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  1. I am strongly recommend my friend about this forum. Hear we can learn lot of information about crypto along with passive income. For new members who interested to learn about crypto, this platform is really helpful. I doing my best to share about this forum to my friends.
  2. For transferring your btc from yobit to other wallets you need more than 12k santhosi because Hear transactions fee is 12k,once cheak your wallet. If you have more than 12k then easily possible to transfer your btc to other BTC wallet.
  3. You says correctly. All most all members join hear for earning passive income. On start working Hear they get interest and make a hobby too. Some learning lot of information hear, me to very happy on working Hear. Hear I learning lot of interesting information about crypto, along with good earnings too.
  4. Yes you says correctly. Some altcoin getting huge growth in short period of time. For example take Cromia it get nearly 200% increase with in one week. For finding those coins is very difficult. Need more hard work to find details .
  5. Yes I agree with you. On holding our coins in Binance we don't get any attack because this is very secured exchange and also have insurance too. I am also holding my all coins in Binance itself for long time. I don't using any other wallets to store my coins.
  6. It's not possible to say exact time to say when it hit $1.All those depends upon that coins investments. Means supply, volume, market conditions, investors interest about that coin.
  7. Marketing crypto talk is no need because already we have lot of users. Day day joining new members increasing. All most all members sharing their experiences to their friends, Hear we getting free marketing. Again on investing some money and giving ads for market purpose is no need. This platform members already doing spread this forum to all friends. So need to spend money for this purpose. This money we can use for updating this site.
  8. Hear two types of copy pastes are there. One is copying content from online posting hear. Second one is copying other members content and again post hear. Both are prohibited. Just go for your own content. For working Hear no need more knowledge about crypto. Just need basics.
  9. In general for posting twice comments in one post this forum not allow. Always shows automatically your before reply of the post. Then why do same again. Hear there is no rules for posting. We can give our reply to any post which is not locked by admin.
  10. Congratulations for reaching 100 reputation. I agree for all of your tips. But lost one I don't agree. For asking giving like if my post is useful. I think it not necessary, if you give useful information to other, you get automatically with out asking.
  11. There is no such a forum exists. Only we have only offering pay for post. Hear we can learn lot of things along with good earnings. Another forum is Bitcoin talk, Hear for getting good earnings ranks is must. I don't know more details about those.
  12. Are you asking about that Airdrop campaign of yobit last month. Who participated in this airdrop those get in your Yobit account on doing some simple steps in That airdrop bot from Telegram. Hear not all users claiming, very few members only claimed. I don't know the reason because I am also not get in my Wallet.
  13. For creating your own crypto you need huge investment and learn some coding languages like Java, HTML, very well. Need lot of knowledge hear.
  14. Coming to me yobit providing good security for holding your coins hear you don't get any loss. If you need only transfer other wise keep hear for hiding. Because in yobit transactions fee is very high. If you need your coins to another wallet then sell those BTC to ltc or Doge is good choice. Because those transactions fee is very low on comparing others.
  15. Exactly you says correctly. In my opinion on investing huge amount in crypto there is risk to loss. If you have take correct decisions at correct time hear you earn more.
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