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  1. I don't think it is Binance. As you already know, Binance has a 2 options for listing. Community votes and IEO's. And Ferrum has not both. But I still have hope about major exchanges.
  2. BTW, Ferrum Network announced from their twitter page today. 4th exchange listing will be come soon. I think this one should be good one. For example Kucoin, Huobi, Bithumb...
  3. Where did you hear this? Why team left the project? It is listed in 3 exchanges as I saw. But yes, there is strange situation in here. I looked their twitter page now. And they didn't tweet anything from June. Strange.
  4. It is too early to talk about this subject. This forum has just built. And it is growing everyday. It will be huge one soon, I think. And I am very happy to be here.
  5. It looks very scam'my. I think someone can earn something. But, one way or another, they will be lost with someone's money. Do not trust and deposit any money. Always remember, there is no free money in here anymore.
  6. Next year? Really? Why everyone is talking about Telegram coin's always. I don't believet that they can release any project. There is no official announcement already. They've never talked about that coin.
  7. Actually you could share the official announcement which released by Vechain team. https://medium.com/@vechainofficial/announcing-the-new-official-vechain-block-explorer-and-vechain-sync-ledger-wallet-interface-38a4b5360aeb I am not holding Vechain anymore but I always like this coin.
  8. This question shows us that we need a guide for forum use. What is the restriction? What is the important points of posting? Yes there are some threads about it already. But I mean we don't have a fully guide.
  9. This list getting expanded day by day. I think Bittrex is not safe anymore. I withdrew my all cryptocurrencies from there. If I were you I would do same. A lot of people got some hurts in there already. Be careful please.
  10. It seems untrustable. Did you tried this platforms ever? I think we have already secure platform like this one. Changelly, Kyber Network and some other projects supports atomic swap. I think you should try these ones.
  11. I know it is listed on Yobit already. But what is the project? What they are promising to us? What is their future plan? I think there should be an announcement about Egold. If you know there is, please share with me.
  12. There is no estate project which have succeeded yet. We have seen a lot of project until now. What Elad offer more for us? Why we believe Elad will be succeed? Please someone explain to us.
  13. Kudi is an exchange which serve in African countries. It is a fiat gateway also for Africans. There will be a wallet application also. Name is UniFyre wallet. And it is under development right now. It will be ready soon ( end of this year) And they are about to release staking mechanism soon. Stay tuned.
  14. Can you explain how? I don't know what egold coin is. I am sure there are so many people like me also. Actually you can do it in right place mean coins section.
  15. I think do not invest other than major altcoins in investbox. For example you can use TRX when you use investbox. And do not forget play dice otherwise you can get nothing.
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