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  1. Yes, the best way to earn money in cryptos is learn how to do it or ask some strategies in seniors here. If you don't have enough knowledge to do crypto, it could leads you to the wrong path just like you could possibly being scammed or hacked.
  2. Thanks for updating us about this issue in crypto. Most of us now are using google because of many reasons so we should check our safety first before do some action on it. These days, scammers are also upgrading their strategies so i think we might need to upgrade our safetiness too.
  3. For me, when i heard Expert members it means there are some people who could help me to lead me from the top in this cryptos. These expert members for me is one of the key of my successful because i believe that you can't be successful by yourself only.
  4. This is very useful information for us not just for newbies, thanks for sharing it. HODLING is the best way to earn huge amount money in cryptos, this strategy could give you time to think what is the right think to do to earn money here.
  5. That's right, I strongly agree with you! Elaborate your content as long as the people understand it. Don't be afraid if your post become to long because it is natural in a debate, this forum is just like that, you can communicate to each other to share your knowledge.
  6. It really depends on you. That's what i think. It depends on the users because some users are afraid losing money cause of transaction fees but most of them are willing to take the risk to transfer their money directly to their usual coin like bitcoin. If you want to less the fees, you can use xrp because it has the lowest transaction fee.
  7. Same with you. I really like this forum too because it gave me source of income so this forum is very useful for me. These pandemic days, I really need to earn money so I've decided to work in here and the result of having huge amount of money.
  8. Most of us in crypto industry are here because of money that we could earn from here. That is not a bad reason of doing crypto, but it is one of the best motivation for me. If we really need money now, we will do our best to earn so much money here. We will functioning well because our motives is for our own pockets. That's for me. We will follow the rules and regulations in crypto if we really want to earn money.
  9. That's right, I strongly agree with you. If you really want to waste your time and effort in cryptotalk then go post some useless content because you can't benefit on it at all. If you really want to earn huge money, you need to change your mindset, you need to do work hard and be consistent on what you're doing.
  10. Hi guys. I'm just a new comer in this forum, I took a break almost 4 months to refresh myself. Now I don't know why my Cryptotalk UID has beed removed from my YOBIT. Please tell me what I need to do. I also tried to put my email on it again and that happened, there is a note that says "Forbidden". What is the meaning of it? What should I do guys? I'll give you good reputation points if you help me on my problem. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for sharing the details for deleted posts. This could be helpful for many people here in crypto because most of us are having a hard time on deletion of posts. This will be helpful for them to fix the problem on our deleted posts. Happy posting too.
  12. There are so many possibilities of losing money on crypto industry so it is normal. But it is very huge amount of money so if that will happened to me I guess I need to work hard again in crypto to achieve or to reach that amount of money again. Cryptos are very easy to do, you just need to be consistent.
  13. That's right. I strongly agree with you about that. People will see their potential in crypto as the time goes by, they just need to be consistent on what they're doing on crypto industry. They will learn so much here in crypto and also they could earn so much money too.
  14. I saw many good movies about crypto currencies too but i didn't share it in this forum because I thought it is forbidden but now I know it is not. I will also posts some links and sites where you could find more movies about crypto currencies, it will be good for all of you. Anyways this content is very helpful, thanks.
  15. Thanks for sharing good information. I think it will be a good help for every member in this forum because there are so much people here that are not good in english just like me. This forum will become more organized and much better if all of us use this grammar checker.
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