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  1. Actually, there's a wallet named blockchain and this wallet it a good wallet and very popular in the whole world. I guess you're talking about the blockchain that is operated by crypto currency.
  2. Raven

    Digital Euro

    I don't really think that would change the perspective of other countries on crypto currency. Yes, it is a good news for us here in crypto currency because it expand the popularity and the potential of it but still there are many countries will not agree with it because they don't accept cryptos.
  3. I do not really used some exchange site that is not popular in many people but thank you for sharing this to us. Actually, as far as I know there are so many exchange that is not exactly showing the trade volume but some of this are very trusted by many people. I prefer to used an exchange site when the people are using it too, it's just because I want some assurance that I could be safe on using it and not losing my money.
  4. First of all you need to fixed your post so that this forum will still be in crypto currency for 10 years. Anyway, I expected that cryptotalk after 10 years will be like bitcointalk forum. This forum will have more achievements just like bitcointalk before.
  5. Thanks for sharing this site to us. But for me you can do whatever you want in crypto currency as long as you know what you are doing. You can prevent being scammed and hacked if you know what you're doing so the best thing to do for me is always be aware on what is happening in your surroundings and also in crypto currency.
  6. Of course not, crypto currency is decentralized which means it is not stable so it is very risky to used it as a our common currency. Crypto currency is not acceptable in every country in the whole world so it cannot replace our fiat currency.
  7. For learning, I prefer to used cryptotalk because the topic in this forum is very understandable even you're just a newbie in crypto. And for earning money, I prefer to used bitcointalk. Of course, because cryptotalk is came from bitcointalk so it means you could earn much better amount in bitcointalk.
  8. Actually, no one can predict the price of bitcoin. But there are some members of crypto currency still studying how the price of bitcoin could rise and go dump. Bitcoin price now are totally in a good condition and not just in good condition but it surpassed the old highest price of it. It is reaching $21000 these days.
  9. For me, I think bitcoin stand out of all the altcoins in the market is because bitcoin is decentralized which means it is more extremely volatile. It can't manipulate or control and that's why it make itself special because it is like it has it own way to grow.
  10. Http is not supported which mean hackers can wait for your account and stole it. Https is very secure that on the hand grasp SSL which it has hacker need to encrypt the code of it because accessing it.
  11. I think it would be great if there is a reward if you achieved the first place at leaderboard. This reward for the top 1 on the leaderboard makes the member in this forum to create more useful posts and also it would make them more motivated. But the decision is up to the admins ad moderators, of course.
  12. For me, I will give this forum an +5 reputation points. This forum gave us an opportunity to earn money in this pandemic days, it give us hope in our lives. Also this forus is very convenient and user-friendly which means it can easily understand even you're just newbie here.
  13. Actually, I prefer to buy a car in normal way of transaction. I don't want to buy a house, cars, or anything expensive using crypto currency. It's because I have trust issue on it. Before when I decided to buy some expensive stuff using crypto, the thing that I want to buy is not exactly the same when you see it in person so I rather to a long way process to assure that I will get what I want.
  14. All of this will learn on experiences in crypto currency and not just in cryptotalk. When you started to experience one of these, it means you're stared learning something by your own. My suggestion in this is try to asked question to the seniors in crypto currency, you can't be successful by yourself so you need some friends in crypto to help you with your goal.
  15. That's right, I strongly agree with you. Reporting useless contents and comments are our responsibility when we started here in cryptotalk, this is the job that could the forum get to us. Keeping the forum cleanliness and wealthiness is our responsibility so if you don't want to so it then leave the forum immediately.
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