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  1. The uses of bitcoin and crypto grow every day as more and more merchants are starting to accept it, and it seems that now cryptocurrency is being accepted in the food industry at one of the most beloved pizza franchises, i.e. Pizza hut. This was introduced yesterday, where all Pizza Huts in the Venezuela region will now be accepting bitcoin as a form of payment. However, their adoption of crypto does not stop at bitcoin, and they also accept the traditional currencies of Ethereum, sprint, litecoin and even the binance coin (which in a way, in my opinion, must be a promotional tool for the binance exchange). Cryptopurchaser, the app used as a means to pay for the food at Pizza Hut with your crypto, was first introduced in June, and stated that over 20000 merchants will have capabilities of accepting bitcoin and other crypto and as we can see this is slowly becoming a reality. The merchants can then choose whether they want to get that amount in fiat currency after the payment is made, or if they would like to hold their funds in the crypto for the future, thereby also giving the merchants the opportunity to test the waters of the crypto trading market. This is an incredible development, and within the next few months, if this proves to be successful and has little drawbacks, then i think that soon this could be adopted in other countries as well.
  2. In Crypto field as we already know we must keep our eyes open and keep monitoring the market to avoid losses or for grabbing the profit opportunity. I'm going to cover top platforms and resources to stay updated with Crypto world and with their benefits. (All platforms mentioned below has direct links to their website. You can access them with one click. A)News Sources: News sites are the most important source to stay updated with recent action of Crypto field. We can get early information and rumours regarding further updates so we became the first to grab popularity. Some news sources that I do suggest for following are: Decrypt Coindesk Cointelegraph 4.News Bitcoin B) Social Media: Social media are the places where we get updates from the projects we are following. Big Players and CEO posts updates about their projects and coming features. You can make accounts on them and get attached with your favourite projects Updates. Twitter YouTube Telegram Facebook (I use Facebook rarely) Discord Twitter is my favourite among all. And keep in mind there are hype of fake projects on social media so stay attached only with legit. C) Crypto Forums: Crypto forums are the great source for getting knowledge and views from different Crypto lovers around the globe. You can join them and be a part of the Crypto community and earn too while learning and sharing views. Cryptotalk (Personal Favourite) Bitcointalk Read.Cash D) Price Monitoring and Alert: There are many platform for monitoring the price of assest and managing portfolio. Most Popular and widely used are: Coingecko Coinmarketcap You can use them to monitor the price movements, market cap ,volume and many more. You can set alert on particular coin. If that coin reaches your expected price you will get notifications instantly. Coingecko also allows us to watch the liquidity pools information and best APY to choose among different projects if you are into De-Fi. E) Performing Technical Analysis: For Technical Analysis everyone's favourite is TradingView. You can do a technical analysis on any coin using TradingView. It's free with almost all needed feature. You can upgrade to standard package if you start earning and need more features. These are the ways and platforms I use to get attached with Crypto world and get most of the contents and information from. If you are using more platform than mentioned here, please feel free to introduce them in comments.
  3. Bitcoin mining organizations have become increasingly more famous nowadays as the idea of digital currency is being acknowledged and is being coordinated into the budgetary economy of numerous nations on the planet. In any case, there is likewise a ton of governmental issues that is going on behind these mining rigs, as there is always politics behind every curtain in a company. One of the bitcoin mining organizations that is known as Layer1 is presently fighting a legal claim. One of the originators of the organization, a prime supporter, guarantees that he put million into the organization and was then constrained out of his own personal organization. This has lead to the claim being recorded in his name against the organization. This fellow benefactor is said to have built up such a cooling framework for the mining rig so as to expand its productivity and cause less expensive energy and electricity costs for the mining rig. However the company claims that he dishonestly guaranteed various interests into the organization and getting a great deal of cash, anyway none of these guarantees appear to have emerged. I surmise the truth will surface eventually where this claim goes and what is the fate of this mining rig. This is the article link:
  4. Cryptocurrencies seem to continue to thrive and expand in different parts of the world. Where the first real cryptocurrency bank was announced in India. Unicas, a joint venture between financial services firms Cahsaa and United Credit Co-operative Multi-Country, announced the launch of the world's first cryptocurrency banking branch in Jaipur, India.
  5. Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram-official | Telegram-announcements | Forum VOTING | CODE | MAINNET BETA | WALLET IoTeX.Vision IoTeX is building the Internet of Trusted Things, where all physical and virtual "things" -- humans, machines, businesses, DApps -- will be able to securely exchange information and value at global scale. A Decentralized Network for Internet of Things Powered by a Privacy-Centric Blockchain Despite its rapid evolution, IoT is still far from reaching mass adoption and lacks “killer applications” that would draw new users to the ecosystem due to issues such as low scalability, high operating cost, privacy concerns and lack of functional values. IoTeX is tackling this problem by introducing token economy into IoT spaces as we strongly believe that crypto incentives as well as the community effort are the two key forces to propel innovations in IoT space. In short, IoTeX is the next generation IoT-oriented blockchain platform with strong scalability, privacy, isolatability and developability for incubating new IoT applications and ecosystems. IoTeX "All-in-One" Resources Articles: - Blockchain & IoT: What’s it all about? - Blockchain’s Role in Today’s Internet of Things (IoT) Landscape - The Internet of Trusted Things - IoTeX Forum & Thread Of The Week - IoTeX Staking & Token Swap Guidance - The Future of IoTeX: 2019-2020 - Staking on IoTeX Delegates Website Research Papers Test-Net & Main-Net info: ✔ IoTeX Testnet Preview (StoneVan) Release ✔ IoTeX Testnet Alpha (Strive) Release ✔ IoTeX Testnet Beta (Epik) Release ✔ IoTeX Mainnet Preview (Photon) Release ✔ IoTeX Mainnet Alpha ✔ IoTeX Mainnet Beta Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram-official | Telegram-announcements | Forum
  6. For those of you that have never heard of MoneyGram before, it is one of the payment giants. Last year, Ripple (XRP) decided to invest and partner up with MoneyGram, investing in 17% of the company's outstanding shares. In total, over the last year, Ripple has paid out around $52 million to MoneyGram. A recent article shows that after just one year though, Ripple is set to cash out on 33% of the stake that they have in MoneyGram. The reason behind liquidating this stake is unclear however, as there is no official reasoning or statement that has been given by Ripple (XRP). Perhaps this could be a pure profit based liquidation and similar to how we trade in crypto. When ripple started with the partnership and bought shares, they paid $4.10 per shar, which has now surged to $7.42 per shar. this is roughly an 80% profit that ripple will be making which is very attractive. Therefore this could be a strategic decision on the part of ripple, yet I am not sure. What do you guys think about this? Do you think that such a move will affect the value of ripple in a negative or positive way? Let me know your thoughts. I am looking forward to it.
  7. Some people only read price predictions when they want to invest in a particular coin. This is a common method but news is also a very important source of gathering information about the future of crypto coins. For example, sometimes you read in the news that a certain finance or a big company have plans to start a project for a particular coin. This kind of news often leads to the increase in value but the effect could be anything. Have you ever invested in any coins based on cryptocurrency news? Which one do you think is more reliable as the basis for investment, news or price predictions?
  8. Will we see Bitcoin returning to $ 19,600? As we all know, we are facing a detailed week for the Bitcoin price! Several factors made us think about a strong return to Bitcoin's maximum price of $ 19,600! The factors are the following: 1 - The daily closing of Bitcoin above the price of $ 14,000: Many experts previously said that any closing of the Bitcoin price above the price of $ 14,000 means a massive increase in the price! 2 - US election results: Many experts expect the bitcoin price to rise well with the announcement of the results of the US elections What is your expectation? Tell us in a comment
  9. There was a period nine years prior, when the report about crypto and bitcoin was continually assuming a lower priority, and to be frank, there were relatively few individuals that were totally intrigued by these advanced monetary forms. Many were distrustful about it and a lot more were in any event, avoiding it altogether as a result of the low and basically non existent worth that it had. In 2011 the cost of a solitary bitcoin in South Africa was generally ZAR 650. This would imply that so as to buy a house that has an estimation of 1,000,000 south African rands, the purchaser would need to part ways with at least 1500 bitcoin. An enormous sum which is viewed as that of a whale today. In any case, let us take a gander at the value change now. After 9 years and now you can purchase a 1,400,000 rand house for only 6 bitcoin. This as I would see it shows the genuine estimation of the drawn out impacts that this money can have in the event that it is saved for an adequate measure of time and if individuals fight the temptation to sell every step of the way. Do you imagine that we can see another expansion in cost and worth like this as we have seen throughout the most recent 9 years? This is the link to the article if you would like to read up more on this.
  10. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have their prices soaring over these recent days, with 1 BTC currently priced at $11,633 while 1 ETH is at $381 as of this writing. But while BTC certainly has it price steadily rising as a result of its recent halving event, ETH is being viewed in the article linked below as only speculative, with its price increasing likely due to the DeFi application which some might view as having drawbacks. The article therefore insinuates that it will be safer to invest in BTC for a longer term rather than ETH. But if ETH can prove that its rise is no mere speculation and can hold out until its version 2.0 is released somewhere in the future, traders will be able to exploit this to their advantage. Do you agree with the article and its implications? Or can it be proven wrong? And knowing this information, what will be your trading strategy with these two crypto coins now, assuming you are dealing with both? source: additional information:
  11. According to a press release statement issued by South Korea’s Financial Services Commission (FSC) last Tuesday, (November 3, 2020) they have decided to ban anonymous digital currencies that possess a high-risk of money laundering where they used "dark coins" to describe these currencies. The regulators decided to update the Special Payments Act (covers the legality of cryptocurrencies in the country) to tackle the issues of money laundering that might arise from cryptocurrency. The statement highlighted privacy coins, which it referred to as dark coins, such as Zcash (ZEC) and Monero (XMR). Additional changes include updates to KYC and AML procedures, mandating that exchanges and other providers ask users to link their accounts to their real names through government identity numbers. These changes will be imposed on March 2021, with exchanges asked to offer a report on operations within six months of the law’s institution. Last September 2019, a South Korean arm of OKEx delisted Zcash, Monero, DASH, Horizen (ZEN), and Super Bitcoin (SBTC) due to the prevalent regulations. UpBit, a South Korean exchange delisted and stopped the trading of several cryptocurrencies due to money laundering concerns and adhering to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) regulations.
  12. We all know that crypto scams are very common and with how increasingly common it is there are major security measures that we have to take in order to ensure that all of our funds stay safe. Conor Freeman, a 21 year old man, was sentenced to a three year prison sentence in the Dublin Criminal Court on account of his crypto scam, with which he was able to deceive people out of over 2 million US dollars. When Conor was arrested he had 142.7 bitcoins in his possession. What interested me about this case though was the nature of the scam, as it was done through a SIM card hack. The common doubling scams and the ransomware are known to all of us, however the nature of this scam was much more intricate. It seems that the accused, together with six others, searched for potential victims on social media and then obtained their email addresses and cell phone numbers through the social media platforms. They then duplicated the SIM card of the victim using mobile operator contacts, and as a result were able to recover the passwords and so forth. When arrested, Freeman had already spent over 150k US dollars. This is the time for all of us to be very careful with crypto as it seems that this is a new scam method that i have never heard about before. It is also very important to keep all passwords away from your phone as these can be hacked. Such passwords are better kept as a hard copy to prevent this from happening to anyone else in the future. Please be very careful. The full link to the article is as follows:
  13. With bitcoin prices getting higher and higher with each day and reaching all time new heights, the important question on everyone's mind is how much further can bitcoin go? and what do these price hikes hold in store for the future of this currency? There was a report that was leaked and reported in an article today, from Citibank, a leading Wall Street giant, that shows that bitcoin price could potentially hit a high value of $318,000 by the end of 2021. According to the leaked report, the characteristic of bitcoin to have a bull market and then a bear market is one of the main things in a pattern to sustain the currency in the long term. Furthermore, over the years there has been three major bitcoin bull runs, with all crypto indicators showing that this bull run could potentially peak in December of next year. It seems to me that the Wall street has taken quite an interest in bitcoin, and perhaps this could even be one of the driving factors of the price increases that we are seeing lately. What do you guys think? Wall street is a huge economic factor that could majorly affect the bitcoin price, and if they are investing into bitcoin the price could really increase drastically in the coming year. Here is the link to the article that I got this information from if you want to see the full details behind this topic;
  14. Crypto is very popular, with one of the main reasons for its popularity lying in the fact that you are able to to send money effortlessly, internationally with minimal fees and in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. This feature has chosen to be very attractive to many, apart from the security that blockchain is also able to provide. According to a recent article that was released on Coindesk, it seems that the Australia and Singapore customs offices are attempting to utilize the blockchain technology as a means in which to make trade of business documents much easier. The use of the blockchain technology will be targeted specifically at the sharing of electronic documents as well as the primary certificates of origin. Over the course of this time, it seems that the countries will report on the ease with which this system is used, and depending on the feedback this can be used in 2021 moving forward. This is a great use for the blockchain technology and truly shows its diversity. In my opinion, this method is likely to work out well, as the blockchain is able to provide great security as a system, and therefore the use of documents with blockchain should not provide any issues moving forward. this could be used in other countries as well, after this trial, furthering the adoption process of blockchain, and ultimately cryptocurrency as well.
  15. The corona virus took the world by storm, and this year was a complete curveball for many in terms of their businesses and their work opportunities and so forth. The lockdown has had major negative impacts on the economies of many countries and as a result of these economic impacts, many companies were forced to do retrenchments and many lost their jobs. This placed a major strain on the financial position of those without jobs, increasing the poverty levels in many countries. According to one of the major and most known cybersecurity platforms, Kaspersky, it is likely that this increase in poverty will be one of the main factors for increasing cyber and crypto crimes expected in 2021. This may be seen in the form of scams and so forth. It is expected that this will be seen world wide as many fiat currencies also faced a major devaluing in the past year. However, it seems that the criminals are moving away from demanding bitcoin, and may move towards coins such as MONERO which are much harder to track. Therefore it is very important that we be vigilant when we are online and very careful of websites that we visit. Also it is important to research potential earning opportunities so that we do not fall victim to these scams as well. In order to combat cyber crime we need to be more educated on it and how to prevent it.
  16. For all people interested in the Trezor Wallet, I'll start posting a full description and update news articles about the wallet. In my opinion, Trezor Wallet is one of the safest to keep your coins safe. I use Trezor now for 2 years. Since there is no dedicated Trezor topic, I thought I'd make one. Quote from bitcoin wiki: As of this moment, Trezor wallets supports more than 1000 coins/erc20 tokens
  17. source: Most cryptocurrency users know that altcoins can have such close tie-ins with Bitcoin's volatile price movements most of the time. It should therefore come as no surprise that when Bitcoin undergoes a price correction, the DeFi tokens will follow suit as well. And as the news above indicates, the DeFi tokens' corrections are displaying huge numbers in %. Some altcoins like XRP also suffers. Buying DeFi tokens will be risky at this point. Well, the DeFi craze may have been already dying down now anyway, so unless something happens that will prove to hugely benefit DeFi, then investing too much on DeFi should be proceeded on with caution. But still, the cryptocurrency market is indicating greed as of today, so we won't be seeing DeFi tokens suffering from a very, very steep drop at least for a few more days or weeks.
  18. This has been a long time coming. Bittrex just announced that it will delist privacy coin pairs like ZEC, XMR and DASH. And my guess is that this is just a start and this trend will probably spread amongst all the highly regulated exchanges later. It's not even up to these exchanges if they want to keep those pairs or not. While privacy itself is wanted by nearly every company out there, we have to remember that anonymity is not same thing as privacy. Privacy in the context of human rights and business are things that are not going anywhere, but they have to be complying with the legal framework. Coins that have anonymity are making impossible to exchanges work within any regulatory framework and FATF and other organisations must be breathing on their necks constantly. So this will keep happening and even more in the future imho. What do you think? Will this trend continue and will exchanges keep delisting privacy coins? Will privacy coins have future? Delisting story source:
  19. Start identifying trends of various lengths. My dear trader: Most beginner traders go in search of a mechanical system that will enrich them and make them successful if they can only join the pieces of the market puzzle. Don't even think about it; This will not happen. If you trade from this perspective, you will be condemned as soon as your luck is over. There are simply no good mechanical maps to follow at this level. In my opinion, there has never been a consistently successful mechanical system. There isn't now and probably never will be, not even with artificial intelligence, analog coprocessors, genetic algorithms, or neural networks. When you understand how the market really works, you will understand that it is designed to disrupt any successful mechanical system. All mechanical systems die, are linear tools and cannot accurately or adequately describe a non-linear market. If there were a consistently successful mechanical system, it wouldn't be worth $ 1,000, but it could be sold in hours for $ 50 million. I notice that we are talking about a mechanical system that works consistently and profitably over time.
  20. source: Investing on DeFi can be risky especially now that its hype may have gone down at this point, as some investors found out the hard way when DeFi tokens start plummeting last few weeks ago. And to add insult to injury, a recent report has been published that identifies a few more reasons why DeFi is indeed risky. The link to that report is here. Take note - the report itself can be freakishly long. Going back to the article by Cointelegraph, it briefly explained that there are half a dozen or so risks associated with DeFi's scalability, along with risks on other areas like: inputting false off-chain value data on oracles, design and composability risks stemming from poor planning and/or intentional scams, tokens being controlled by a centralized authority and/or a few whales, and over-reliance on Infura, which the report described as a risk due to it being provided by just a single entity - Ethereum's ConsenSys. The large amount of risks that DeFi currently face is no joke. But if taken in a positive light, the report can serve as a helpful advice to the current and future serious DeFi projects. Addressing these issues may be a daunting task, but once resolved, DeFi will become more useful and secure.
  21. source: A few months have passed after Bitcoin's third halving. For the cryptocurrency community, a Bitcoin bullrun is inevitable after that event. Indeed, a few months after the third halving, Bitcoin has entered its bullrun phase, and is still maintaining so as of this writing. But what sets this particular bullrun from previous ones is its scope. For one thing, its current price at ~$40,000 per 1 BTC is unprecedented. Another thing is its duration. More than a month has passed since it started, and there is still no indication of it stopping at this time. With the way Bitcoin has exceeded ATHs so many times already, an article was written attempting to explain the reasons why. So here are the three reasons cited. There may be more, feel free to post additional ones here. Fear of missing out (FOMO) - Various companies have started to include cryptocurrencies in their services. One of the biggest names was Paypal, which was discussed in another topic. If other similar companies in competition with Paypal follows suit, we might expect BTC to rise even more. Demand for inflation hedges - We know how 2020 was a b**** with the coronavirus pandemic and all. Earlier ones who recognized Bitcoin as an inflation hedge and bought them early on are lucky. Crypto users who have bought Bitcoin back when it was falling to the ~$4,000 range back in March wins big now. Increased legitimacy - If Paypal's adoption of Bitcoin wasn't enough, more and more celebrities and institutions are giving thoughts and are investing in Bitcoin and its services as well. Increased use by traditional institutions means increased legitimacy, not to mention increased demand as well. We are currently testing uncharted waters with Bitcoin. We will see whether or not a negative news or event will put a stoppage to its rise. If BTC's price falls though, this means buying oppotunities, and this time larger corporations might take part.
  22. Bitcoin update We also see that the price of bitcoin broke all the rules and broke the 8600 area in a 4 hour candle and if confirmed the decline in another candle we will see bitcoin in the 8400 area ... However, in the case of the rise of Bitcoin to the ascending triangle and must climb during the days before the date of 18/11 We will see the price of bitcoin in an uptrend that may reach the first target of 9200 and then to 10000
  23. The cryptocurrency that was proposed and attempted to be launched by Facebook did not do very well its' first time around. In fact with the lack of advertising and the lack of knowledge that was provided to the public on this coin, there was little interest in this coin, with many crypto enthusiasts not even aware of the coin. I myself only became aware of Facebook's attempt into crypto in the latter part of this year. Nevertheless, it seems that Facebook may launch this crypto again, as more of a stable coin, with a value of one dollar. In a recent article, it is stated that the possibility of this coin releasing can be as early as January in 2021, just two months away. However, the thought process does not limit LIBRA to just a single fiat currency a a stable coin, but rather envisions that it will be linked to multiple fiat currencies which will each be released in stages. Currently the coin appears to be awaiting its approval from the Swiss financial regulator FINMA. Do you think that Facebook's new stable coin in the crypto world will be more successful? What are your thoughts on it? The initial Libra was released in June of 2019, and so this is one and a half year later. Could they have rectified their previous shortcomings to make a more successful launch into crypto?
  24. Всем доброе времени суток! Возможно подымалась эта тема - но будет актуально повторить данный вопрос! Все мы читаем Новости о криптовалюте, в телеграмм каналах, на сайтах, форумах - в разных информационных источниках! Согласитесь было бы приятно читать новостные сводки о мире криптовалюты с Новостного Телеграмм канала от Yobit!! Это Хорошая реклама для Биржи - тем более что в Телеграмме все больше и больше новых пользователей! Активно ведется реклама от Yobit в Vkontakte, Youtube, еще и в tik-tok! Есть у Yobit отличный и очень информативный форум и есть пользователи которые эту информацию публикуют плюс к этому получают вознаграждение! 😋 Я считаю весьма актуальным иметь новостной сегмент в Телеграмм канале для биржи! И тут можно дать разгуляться идеям. Возможность интегрировать самые интересные посты с форума о мире криптовалюты в Новостной Телеграмм Канал от Yobit для меньших усилий в поисках и оформлении информации для команды Yobit, плюс+ мотивировать пользователей к написанию хороших и информативных постов, плюс+ это хорошая реклама в телеграмме для самой биржи! Как говориться Инфраструктура должна расти!!! Дорогие форумчане, подкидываю вам пищу для размышления, делитесь идеями и своим мнением в комментариях!!
  25. Germany has been making tremendous efforts lately in order to increase their legal overwatch, and one of these changes, is that bitcoin ATMs now require legal approval before they are able to operate. Therefore in order for a vendor to be able to offer an ATM service that is able to deal in these digital currencies, such as bitcoin, litecoin and so son, there needs to be approval from Germany's financial regulator, BaFin. The need for this license was released in a statement that was given on the 8th of September. In my opinion, such a venture may be hindering some German business owners who may like to employ bitcoin payments, however it could also be a huge step in the direction of legalizing crypto and making it a mainstream source of payment in Germany. What do you guys think? The link to the full article is below:
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