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  5. The BetFury staking is the most and the best system profitable I know! There is not a risk to lose your money! There is nothing of difficult to start receiving a multicurrency every 24 hours! Is easy as 1,2,3.... The more BFG Tokens you stake, the greater staking income! To sign up, click👇BetFury BANNER To buy BFG click STAKE CRYPTO👇
  6. Yes, you need to configure it. For the browser extension you can use Binance Smart Chain extension or Metamask extension and then connect your MetaMask with Binance Smart Chain. Conclusion: To access biswap you need to connect with your Metamsk wallet or Binance Smart Chain wallet.
  7. This is for Bitcointalk/Altcoinstalks members. What about Cryptotalk members?
  8. Ready to make your Gooolll! Using your cryptocurrencies to bet on sports now on Betfury you can do that! There are over 80 Sports and also more than 50,000 live events! Enjoy placing your bets! With the highest odds! Exclusive Promotions You know with Betfury you can collect some income with Referral bonuses & Staking rewards! So you can bet using your rewards! Don't miss! Join it here clicking the banner 👇 of Betfury then on the page click Sport!
  9. Biswap is designed for swapping BEP-20 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. And BSW Token is their official coin. There are many cool opportunities, like: Profitable yields, farms with high APRs and easy crypto earning in Launchpools with high APRs, BSW token and others coins like BTC, ETH, DOGE, TRX...etc., and huge referral Bonuses. YOU CAN HARVEST OR COMPOUND YOUR EARNINGS AT ANY TIME! To sign up you need to connect your Biswap account to your Metamask, Trust Wallet or Binance Chain Wallet, to do some transfer from your wallet to Biswap you need some BNB on your Wallet to pay the GAS. If you have 0.005 BNB is sufficient to do various transactions.... Don't miss! Join it here: 👇
  10. I present you the best international calling service, you can pay from 2 or 150 USD and without credits expirations limite! Means you can use your credit at any moment for ever! Calling to the landline or mobile line around the world. Also, you have Unlimited call to the United States of America for FREE just activating it for free. And I'm sure you’ll love Rebtel for international calls. Right now, if you buy just $1 in credit, you get $10, so why not try it today? 👇
  11. Sincerely I don't think a website exchange who got hacked, will refund their users! This is the cryptocurrency adventure, before we introduce our self to it, we should to investigate first the best and safest website exchange platform then we form part of a such platform. Generally the new website exchange are weak to be hacked.
  12. I think the unique who can pump it is Yobit website exchange. But I think they will not pump it, and it is possible this token will disappear for ever, if Yobit will not take any decision about it, because the unique decision I see is pumping it. I don't think investors will pumping it!
  13. Yes Dear @Cleaner this coin list are with the fastest transaction, and I can add to your list Ripple XRP and Stellar XLM, I have already done a lot of transaction with them, never failed! The unique coin who their transaction are not fast are Bitcoin and Ethereum, maybe because of their value and popularity.
  14. The best example is to be optimist about what you want to do. You need to make it as a goal, so then of course a planing things are very important in our life. Making limit also form part of success, patience, no stress, controlling your emotion…etc All these things you improve them with knowledge.
  15. tienda

    Trading Tips

    Correct Dear @teebasas is very important to be attentive and careful with new coins, the majority of them they don't survive. So waiting their progression or movement is the best option to take in consideration, before you invest. For newbies, it is very important to start first doing an effort in learning about trading tips, and also doing a practice with a small amount to reinforce what they learned.
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