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  1. We cannot blame them for their ignorance. When I firts got to know crypto I also throught that this was a game like gambling. The deeper it gets, the more it knows its purpose and purpose.
  2. We will not know in the future what crypto will be like. Will he still survive at the peak or will someone replace him someday. What is clear is that some crypto coins have tried to be better than bitcoin.
  3. Maybe it is not yet time for children to be taught how we develop crypto and get results from it. All they need to know is the basics and general knowledge about the word crypto.
  4. If I am personally, how I become a good crypto trader is by the way, first we must be brave, must have capital, have knowledge of the market (Often read articles about bitcoin trading), always look at and predict market prices and do not be careless make decisions.
  5. Depending on how everyone reacts, you could say high risk, if we start trading or exchanging with a high nominal value. How do we outsmart the price which is always changing very fast, how do we deal with it.
  6. Many changes were made and remained bitcoin to be the biggest coin that has a very good quality and price until now and continues to increase.
  7. I don't think it's that easy either because the price of bitcoin is always irregularly changing. Even though we have more knowledge, it's still very difficult to predict the price of bitcoin.
  8. Don't hesitate and have to be ready when we enter the world of crypto. Everything good and bad here we will meet. Keep calm in making decisions.
  9. Certainly very good in terms of future changes. Many hope that this will happen later, and we as users also participate in voicing this wonderful development.
  10. Hopefully bitcoin can be overtaken, but it certainly takes a long time to be able to compete with bitcoin seeing the popularity of bitcoin is increasing rapidly.
  11. I also still do not know how and how to do money laundering using bitcoin? Or maybe because I do not know in detail about this.
  12. Not all analyzes that they do are always right. Use your feelings when you are about to start trading. Analysis is only a consideration for us to be more capable in taking action.
  13. Late last year there were indeed many who questioned why bitcoin prices had not yet risen. And the answer is at the beginning of this year, the price of bitcoin has begun to improve and slowly rise. I hope this will continue on.
  14. Don't trust to much of the news circulating, let alone discuss the negative things about crypto currencies. Invest as you wish, don't listen to negative bad things about crypto. Believe it is only for dropping crypto.
  15. All we have to do is always be careful in trading it. Do not be too hasty or take the wrong decision that can cause great harm to us.
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