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  1. Kryptex is a Windows app with it you can mine using your computer and Laptotp, you need just to download and install it, of course first you need to signup up to create an account and then just download it and star generating Bitcoins! How much can you earn? All depend about your PC's processing power. About $60 per month with GAMING PC (AMD RYZEN 7 3700X - NVIDIA GTX 1080 TI) About $280 per month with MINING RIG (INTEL CELERON G3930 8X AMD RX 5700) About $6100 per month with MINING FARM (36 RIGS WITH 8X AMD RX 480 EACH) So if you are interested check it out! Check it out! 👇
  2. Free Ethereum Mining v5 Instantly Payment System Bot Get a referral link 0.003 ETH for each referral you invite) No limit of referrals Free Payment Also you can claim Bonus every 24 Hours you get around 0.00135 ETH! you need just to click the Bonus button! Check it out! 👇
  3. Aurora mine Bitcoin Cloud Mining Free 100 GHS to start mining, also they have the referral program with you can earn up to 10%, extra profit via referrals. Fair pricing system 500 GH/s 0.00115000 BTC PER 1 DAYS 10 % Profit LIFETIME 2917000 GH/s 6.70910000 BTC PER 1 DAYS 11.5 % Profit LIFETIME 5833500 GH/s 13.41705000 BTC PER 1 DAYS 13.6 % Profit LIFETIME 8750000 GH/s 20.12500000 BTC PER 1 DAYS 16.7 % Profit LIFETIME For more information visit the website FAQ. Here is the link, enjoy and happy mining. Check it out! 👇
  4. Also I can't transfer my TALK coin from Cryptotalk Campaign to my balance on Yobit, maybe they have changed their schedule of payments, before was every day now maybe every month!.......
  5. Get a real US phone number or phone numbers for you to choose: US, Canada, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, France, Sweden, Mauritius, Poland, Austria, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Denmark, Romania as a second line without adding an extra SIM card. How it works Dingtone? Dingtone prepares so many methods for its users to earn credits used to make calls and send messages. Besides ordinary credit earning tasks like Daily Check-in, you can get more Dingtone credits with the following methods: When you download an offer app, after you have finished the task and received your Dingtone credits, you can leave the app on your phone if you like it. If you don’t like it, feel free to remove it, watching videos...... etc for more info visit their FAQ.
  6. Maybe is what you say, but still I didnt get any exact answer about what it is! maybe any moderator can participate here to explain us about that, or if the admin add a FAQ section where we can know about anything related to this forum.
  7. Please can you introduce more details about what you are promoting here, also can you explain us about what is this website the best? is this an elite website, they pays, if it is profitable.....Thanks.
  8. A new server online Minerhash offer 800 GH/s Full hashpower to start mining BItcoins for free. For a direct start you will receive free Mining Power as a gift immediately after registration! So if you are interested you need just to sign up without paying anything and then start generating some Bitcoins every day!
  9. Get a Trading Account from BitcoinX who launch in about 22 days from now... Complete the signup process and claim your FREE $15. Will credit your account with $15 active trading bonus on which you will earn daily profits too. Daily Commission System 2%, means from 15 USD you get 0.30 USD. Also you can grab your affiliate link in the back office after claiming your $15 and invite other members to join you.... PS: if you dont receive the verification email in the Inbox check your spam folder . For more information visit the website FAQ.
  10. In this life we are transient, so humility needs to be always, in some days maybe you can convert to rich, but also is possible in some days you convert to poor, you will not know what will be happened with your life.
  11. I have already got this issue, I have disabled the Block ads then all okay, so maybe you are using the block ads you need to disable it for Cryptotalk and then reload the page the script will be enabled.
  12. I have already got this Dice coin and I have invested it on Investbox, but my question is this Dice coin will be listed in the market in the future? or just will be used exclusive in Dice section of Yobit website exchange.
  13. Is good to encourage who give reputation, with this option the members will use their point every day, and they will give the point for those good and constructive topics or post, and also if there is any spam topic they can give the negative point.
  14. I know that the majority of the innovated products or service created because the crisis or the necessity, but iif some companies profit the crisis to make their price on the moon this is not a good opportunity.
  15. There are a lot of free airdrops, but the problem the majority of them are scam, so you can do the search in Telegram then you investigate in forums and media social about a such free airdrop.
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