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Found 83 results

  1. For all people interested in the Trezor Wallet, I'll start posting a full description and update news articles about the wallet. In my opinion, Trezor Wallet is one of the safest to keep your coins safe. I use Trezor now for 2 years. Since there is no dedicated Trezor topic, I thought I'd make one. Quote from bitcoin wiki: As of this moment, Trezor wallets supports more than 1000 coins/erc20 tokens
  2. Recently the price of bitcoin was on track to reach the peak price seen in December of 2017, however this was short-lived as the currency plummeted over $2000 in a single day. as with many, it is believed that the price of bitcoin will recover and that this was just a correction to the market before the bull market continues. I myself have seen many articles that suggest this as well and I too believe that this could be the case. However, a recent article says that bitcoin may not be able to recover from this drop in price. Based on the recent analysis that was conducted by the crypto analysts at CryptoQuant, it seems that whales have been moving their bitcoin into the exchanges. Based on the past behavior of the whales, it seems that moving the bitcoin into exchanges either results in the price being constant, a sideways trend, or that the price will drop rapidly as they start to trade and sell off their bitcoin. Therefore crypto analysts are saying that we may not be out of the woods yet and it is likely that bitcoin price may drop even further. The bitcoin support is at $15789 and if the price goes below that at any point it could mean trouble for bitcoin value and those that are investing now. What do you think about this huge whale movement of bitcoin to the exchanges? Perhaps now will be a good time to sell your bitcoin and invest in a more stable coin, in the event that these whales start to sell of their crypto assets in the coming weeks.
  3. Recently there has been a major bull market in the bitcoin field and in fact this was also evident in other crypto currencies as well. Over the last month we have seen the bitcoin price almost double, with it being on the brink of reaching a new height that exceeded the previous maximum in late 2018. Unfortunately, the hopes of the coin reaching a new height is slowly starting to diminish as there was a major bitcoin price drop on Wednesday, which continued into yesterday and ultimately today as well. Looking at the price of bitcoin, it dropped by 8.7% on Wednesday alone. This is a major drop. But what do you guys think accounted for this drop? The Bank of England says that the recent use of bitcoin for payments, makes the bank very uneasy and nervous, and says that people that choose to take their funds and put them into crypto are running a huge risk as they could lose all their money. Those that would have bought bitcoin in the last week alone would be seeing some major losses at the recent price drop. What is your thoughts on this? Do you think that the bull market is over and that we could see a fall in price that is similar to the one seen in early 2019? Or was this drop in price just a correction factor, and prices are going to surge again? Let me know your thoughts.
  4. The British universities Oxford and Cambridge are rivals and this is known to all. Generally this rivalry expresses itself through a boat race that happens every year, however with the change in the global position of crypto lately, it seems that this can be moving to a crypto battle as well. According to a recent article the rivalry between the two universities will take place as a crypto trading battle, where students from each university will build algorithms that are able to look for market trades of cryptocurrencies and make these trades. Companies such as Coinbase, FTX, LMAX digital and many more are getting involved in this competition, with the winner of the competition being decided on the return on investment that the students from each university are able to generate. The inning team will keep all the money that they make in the competition. In my opinion, introducing crypto trading as a competition between universities is a huge development for the crypto world, because not only does it serve as a great platform to promote crypto and show the stance of the country, but it also is a great way to educate the students in the respective universities on this currency and how the crypto world and trading works. This is great in expanding the crypto world even further.
  5. The price of bitcoin is dependent on the supply and the demand of the coin, and therefore when more of bitcoin purchased the demand goes up and in turn we start to see a higher value for the king of cryptocurrencies. Having said that, there is an important movement in bitcoin purchases that we should be aware of, as it could mean possible price increases in bitcoin in the coming weeks. A major investment firm that is based in Canada, by the name of Cyberphunk Holdings, has drastically increased its holding in bitcoin, raising their investment from 72 BTC to a whopping 276 BTC. This is an increase of over 200 BTC (close to three times their initial investment). In order to procure this investment the company had to majorly dump and sell two of their altcoins, namely the ether coin and MONERO. This purchase happened on Thursday the 26th of November, and in my opinion can be seen as a major movement in the bitcoin world, as it could mean impending price increases. Cyberphunk is said to be HODLing these bitcoins, most likely awaiting a major price hike to profit handsomely. With movements such as this and large investment firms increasing their bitcoin holdings, perhaps the bull run of bitcoin is not over just yet and we may just be seeing the start of the bull market that we all know and love. And perhaps this may be a good time to raise your investments even further. Let me know what you guys think on this.
  6. Earlier this month i created a topic that highlighted the reason as to coinbase going down. The link to this article is as follows: When this initial problem happened it was promised by Coinbase that they would look into it so that there is no more future outages of this nature due to high traffic demands. However, it seems that this was not met, as there was another outage on Coinbase, spanning over both its website as well as its mobile application. Once again, the outage was caused by the same problem that caused the first one, an that is the recent surge in the number of transactions. However, this could be due to the AWS cloud provider, as there are other sites that are also experiencing issues of a similar nature. Nevertheless, this once again brings in the question of is coinbase reliable to use as a wallet and exchange platform? Whilst there are many that use it and rely on it, as we have seen recently the price of bitcoin dropped drastically in a matter of hours, and therefore if there are cases where exchanges and wallets go down for lengthy periods during this time, this could mean not being able to sell your crypto before the price drop, or not even being able to buy at the lower price, inevitably causing losses. Perhaps people will start to move away from coinbase in the future if such occurrences persist. I think it is in the best interest of coinbase at the moment to focus on rectifying this problem, to make sure that it never happens again.
  7. Recently PayPal has expanded their horizons by introducing crypto into the works, and it is said that this will be integrated into all of their different regions within the month of the upcoming year 2021. This allows people to make payments with their crypto as well as to buy and sell crypto. This was a huge development for bitcoin and the other coins, as the prices surged upon hearing this news. PayPal is one of the most prominent payment platforms used globally and the introduction of crypto into the was a huge deal! However, this is not as great as it sounds. In a recent article, a user was banned from their PayPal account for 180 days for trading crypto using PayPal. The account has been placed on a six month hold of all funds. It seems that the account was deemed to be 'item sales', even though it was crypto trading. This leads me to personally believe that perhaps the integration of crypto into PayPal was a bit premature if they still do not have the technology that can differentiate between these two. The user stated that each transaction was 'PayPal Crypto', and wrote several times to try and get an explanation to the ban. After calling and getting his review of the account expedited, the account was permanently limited, not providing any explanation as to the imposed ban other than it was a risk of crypto trading. Despite PayPal stating that users are allowed to trade in crypto, it seems that this article shows a completely different side to the story. What do you think about this? Do you think that PayPal released this a bit prematurely if they are banning accounts for just trading? Could this be a major thon in the side of crypot expansion in the future? This is the link to the article if you would like to look into it more:
  8. Джесси МакГроу стал первым осужденным за взлом систем управления технологическими процессами в США. После 10 лет тюрьмы он встретился с миром, совершившим квантовый скачок в развитии. Специально для он рассказал о том, что думает о новых технологиях и как приспосабливается к новой реальности. Мир изменился до неузнаваемости. Многое в нем функционирует совершенно не так, как в 2009 году, когда меня арестовали. Меня признали виновным и приговорили к 10 годам лишения свободы за установку бот-сети и программ удаленного доступа на компьютеры в ортопедической клинике, с которых осуществлялось управление несколькими критически важными системами, включая отопление, вентиляцию и кондиционирование. Так я стал первым человеком в новейшей истории США, осужденным за взлом систем управления технологическими процессами. С того момента прошло уже немало времени, но мне до сих пор кажется, будто все это произошло только вчера. Необходимо понимать, каково быть заключенным в США. На сегодняшний день в Америке в местах лишения свободы содержатся около 2,3 миллиона человек, которых Федеральное управление тюрем редко балует доступом в интернет Ссылка на ресурс: Всего-навсего преступник столкнулся с реальностью - наказанием и немного от этого приуныл. Про Мистер Робот вообще смешно: человек, судя по всему, вообще не знаком с культурой и историей хакинга. Культовый фильм 1995 года "Хакеры" не слышал, не? Про поиск путей нарыть себе бесплатные международные телефонные звонки или халявный инет тоже не слышал? А это его: спросил у дочери, что такое хэштег... чувака и в гугле забанили походу? Хакер который был хакером в 2009 экспертом не может понять примитивный биткоин который по сути линкед лист с хэш кодом как ссылку и протокол. Необходимо понимать, каково быть заключенным в США. На сегодняшний день в Америке в местах лишения свободы содержатся около 2,3 миллиона человек, которых Федеральное управление тюрем редко балует доступом в интернет.
  9. The ripple coin over the last few years has not really stood out in terms of its value changes and trade potential. In fact if you look at the value of the coin, it is significantly lower that its ultimate peak point, with the coin struggling to being accepted as a crypto by merchants. The advantage of it is of course the lower transaction fees, however, with the lower value many are reluctant to accept the coin. However, now the ripple coin seems to be showing price as the price is reaching the 0.30 dollar mark. There is also one crypto analyst and trader who believes that this could be next rise in ripple coin and wee may see a rend that is similar to the shape of a parabola, with the price of ripple possibly increasing all the way to $0.80. Whilst the speculation for this prediction cannot be guaranteed and confirmed at the moment, the trader and analyst is confident that he next few days will provide valuable insight into where the ripple coin is going in the future. Do you guys think that ripple has a very bright future ahead? to be honest i like the ripple coin, but this price prediction of over doubling the coins value does seem a bit far fetched to me and a bit unrealistic, but then again in the crypto market anything is possible. Something that is worth a lot today could be worth nothing tomorrow and vice versa. The following link is the full article for your perusal:
  10. PayID is trying to make payments as easy and as fast as possible. You don't have to remember your account number, instead you could register your email or phone number to work as a PayID. And beautiful thing is that it's a cross platform system. And they are working with Ripple, Brave, Huobi and So far it has centered on Australia so this is not for everyone (Not for me at least and i don't think our country will adopt this) but i guess they are looking to scale in the future. What do you think? Is this going to be a thing or will there be competition to render this payment system useless? I am not the biggest fan of Ripple but i thought i should share this to spark some conversation. Sources:
  11. According to an article posted on Coindesk, it appears that the bitcoin may be increasing in price due to the devaluing of the US dollar that we have seen lately. In the recent month the US dollar has lost a considerable amount of its value, in comparison to the rest of the year, and according to Morgan Creek, this is the reason that bitcoin is increasing in value. As we all know, since the value of bitcoin is often given in terms of the US dollars, an increase in the price of the US dollar is seen by a decrease in bitcoin price and vice versa. Mark Yusko, the founder and CEO of a capital management company says that in order for the investors to combat the inflation prices caused by the devaluing bitcoin, they should invest in bitcoin and gold. It is with this thinking and mentality that the demand for bitcoin has gone up and with the weakened dollar, we have seen great increases in the price of bitcoin. This to me, makes a lot of sense and if those that choose to invest in bitcoin now, may see the rewards later on if the value of the dollar does not regain its position and strengthen. It can be a great way to combat the inflation as is indicated in this article.
  12. I was juts reading Forbes news and I found this news about a guy called Virgil Griffith, who was arrested for teaching about cryptocurrency. Man! I thought The US had accepted crypto in 2018 at least that is what i was told, then what is this? According to the aritxcle maybe The US has not fully accepted crypto juts like China. you can read more at UPDATE; The man was arrested for teaching crypto in north Korea, But he was arrested by the US authorities, brings another question, why would they arrest him, I mean he had no permit to travel there and do all that but still.
  13. One of the major driving factors of the price of any crypto is the push that a crypto sees when there is panic buying because of fear in that coin. This is often referred to as FOMO, which stands for Fear of missing out, and this is precisely what is predicted to happen with Ethereum. With the introduction of Ethereum 2.0, Ethereum has finally passed the $500 mark and this is the first time that the currency is seeing such high prices in the last three years. However, this may just be the beginning in the price increases. According to an article that was published today, a technical analysis of the coin shows that the next marker for the value of the coin is likely to be around $700. If you consider the coin in its entirely, you will see that over the course of this year the value has risen by around 455%. And with the introduction of Ethereum 2.0, the bull market and the crypto FOMO can cause the demand to increase even further resulting in price surges that could reach the $700 mark. What do you guys think? Do you believe that the market will continue to rise, in which case it would be a great time to invest in ETH or do you perhaps think that the crypto market overall is reaching a peak and ETH along with the other crypto may soon fall, giving us an opportune moment to buy the coins? This is the link for the article if you would like to see more on this:
  14. There are some news on the internet surfacing about the impeding release of Ethereum 2.0. One such article is written on this link: As quoted in the article, one of the requirements for its early release has already been fulfilled. If other conditions are fulfilled, then other things might be able to proceed smoothly and ETH's release on that date may indeed prove to be the case. So after the slump during the first quarter of this year, we have a ongoing (as of this writing) Bitcoin bullrun, and now this new version from Ethereum. Will ETH 2.0 be able to live up to the hype? And will there be an ETH bullrun this December right alongside the ongoing BTC bullrun?
  15. Some people only read price predictions when they want to invest in a particular coin. This is a common method but news is also a very important source of gathering information about the future of crypto coins. For example, sometimes you read in the news that a certain finance or a big company have plans to start a project for a particular coin. This kind of news often leads to the increase in value but the effect could be anything. Have you ever invested in any coins based on cryptocurrency news? Which one do you think is more reliable as the basis for investment, news or price predictions?
  16. Что такое “Zero to One”? Или как зарабатывать в новой экономике создавая новые источники пассивного дохода? 💰 Я как представитель криптовалютной биржы Эмирекс, приглашаю всех желающих посетить этот вебинар! Думаю такой шанс выпадает не часто послушать опыт создателей крупных платформ, причем бесплатно. Когда: в 14:00 (мск) , 16 июня (вторник) 2020 года. Организатор: CEO Clubs Network Exclusive CEO Clubs Network Exclusive — это не классическая конференция, а сообщество единомышленников, которые делятся своими идеями, полезной информацией о новых возможностях создать и увеличить доходы от инвестиций. Впервые встреча пройдет полностью онлайн и охватит участников со всего мира. Присоединяйся к международному вебинару где практикующие лидеры индустрии расскажут о новом подходе к инвестициям и поделятся практическими рекомендациями "бери и делай". На выходе у вас будет все чтобы создать стабильный пассивный доход без глубоких (специальных) знаний и больших затрат времени. Спикеры: 📍Ray Fares - CEO компании Chatello - onDemand Monetization 📍Jorge Sebastião - CISSP, CTO, Advisor, инвестор, международный спикер 🦸‍♂️Специальный гость - Григорий Рыбальченко, основатель и CEO EMIREX Group, ведущей криптобиржи Ближнего Востока и стран Африки с многомиллионным оборотом. 🚀 Не пропусти свой шанс поучаствовать и задать вопросы!👇 🔥 Мероприятие бесплатное, но регистрация обязательна. Регистрируйтесь по ссылке
  17. Bitcoin update We also see that the price of bitcoin broke all the rules and broke the 8600 area in a 4 hour candle and if confirmed the decline in another candle we will see bitcoin in the 8400 area ... However, in the case of the rise of Bitcoin to the ascending triangle and must climb during the days before the date of 18/11 We will see the price of bitcoin in an uptrend that may reach the first target of 9200 and then to 10000
  18. Original article from Coindesk newswebsite: Full article link: This is great news I think. Being able to send hashed messages on the blockchain means there will be a very safe messenger app in the future!
  19. One of the main reasons why crypto is so popular is the sense of anonymity and not having to share your personal information online in order to obtain and use these currencies. However, with time and in an effort to regulate the currency, the concept of kyc with crypto began where users were required to upload proof of identification in the form of legal documentation. The Netherlands seems to have gone even beyond that point, with one of their exchanges, known as Bitonic, stating that they will perform much more rigorous verification procedures. In fact, this verification goes as far as to ask for additional details about you and even asks what is the reason you are buying bitcoin and what type of wallet you are storing this bitcoin in. Do you think that this verification process is too much? There is even more actually. There is a verification process where the user has to screenshot their wallet to prove that they are the owner of that wallet. Due to the extensive legal requirements that are being implemented by the Dutch, there are many exchanges that have migrated out of the country and have moved their office exchanges to the European countries. Do you think that this will be a severe hinderance to crypto development in the Netherlands? In my opinion, these measures seem to be quite invasive and extreme and could deter people from using or even considering the investment into crypto. For more information, i refer you to the following online article/link:
  20. In Crypto field as we already know we must keep our eyes open and keep monitoring the market to avoid losses or for grabbing the profit opportunity. I'm going to cover top platforms and resources to stay updated with Crypto world and with their benefits. (All platforms mentioned below has direct links to their website. You can access them with one click. A)News Sources: News sites are the most important source to stay updated with recent action of Crypto field. We can get early information and rumours regarding further updates so we became the first to grab popularity. Some news sources that I do suggest for following are: Decrypt Coindesk Cointelegraph 4.News Bitcoin B) Social Media: Social media are the places where we get updates from the projects we are following. Big Players and CEO posts updates about their projects and coming features. You can make accounts on them and get attached with your favourite projects Updates. Twitter YouTube Telegram Facebook (I use Facebook rarely) Discord Twitter is my favourite among all. And keep in mind there are hype of fake projects on social media so stay attached only with legit. C) Crypto Forums: Crypto forums are the great source for getting knowledge and views from different Crypto lovers around the globe. You can join them and be a part of the Crypto community and earn too while learning and sharing views. Cryptotalk (Personal Favourite) Bitcointalk Read.Cash D) Price Monitoring and Alert: There are many platform for monitoring the price of assest and managing portfolio. Most Popular and widely used are: Coingecko Coinmarketcap You can use them to monitor the price movements, market cap ,volume and many more. You can set alert on particular coin. If that coin reaches your expected price you will get notifications instantly. Coingecko also allows us to watch the liquidity pools information and best APY to choose among different projects if you are into De-Fi. E) Performing Technical Analysis: For Technical Analysis everyone's favourite is TradingView. You can do a technical analysis on any coin using TradingView. It's free with almost all needed feature. You can upgrade to standard package if you start earning and need more features. These are the ways and platforms I use to get attached with Crypto world and get most of the contents and information from. If you are using more platform than mentioned here, please feel free to introduce them in comments.
  21. Do you exclusively blame DeFi for rising ETH gas fees today? As DeFi is becoming a craze, many articles and reports contend that the rising ETH gas fees can be attributed to it. But this particular article insists otherwise. It is postulating that even though DeFi can be considered a culprit, it is not the only one. There are other factors that influence the rising gas fees as well. Among those other factors pointed out are multi-signature platforms and the costs of creating forwarding contracts. source: Sure, we can play the blame game with DeFi or any other causes out there, but the problem with gas fees still remains. If a solution can be made, it better be done soon, as Ethereum users' dissatisfaction with its current situation might jeopardize ETH's position as the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Do you agree with the article's point in that DeFi is not the only major problem with todays's gas fees? Or is DeFi definitely to blame since the other problems it pointed out were already in existence for so long?
  22. Hello. As we all know, Corona Virus have almost taken over the world and we all saw the negative effect of this disease on the Crypto market and the prices of Crypto currencies. One of its impacts on the Crypto world is that the upcoming TEAMZ BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT and Tokyo Blockchain Week have been rescheduled to a later date due to this virus. Source
  23. It isn't Bitcoin's companion protocols like Lightning Network nor Liquid Network that currently has more widespread off-chain uses of BTC itself, but ETH, a rival altcoin, according to this article. (For an idea of what is an off-chain transaction, check out this link.) Shouldn't Bitcoin's native protocols be the ones to have preeminence over other alternatives? Why have this happened? Does the Bitcoin Lightning Network and others not performing as well as ETH's 'tokenized BTC', or is Ethereum's flexibility proving to be the greater asset? Apparently, it's both, if the article is interpreted this way. Now that Ethereum has made it apparent that it is the users' better choice when it comes to off-chain applications, will we see some changes and improvements on the Lightning Network in the following days, or will they continue on in their current path of "a narrower focus of improving the speed and privacy of small and large off-chain bitcoin transactions" as the article says? We'll see.
  24. Will we see Bitcoin returning to $ 19,600? As we all know, we are facing a detailed week for the Bitcoin price! Several factors made us think about a strong return to Bitcoin's maximum price of $ 19,600! The factors are the following: 1 - The daily closing of Bitcoin above the price of $ 14,000: Many experts previously said that any closing of the Bitcoin price above the price of $ 14,000 means a massive increase in the price! 2 - US election results: Many experts expect the bitcoin price to rise well with the announcement of the results of the US elections What is your expectation? Tell us in a comment
  25. Bitcoin and Ethereum are among the two most well know currencies in the crypto world and wee can see how well they have been doing, especially now with regards to the surges in price that we have been seeing. However, they may be a currency out there that may threaten these two cryptos that we have known and come to be very familiar with. A crypto analyst, and alternative investment analyst, by the name of Timothy Peterson, enquired for his users to recommend the best crypto for the upcoming year of 2021, and the results were shocking. It seems that 44.5% of the users opted for the crypto LINK, over bitcoin, Ethereum and ripple. LINK had its all time high in August, seeing a price of twenty dollars, and then dropping by 63% the next month. However, from that low in Septemeber it has gone up by 75%. Do you think that it may be a good idea to invest in LINK? Is there a reason that people are gravitating towards this over bitcoin and Ethereum as the currency to best invest in for next year? What are your thoughts on this crypto?
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