but news is also a very important source of gathering information about the future of crypto coins. For example, sometimes you read in the news that a certain finance or a big company have plans to start a project for a particular coin. This kind of news often leads to the increase in value but the effect could be anything. Have you ever invested in any coins based on cryptocurrency news? Which one do you think is more reliable as the basis for investment, news or price predictions?
  16. In Crypto field as we already know we must keep our eyes open and keep monitoring the market to avoid losses or for grabbing the profit opportunity. I'm going to cover top platforms and resources to stay updated with Crypto world and with their benefits. (All platforms mentioned below has direct links to their website. You can access them with one click. A)News Sources: News sites are the most important source to stay updated with recent action of Crypto field. We can get early information and rumours regarding further updates so we became the first to grab popularity. Some news sources that I do suggest for following are: Decrypt Coindesk Cointelegraph 4.News Bitcoin B) Social Media: Social media are the places where we get updates from the projects we are following. Big Players and CEO posts updates about their projects and coming features. You can make accounts on them and get attached with your favourite projects Updates. Twitter YouTube Telegram Facebook (I use Facebook rarely) Discord Twitter is my favourite among all. And keep in mind there are hype of fake projects on social media so stay attached only with legit. C) Crypto Forums: Crypto forums are the great source for getting knowledge and views from different Crypto lovers around the globe. You can join them and be a part of the Crypto community and earn too while learning and sharing views. Cryptotalk (Personal Favourite) Bitcointalk Read.Cash D) Price Monitoring and Alert: There are many platform for monitoring the price of assest and managing portfolio. Most Popular and widely used are: Coingecko Coinmarketcap You can use them to monitor the price movements, market cap ,volume and many more. You can set alert on particular coin. If that coin reaches your expected price you will get notifications instantly. Coingecko also allows us to watch the liquidity pools information and best APY to choose among different projects if you are into De-Fi. E) Performing Technical Analysis: For Technical Analysis everyone's favourite is TradingView. You can do a technical analysis on any coin using TradingView. It's free with almost all needed feature. You can upgrade to standard package if you start earning and need more features. These are the ways and platforms I use to get attached with Crypto world and get most of the contents and information from. If you are using more platform than mentioned here, please feel free to introduce them in comments.
  17. A bitcoin wallet that holds more than $175 million in bitcoin, is being passed around among hackers in an effort to see if any of them can crack and access the funds. The chief technology officer at the Hudson Rock corporate network security, named Alon Gal, is currently in possession of the wallet. However, being in possession of the wallet is not all that it is cracked up to be, as he is unable to access the wallet yet. The key to having access to the wallet and its funds, is to be able to crack the password from the wallet.dat file. However this is highly encrypted and according to Gal, it may even require a quantum computer, and in his opinion it does not seem like it will be hacked soon. For the full article check out the following link:
  18. 🚀 From Zero to Hero. Get Ideas That Will Shape Your View Of Building Extra passive income!💰 - How to generate money in these new economic conditions? - Is it really too late to become rich and build strong revenue? - Earn money even while you are sleeping. Sounds great learn how to make it true Speakers: 📍Ray Fares CEO Chatello - onDemand Monetization 📍Jorge Sebastiao CTO , Advisor & International Speaker 📍Grigory Rybalchenko Founder & CEO EMIREX GROUP 🔥 Join our experts will introduce opportunities and guide us on how to generate money in this new economy, build a strong revenue, and earn passive income.👇 Date: Tuesday, 16 Jun 2020, 3:00 PM (UAE Time) BOOK YOUR VIRTUAL SEAT NOW! : [BOOK YOUR VIRTUAL SEAT NOW! : [http:/]
  19. Will we see Bitcoin returning to $ 19,600? As we all know, we are facing a detailed week for the Bitcoin price! Several factors made us think about a strong return to Bitcoin's maximum price of $ 19,600! The factors are the following: 1 - The daily closing of Bitcoin above the price of $ 14,000: Many experts previously said that any closing of the Bitcoin price above the price of $ 14,000 means a massive increase in the price! 2 - US election results: Many experts expect the bitcoin price to rise well with the announcement of the results of the US elections What is your expectation? Tell us in a comment
  20. The ripple coin over the last few years has not really stood out in terms of its value changes and trade potential. In fact if you look at the value of the coin, it is significantly lower that its ultimate peak point, with the coin struggling to being accepted as a crypto by merchants. The advantage of it is of course the lower transaction fees, however, with the lower value many are reluctant to accept the coin. However, now the ripple coin seems to be showing price as the price is reaching the 0.30 dollar mark. There is also one crypto analyst and trader who believes that this could be next rise in ripple coin and wee may see a rend that is similar to the shape of a parabola, with the price of ripple possibly increasing all the way to $0.80. Whilst the speculation for this prediction cannot be guaranteed and confirmed at the moment, the trader and analyst is confident that he next few days will provide valuable insight into where the ripple coin is going in the future. Do you guys think that ripple has a very bright future ahead? to be honest i like the ripple coin, but this price prediction of over doubling the coins value does seem a bit far fetched to me and a bit unrealistic, but then again in the crypto market anything is possible. Something that is worth a lot today could be worth nothing tomorrow and vice versa. The following link is the full article for your perusal:
  21. For those of you that have never heard of MoneyGram before, it is one of the payment giants. Last year, Ripple (XRP) decided to invest and partner up with MoneyGram, investing in 17% of the company's outstanding shares. In total, over the last year, Ripple has paid out around $52 million to MoneyGram. A recent article shows that after just one year though, Ripple is set to cash out on 33% of the stake that they have in MoneyGram. The reason behind liquidating this stake is unclear however, as there is no official reasoning or statement that has been given by Ripple (XRP). Perhaps this could be a pure profit based liquidation and similar to how we trade in crypto. When ripple started with the partnership and bought shares, they paid $4.10 per shar, which has now surged to $7.42 per shar. this is roughly an 80% profit that ripple will be making which is very attractive. Therefore this could be a strategic decision on the part of ripple, yet I am not sure. What do you guys think about this? Do you think that such a move will affect the value of ripple in a negative or positive way? Let me know your thoughts. I am looking forward to it.
  22. For all people interested in the Trezor Wallet, I'll start posting a full description and update news articles about the wallet. In my opinion, Trezor Wallet is one of the safest to keep your coins safe. I use Trezor now for 2 years. Since there is no dedicated Trezor topic, I thought I'd make one. Quote from bitcoin wiki: As of this moment, Trezor wallets supports more than 1000 coins/erc20 tokens
  23. Kucoin, a well-known third-party exchange that allows users to buy and sell hundreds of cryptocurrencies. The platform is often regarded as one of the cheapest exchanges in the industry, not least because they offer super low trading fees. The exchange was hacked in September and lost more than $280M in assets to hackers have recovered almost 84% back of that capital totalizing in $236M. This recovery was announced on the CEO's twitter account Johnny Lyu on Nov. 11, 2020. His tweets states that the funds are recovered and just need to be returned to the platform and the law enforcement forces are working on that and soon more developments will be released officially in the firm channels to announce what have been done during the time the company and law team were working to recover the stolen funds. The hacking resulted and led access to the company's funds where they exploited and leaked its private key. The platform have been saying that they know who did the hacking and was working to catch the person/s involved to get back what they have stolen from the exchange. This incident is always there for a long time and these companies reveal major incidents/issues when they don't have choice. In the past MT.GOX was the first to shut down due to hacking where the company lost a lot of money to the criminals. Binance, the biggest exchange in terms of volume transactions have been hacked and lost 700 bitcoins to criminals as well. Recently, Bitfinex and UPbit also lost large quantities of assets to hackers and Bitfinex even opened a reward contest trying to get back some of the stolen funds. This field is associated with risks and problems involving things like this. Exachange platforms like Kucoin needs to upgrade their security system to combat against this hackers who are learning more tricks to pass the barriers and steal platform and individuals funds.
  24. 🚀 💥 Dazzling Life Airdrop x DAZZ Lite Token Airdrop 💥 Beginning April 12, 2021, at 12:00 Moscow time 🔚May 01, 2021, 23:59 GMT (or earlier - if the pool is disassembled) 👋 # 1 Create a new account on Dazzling Life using any referral link (contact a lich or find a sponsor in social networks) Reward: 10 DAZZ Lite Tokens (~ $ 1.13) Total pool: 5,000 DAZZ Lite 👋 # 2 When activated for any license 60% of the entry amount, bonus with DAZZ Lite tokens Reward: for the tariff scale from 43 to 1156 DAZZ Lite (~ $ 1.13) Total pool: 25,000,000 DAZZ Lite 👋 # 3 🕑 until May 1, 2021 1) record a video about the company: - tell us about what DAZZLING LIFE is and why you trust us - how to register and how to purchase a package 2) put the video on your YouTube channel 3) write your referral link and hashtag #dazzlinglifegetyourestate in the video description 🚀 we will find your video on YouTube using the hashtag and issue 100 DL tokens using the referral link. the best video will receive - 1000 DL 😎 📣 Rewards will be distributed within a week after the end of the distribution 📣 No verification
  25. Recently there has been a major bull market in the bitcoin field and in fact this was also evident in other crypto currencies as well. Over the last month we have seen the bitcoin price almost double, with it being on the brink of reaching a new height that exceeded the previous maximum in late 2018. Unfortunately, the hopes of the coin reaching a new height is slowly starting to diminish as there was a major bitcoin price drop on Wednesday, which continued into yesterday and ultimately today as well. Looking at the price of bitcoin, it dropped by 8.7% on Wednesday alone. This is a major drop. But what do you guys think accounted for this drop? The Bank of England says that the recent use of bitcoin for payments, makes the bank very uneasy and nervous, and says that people that choose to take their funds and put them into crypto are running a huge risk as they could lose all their money. Those that would have bought bitcoin in the last week alone would be seeing some major losses at the recent price drop. What is your thoughts on this? Do you think that the bull market is over and that we could see a fall in price that is similar to the one seen in early 2019? Or was this drop in price just a correction factor, and prices are going to surge again? Let me know your thoughts.
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