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  1. Blockfolio is doing all thing you've said here already. Plus, it is doing that for every coin and token also. Why we need this App? Does it have any special features?
  2. I think bot Blockchain and Jaxx is not enough for Ethereum. Metamask, MEW, Trust and Enjin wallets are best for me. All of these can be used. All of them is safe, easy and usefull for me.
  3. What! How can you say that? Bitcoin reached 20K, allright! If anyone trade as a 20K, then it is completely worth 20K! I can accept that it might only touched 20K for a while but it were tradeable at 19K long enough.
  4. I already know all of them. There is no need explanation. Even BTC has dropped from 20K to 3K. But let me be honest. It is scary. And please make your math again. No one goes down %1300! That's not possible. It is possible to goes down to 0 and it is equal %100. No more. Nothing goes down more than %100.
  5. I think same like you. But I am afraid a bit also. We bought a lot of coins, tokens and we did think that we would earn extra money from them. But all of these coins or tokens are garbage now.
  6. I remember good times for Waves. It was about $16 for per Waves coin. And we are talking when will be $100. But everything went badly and here we are. It is about $0.50. It may good choice to buy and hold some Waves for a while.
  7. I think it is not so important. I joined so many bounty campaign in last 2 years. But most of them was garbage. I didn't get anything from most of them. This forum already paying us for every post. Why do you need any bounty campaign?
  8. I didn't know that! It is great. So I can withdraw directly USD then, right? A lot of withdraw method can be found that link. Did you try any one of these? Especially USD withdrawal?
  9. I think you were using google translate for your answer. But it seems, it is not cool. Becauses your words is not mean anything when I read here. Please tell your idea properly first.
  10. Good features. Good developments from Coinbase. But I am not using hot wallets anymore. Cold wallets safer than hot ones. Coinbase wallet can be good but I think, cold wallets should be trusted more than hot ones. I agree, cold wallets is not usefull as much as hot ones but we have to choose one; safety or usability.
  11. Do you really believe that lighting network can solve transaction speed issue for Bitcoin? I don't. It may help temporarily by but it won't solve it permanently. We need something good.
  12. I agree with you can about Ethereum and Stellar. But not Litecoin. I don't even like its name. It seems so much like Bitcoin's copy. It has no different purpose then Bitcoin
  13. FRM and VRA is special project I've ever known. FRM was a microcap project and their hard cap amount was very low. And they have 500k marketcap yet! They hava a big potential! VRA is another promising idea! And obviously CZ is supporting them. They've just catch good wind behind it and VRA prices already made 3-4x last month. They are both is member of BCA (Binance Chain Alliance) So they have 2 type of tokens. One of them is ERC20, and the other one is BEP2. You can both tradeable in Binance DEX.
  14. vycl87

    Metamask wallet

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.metamask&gl=TR I am using that one. But I have to warn you! I do not know if it is not safe. I am using it and I have never faced with any issue. Please make your own investigate.
  15. I am investing in FRM, WPP and ONE recently. I sold my all VRA with %300 profit. It reached 4x but I already sold all of it. And bought some FRM and WPP more with money from VRA. You should look at these also.
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