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  1. I have already read many comments from newbies who still with this problem of linked their Cryptotalk account to their Yobit Cryptotalk Campaign account, I think right now Yobit is overcharge about the payment.
  2. I think we will see many going up and down down, right now with this bad situation, the market trade will be very volatile day per day, but the Bitcoin will not rise a high price will be in the medium.
  3. I think the Cryptotalk forum and Yobit website exchange are overcharge or maybe Yobit website exchange cant pay more than the high quantity of participation, I think maybe for this reason have been reduced some members also stopped the linked and registration to Yobit.
  4. Yes this happen with many website exchange, I think the reason is about the fix price the majority of website exchange fix their fees price with USD so when the Bitcoin price is high then Yobit apply low fees for withdraw.....
  5. I think Satoshi Nakamoto is not needed a website exchange to promote his Bitcoin creation, with the all tools we have now in the internet is not necessary the website, but is possible a third party do that with name Satoshi.
  6. Thank you for sharing this big information useful and helpful for those who are interested in creating their own cryptocurrency, yes of course the first things we need to have is money and also the knowledge. There are many people who created their coin, but at the end not survive more than a week.
  7. I think is good to try in investing in any project if is benefit, but of course if you see a such project continuously failing there are some things are not good planning, so is possible the same things happen with OMG.
  8. I think the wales are concentrate to the Bitcoin more than to other Altcoins, because they know that when they control Bitcoin movement the other coins will follow the way, because all depend about Bitcoin price.
  9. I have revised many post about this topic but still I didnt see any proof of payment about that, so please if there is any who yet received any payment from this offer is helpful to share it.
  10. China is the place that preferred by many people around the world where they are installed their machine to mine Bitcoin, so with the time will create an overcharge. for this reason I think the government will react to reduce the operation.
  11. I think anything that we do on our life we need a little knowledge is the same things happen with the cryptocurrency adventure, some times we think is very easy to trade but we are wrong there is the steps we need to follow to arrive to a high level to do the analyses.
  12. There are many website and wallet who offer the staking, so now there are many manners to do get rewards because the staking coins, and every day there are a lot of coins added for stake.
  13. I think yes the new concepts will be always and constantly because the cryptocurrency still is not explored at 100 percents, so there are many experience to do on it, will be developed more and more to improve it.
  14. I think Blockchain technology is the future so of course there is an advantage of working in Blockchain right now and will be very important for the future, because the experiences will be counted.
  15. Thank you for sharing this offer of Bybit, will be helpful for Bybit users and also for many members who are interested, I have already the Bybit account and also I collect every day 0.50 USDT Bonus.
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